SmartMesh Biweekly Report (2021.12.18–2021.12.31)

Time flies! SmartMesh is now 4 years old now, and has come a long way in achieving many of our goals, with the same vision. SmartMesh has been pursuing Web3.0 since inception and are close to ushering the rise of its ecosystem in 2022! On this occasion of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, the SmartMesh team would like to pay tribute to all SMT holders and supporters of the ecosystem community, and wish everyone a Happy New Year 2022!

  1. The Spectrum TestNet has completed a hard fork at the block height of 5530000, enhancements include:


1.1 Support for SHL, SHR, SAR EXTCODEHASH CREATE2 CHAINID SELFBALANCE instruction set.  Support for smart contracts compiled with current solidity compiler version 0.8 and above;

1.2 Completed expansion of blocks, able to support complex contract deployment and improvement of TPS;

  1. Completed improvement and establishment of P2P distributed communication technology development environment:

2.1 Completed imagedownload and save function;

2.2 Preparation of tor agreement;

2.3 Built a locally hosted Go-ssb-room;

2.4 Created qrcode gen and scan react native projects;

2.5 Created wifip2p android and react native project.

1.1 Designed incentive mechanism for Photon super-node, completed the initial analysis of types of interaction service between super node and Pub, incentive standard, verification method and implementation conditions in order to provide plan for social incentive to be implemented by the MetaLife team.

1.2 Addressed optimization issues with Photon super-node, solved issues with data storage, XMPP communication, invitation code setting, incentive statistics, etc.

  1. Researched and developed serverless distributed communication and prepared for further development by the MetaLife team.

1.1 Discussed in detail with MetaLife team on MetaLife architecture, reviewed sub-items and basic functional content of social interaction, blockchain applications, third-party applications, and pan-ecosystem IoT, and provided recommendations on functional design and roadmap planning.

1.2 Discussed roadmap and tokenomics model with the MetaLife team, reviewed task objectives, timeline and incentive methods based on functional design and governance plan in order to provide reference for implementing rewards of MetaLife’s creator services.

1.3 Researched SocialFi projects and platform functions including: posting NFT preservation mechanism, NFT quotation model, DAO governance method, social behavior incentives, etc.

1.4 Conducted application interaction analysis on GameFi projects, discussed MetaLife application scenario on game asset disposal rights, asset locking methods, risk prediction models, AI decision support, etc.

  1. Supported overall planning and work deployment of Metalife team;
  2. Prepared for p2p communication interface in accordance to communication scenario of ssb protocol.

  1. Organized and discussed token economy with MetaLife team, and fine-tuned design and incentive methods at the user level;
  2. Analyzed SocialFi-related projects trending in the market.

  1. In the past month, SmartMesh business development team has held discussions with business representatives from the US on the HyperMesh solution. The group has businesses spanning across real estate, banking, telecommunications, and communications services in US and also runs a non-profit organization that provides essential services to underserved communities, with continuous cooperation with the United Nations.

They have proactively contacted SmartMesh with interest in the Value Internet enabled by the HyperMesh solution and its connectivity and financial inclusion.  They believe that such functions and services not only have a huge market and potential in underserved communities, but also have potential in the United States. The two parties have signed a non-disclosure agreement and will discuss how to collaborate on MeshBox deployment, enabled by SmartMesh protocols.

  1. The Metaverse Workshop jointly organized by SmartMesh, MeshBox and SUSS has witnessed the completion of the teaching phase. The workshop will transition to a project phase in the new year, where students will work in groups to create and submit their decentralized applications, which will be evaluated by the organizing committee. The Workshop has received overwhelming response, with the potential of SUSS incorporating this program into the postgraduate curriculum.  In addition, SmartMesh will provide incubation to potential proposals to enrich the services in the ecosystem.
  2. In recent weeks, SmartMesh team has been incubating its ecosystem partner MetaLife in designing and developing the decentralized social network. Each member in the MetaLife core team assembled are accomplished professionals in their own domain. The team is expected to inject a strong driving force into the MetaLife and SmartMesh ecosystem.
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