【SmartMesh Weekly Update(2018.2.11-23)】

Spring Festival in China is finally coming to a close and the SmartMesh Team is returning to work after a well-deserved rest. Now we are ready to get up and go in the Year of the Earth Dog and succeed no matter what challenges we have to face. We would also like to wish everyone in the SmartMesh Community a healthy and prosperous new year!

The accomplishments of the SmartMesh Team can be summarized as follows:

IOS version optimization:
A. Optimized the gesture unlocking function of the wallet.
B. Optimized the wallet slider, making it operate more smoothly.
C. Optimized the friend search feature for speed and stability.

Android version optimization:
A. Optimized the memory of the wallet mode.
B. Overall frame structure optimization.

Public Chain
A. Completed coding of voting algorithm.
B. Completed block algorithm coding for block nodes.
C. Completed block check checkpoint algorithm coding.
D. Voting process and blockchain testing are underway.

Mobile Lightning
A. Adapted intelligent terminal working mode.
B. Completed implementation for automatic node recovery after code failure.
C. Node crash recovery function testing is being carried out.

Activity Preview
1. “Global Blockchain Closed Door Meeting (CODE THE WORLD CAMP)” co-sponsored by Blockchain Zoo (bcz) and World Blockchain Foundation (WBF) will be held on March, 1, 2018.

2. The first “first” high-definition decryption blockchain summit will be held on March 9th, 2018

3. On April 10th and 11th SmartMesh will participate in the Global Pratt Blockchain Summit

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