【SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.3.5-9)】

Greetings SmartMesh Community, here are this week’s highlights and updates!
This week we received messages from many enthusiastic supporters. Here, we thank you for your long-term support and attention to the project.

The Chinese Lantern Festival marked the end of the Chinese New Year and we lost no time in adding some valuable new Senior Team members who are already hard at work.

Now let’s get to the details of what’s fresh and new in the SmartMesh pipeline:

Public chain
This week, the public chain R & D Team continued to make improvements to the project. On March 15th, the SmartMesh public chain will be tested online, and it is expected to be formally launched in April.

On the other hand, due to the node sequence on each block having the possibility of changing, during synchronization each block’s validation process must be synchronized with the previous block’s validation process. If they are not synchronized, then there is the possibility of having data that doesn’t match up and the validation process will fail leading to an interruption of the block downloading process. So the Public Chain R & D Team is implementing powerful node sequence storage via smart contracts, and this is a step towards strength and stability.

At the same time, the public chain R & D team has further improved the block node and block candidate election strategy, which is rather sophisticated, so that the display arrangement is easier to understand.
A) The nodes in the list of blockchain nodes are in the order of the network block in sequence.
B) Only the blockchain nodes have the power to submit the candidate nodes when they are out of the block.
C) When the data submitted to the candidate node is processed, the block node list is verified at the same time.
D) Nodes that are not out of blocks for a long time will be deleted from the signature list. When the out node is insufficient, the node will be added from the candidate nodes according to the latest principles.

The public chain R & D team has also been testing to resolve block competition caused by the different times between nodes, and build a testing environment for SMChain public chains, so that developers can develop and deploy tests in the test environment.

Block chain browser design and development is also in order. Users can now query any SMChain block, transaction, address and other detailed information, making the overall SMChain query process easier.

Integration of Bluetooth close range wireless communication technology
The App R & D team integrated a variety of Bluetooth wireless communications to explore more stable network connections.

IOS update version 1.0.3

In the new version, the user experience has been optimized. The most obvious issue was to solve the problem of voice messages playing silently when sent to Everyone in internet-free mode. The team has also optimized the app to further prevent crashes, and also to align the experience for users of different operating systems.

Android update version 1.0.8

In the new version, the main purpose is to optimize the internet-free connection. The system will select a unique device to serve as the central node within range, which effectively prevents the occurrence of multi-center nodes at the same time which disrupt network organization. When a connectable node cannot be found, the system will continue to search regularly in order to improve the probability of establishing internet-free connections. At the same time, the new version of the App will also open the network service by default, so that building an internet-free network connection with nearby friends can be expedited.

Mobile Raiden
This week’s Mobile Raiden Team established a testing environment that can test automatic continuity for modified code. This helps to confirm whether existing problems have been solved, and can also help detect whether a new problem may arise due to a modification of the code.

The Mobile Raiden Team also tested users’ key data recovery after an unexpected crash. The test results show that, in some simple and regular chain payment process, if the program fails unexpectedly, the user can resume and continue the transaction, and the Token receiver will not lose anything.

The Mobile Raiden Team this week also discussed the design of P2P communication solutions adapted to mobile devices. In view of the difficulty of NAT penetration in mobile networks, the Mobile Raiden Team is also looking for a direct communication solution between mobile nodes, in order to make Mobile Raiden more practical.

International Community
This week, the SmartMesh International Community Operations Team held a team meeting. At the meeting, the team members analyzed current operations and discussed future development directions, cooperations and international community construction. The team will continue to make an effort ensuring continued progress on the international stage.

Chinese Community
This week, the SmartMesh China Community Operations Team held a team meeting to discuss the future development directions for the community, cooperation modes and community construction. The next stage of the Chinese Community Operations Team will be to focus on community building and media promotion, and other related community activities are also in the mix.

As well, this week, the SmartMesh China Community Operations Team finished giving out Lantern Festival awards.

Activities Review
On March 2nd – 5th, the founder of SmartMesh visited Bali Island, Indonesia, to participate in the Global Blockchain Association and Blockchain Zoo conference. The theme was “Coding the Future”. The following is photo of the meeting.

The SmartMesh Team also participated in the first Hardcore Uncensored Blockchain Summit on March 9, 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Henry Wang, the founder of the Smartmesh, spoke about the SmartMesh & MeshBox ecosystem at this conference. He touched on points such as IPFS Meshbox technology and how Smartmesh and Meshbox can augment blockchain technologies to empower people to become affluent and connected all across the world through mesh networks and borderless digital finance.

Finally, we are very well aware that many are concerned about the price of the SmartMesh Token (SMT) recently. We believe that as long as continue to follow our project time line in a strong and steady fashion, the technology will become a foundation for solid growth in the months and years to come as we put our shoulders to the grind to make this a success for ourselves, our community and the whole world.

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