【SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.2.24-3.2)】

Thank you SmartMesh Community for your continued support. Here are our latest updates and Highlights:
A. Optimized the stability of the net-free connection between various models.
B. Optimized the speed of the net-free connection.
C. Repaired known bug.
Public Chain
A. Completed multi-node matching block test.
B. Developed and tested block validation and synchronization between multiple nodes.
Mobile Lightning
A. Adapted mobile devices to check whether network connections are reachable before launching a transaction.
B. Re-implementation of token swaps to be more concise and effective.
C. Discussed and designed solutions for new node discovery.
A. Mr. Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh, met with top AI advisors from Hashgraph
B. SmartMesh launched a contest to win prizes for the Chinese Lantern Festival
C. New International members have joined the SmartMesh Team:
Kraken Yu, Former Chief Strategy Officer for Cubits, leading European Crypto Payment Exchange in Berlin / UK, is now the Vice President of Global Operations for the SmartMesh Project.
Leo Yao Hua Yuan is the leader of the Mesh Network product line, and is the Vice President of Mesh Network Research and Development for the SmartMesh project.
Dr. Peter Yan former HUAWEI American wireless access laboratory Senior Director Engineer, former Principle Scientist at Broadcom Enterprise Switching Business-Unit
The chief scientist of the Ministry of industry, the former Systems Architect at Business Development and Strategy Group for Freescale Semiconductor, will now serve as the SmartMesh project Chief Scientist
Activity Preview
A. On the 3-5th of March 2018, we will participate in the global blockchain closed door Conference (CODE THE WORLD CAMP) Co-sponsored by Blockchain Zoo (bcz) and the World Blockchain Foundation (WBF).
B. On March 9th, 2018 we will participate in the first HD Decryption Blockchain Summit
C. On April, 10 – 11 2018 we will participate in the global Pratt Blockchain Summit

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