SmartMesh Foundation Announced MLT Airdrop to SMT Holders

Dear SMT community members, in order to express appreciation for the support from the SmartMesh team and its community, the SmartMesh ecosystem partner MetaLife Foundation has allocated 1 billion MLT to airdrop to the Tango wallets of the community members that hold SMT.

MetaLife Intergalactic social network is a milestone of Web3 with the goal of building a community with a shared future for mankind, MLT has epoch-making significance and value. In order to ensure MLT airdrop goes to the long-term SMT investors, SmartMesh Foundation will take three snapshots before the airdrop with the following schedule and distribution:

After which, an airdrop will commence on 21st July.

Other terms and conditions for eligibility:

  1. Minimum SMT held in Tango wallet – 1,000
  2. During the snapshot period (21/5 – 1/7), SMT held in the Tango wallet must be maintained or increased but not reduced.  Any reduction in SMT will disqualify the address from the previous snapshot
  3. SMT held by individuals in the centralized exchanges are not eligible for airdrops

Most of the addresses currently in the top ten SMT holdings list are not eligible for airdrop as they are wallet addresses of

1. Spectrum Staking contract; 2. Centralized exchange; 3. Foundation; 4. Centralized exchange; 5. Centralized exchanges.  

The interpretation right of this airdrop belongs to MetaLife Foundation and SmartMesh Foundation.

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