SmartMesh International Team Update

Hello SmartMesh community! We would like to take this opportunity to welcome 2 new senior team members and 1 new advisor.

Please welcome to our team:

Kraken Yu
VP Global Engineering
Former Chief Strategy Officer for Cubits, leading European Crypto Payment Exchange in Berlin / UK

Leo Yao
VP Mesh Networking
Former Head of Huawei Mesh Networking Product Line

Dr. Peter Yan
Former Senior Staff Engineer,
America Wireless Access Labs, Huawei Technologies;
Former Principle-Scientist,
Enterprise Switching Business-Unit, Broadcom Corporation;
Former Systems Architect,
Business Development and Strategy Group, Freescale Semiconductor

These new additions have will add to the mix a very strong background in the commercial aspects of technology development. Their many combined years of experience working with international communications tech giants will give SmartMesh a huge advantage in carrying out a successful effort to market.

As we welcome in these new players, we will also be adjusting other positions as two members will also be departing:

Paul Gardner-Stephen will no longer serve as Senior Scientist.

Matthew Lloyd will no longer be an advisor on Disaster Telecommunications.

We firmly believe that these changes will give us the team chemistry necessary to be at once faster and more stable in our approach to business and development and give us an edge we previously didn’t have now and into the future.

Thank you all for your continued support and trust in SmartMesh!

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