SmartMesh Weekly Update — Mar 16, 2018

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.03.12-2018.03.16)

TGIF SmartMesh Community!  This week the SmartMesh Team reached a significant milestone as the SmartMesh Public Chain completed its first online testing period. This marks the first concrete step towards the construction of the SmartMesh ecosystem.

Simultaneously, SmartMesh has been working with numerous worldwide partners and has attracted the attention of global media outlets across the continents.

Without further ado, here is the latest news:

Tech Updates

Public Chain

Last week we updated you about the upcoming online SMChain test. Everything went according to plan and the public chain team completed the SMChain network test on March 15, 2018.

The test results show that by 17:30, the SMChain had been running for over 21 hours, and 5555 blocks were resolved with follow-up tests still ongoing.

The SMChain official network needed to go through alpha (0.0.x), beta (0.1.x), release (0.1.x) and stable (1.0.x) in multiple stages. The alpha phase test may involve the deletion and rollback of the block data, so the public chain R & D personnel and community partners who have a solid grasp of blockchain knowledge test it first.

The public chain online testing network received widespread attention and the public chain team received 15 community partners’ participation in the test application. In order to facilitate this, the team distributed 1000 SMT to each participant. These partners were the first ones to experience the stability of the SMChain.

The wallet addresses of the participants in the SM Public Chain test were:

The SM Public Chain team knows that the community is looking forward to the public chain going formally online as soon as possible, but don’t fret, the next iteration of the chain will be up soon. At the same time, the team is also working to integrate the Mobile Raiden network source code into the public chain project adding its powerful functionality.

In addition to the public chain network test, some urgent problems have been resolved. This week, the team members conducted detailed exchanges on the updated system, which effectively solved the problems of automatic merging and chain recovery in split block scenarios caused by a broken network, which increased the stability of the public chain further.

The development of block chain browsers is also coming right along, and is expected to launch on March 23, 2018. Next up will be the block chain browser design, as soon as a milestone is reached we will let you know!

Mobile Raiden

This week the Mobile Raiden team made a major breakthrough in the mobile platform NAT penetration problem mentioned last week.

Based on China Mobile Internet, the NAT types are all Symmetric NAT. The Mobile Raiden team adopted the ICE (Interactive Connectivity Establishment) framework to solve the P2P communication problem of mobile devices effectively. After testing, the team selected Coturn as the TURN Server needed for the ICE framework, selected PJNATH as the ICE communication implementation library, and set up the test program, successfully verifying its feasibility while temporarily using the Xmpp protocol to achieve ICE’s signaling server.

This code screenshot can serve as the report card for this week’s Mobile Raiden team. After the end of research and development, the Mobile Raiden source code will be open source and shared with the public.

Through the above operations, Mobile Raiden can be applied to the Chinese mobile network via traditional Internet use, and the data remains safe and stable. This assurance paves the way for the advent of Mobile Raiden in China.

SmartMesh APP

This week, the APP team optimized the program to make for an improved User Experience.


The APP team made modifications to address the problem that “Everyone” new users did not have historical messages, and added functionality for locating send times for transactions. The APP team is also addressing network request code readability, page finding, an issue with internet-free radar slowness and message stability optimization.


For the iOS version, the APP team modified the stability of the friend search functionality and optimized the smoothness of the slider.

Addressing the issue of “Everyone” failing to receive picture information or program crashing in internet-free environments, the APP team managed to resolve the problems.

Public Chain Purse:

In addition to the above optimization, the APP team has also started to design and research the development of the SMChain public Chain Purse this week. Check the upcoming updates for the latest news on that front.

Market direction:

International Community Trends

In order to convey the technology and value of SmartMesh, much focus and energy is being put into international marketing, and new trails are being blazed through articles, community participation and online interaction. So far, the SmartMesh team has cooperated with 100+ media outlets in the international market. joined forces with the SmartMesh Foundation to build a world made more secure with the reinforcement of a parallel Internet. Dcntral’s Te (X) tureTM platform will be integrated into the MeshBox element of the SmartMesh ecosystem, which will bring the value of network transaction security to the table, as well as bring automated transactions to the Internet of things.

The international community operation team held two international market development meetings this week, and members collaborated on strategizing and sharing experiences and methodologies so that problems can be tackled faster and more effectively in the future.

Chinese Community Trends

The Chinese Team has been focused on promoting SmartMesh, and operating the Chinese community along with other relevant work.

There were many reports about SmartMesh and SMChain related news this week. Due to these, many Chinese block chain enthusiasts began to understand the dynamics of the SmartMesh ecosystem for the first time.

Activity Preview:

On April 2, 2018, Mr. Wang Qiheng, the founder of SmartMesh, has been invited to attend an event on “Gyroscope Finance and Economics”

(the main content will be to talk on the SmartMesh project and introduce the MeshBox project)

On 10-11 April 2018, we will participate in the “Global Pratt Blockchain Summit”.

Thank you for reading this week’s update.  The SmartMesh team is gaining steam so look out for the next one and stay tuned!

* All times mentioned in the weekly newspaper are Singapore time

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