SmartMesh Biweekly Report (2021.03.13-2021.03.26)

Recently, nearly one thousand global media such as Babite and Yahoo published an article entitled “SmartMesh and MeshBox partner to support NFT + DeFi platform on the Spectrum Blockchain”. As a pioneer and an expert in the blockchain field, Dr. David Lee will work with the SmartMesh and MeshBox team to create a new launch point for distributed network (DeNet) and decentralized network finance (NetFi).

Mr. Henry Wang, Founder & CEO of SmartMesh Foundation, on 2021.03.24 20:00 pm (Beijing time), delivered a speech titled of “The Feasibility Discussion of NFT and DEFI Landing” through Global Blockchain Headquarters Base (GBHB) video live streaming account.


The specific work in the past two weeks is as follows:

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Optimized the Spectrum code RPC interface timeout parameter, and set the contract internal call Timeout time according to parameters.

2. Released the 1.0.4 version of the Spectrum mainnet.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Photon optimization related work.

1.1 Analyzed Layer-2 DeFi scenarios in combination. Compared and analyzed different DeFi applications’ interoperability, compatibility, and composability under different DeFi and Layer2 scenarios in combination. Provided technical support for the subsequent Photon Token Swap expansion.

1.2 Continued to analyze the SmartMesh ecosystem IoT Photon payment network, transaction interaction logic between sensor equipment, and farmers’ and control equipment in the smart agriculture scenario.  Provided a reference for subsequent Photon application.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Atmosphere interoperability and preparations for JEDTrade cooperation projects.

1.1 Continued to pay attention to the related cross-chain DeFI IoT project, focused on IoT sensor equipment data integration and AWS service connection.

Conducted feasibility analysis of cross-chain triggering of smart contracts and data transactions.  Prepared plans for subsequent distributed notaries to improve cross-chain adaptability.

1.2 Paid attention to similar cross-chain DeX solutions, and analyzed the instant exchange and multiple service functions solution (Liquidity, Hive, Analytics, Voting, Cross Chain, etc.). Provided support for the subsequent cross-chain functions expansion.

1.3 Continue to cooperate with JEDTrade to organize IMDA submission report materials. Summarized and verified the cross-chain interaction interface documents between users and notaries in the early stage, providing support for the overall project cross-chain interoperability program.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Tested the new version of the Tango app, adjusting product functions according to some compliance-related requirements in Singapore.

2. Assisted in product documentation and other work needed for ecosystem project cooperation.

The business market activities of the SmartMesh project were intense but carried out in an orderly manner, as follows:

  1. Recently, nearly one thousand global media such as Babite and Yahoo published an article entitled “SmartMesh and MeshBox partner to support NFT + DeFi platform on the Spectrum Blockchain”. Dr. David Lee, the vice chairman of the Economic Association of Singapore and the founder of BlockAsset Ventures, also invested in Singapore entities, SmartMesh Foundation Pte Ltd (SmartMesh) and MeshBox Foundation Pte Ltd (MeshBox). After this investment, Dr. David Lee will hold 30% shares, and serve on the boards of directors of the two companies above. As an expert in the blockchain field, Dr. David Lee will push the SmartMesh and MeshBox projects to accelerate the application of inclusive communications and inclusive finance. This will be done by addressing the equipment and capital liquidity problem for building the Internet of Value, and provide opportunities in Southeast Asia and other emerging markets. This will create a new launch point for distributed network (DeNet) and decentralized network finance (NetFi).
  2. Today, SmartMesh founder & CEO Mr. Henry Wang, director Dr. David Lee, and consultant Dr. Peter held in-depth business exchanges with a Philippines rural bank and Singapore Compliance Exchange, laying the foundation for the next business cooperation step.


  1. Mr. Henry Wang, the Founder & CEO of SmartMesh Foundation, participated in the live discussion event organized by Global Blockchain Headquarters Base (GBHB) at 20:00 pm Beijing time on 2021.03.24, entitled ” Henry Wang: Blockchain NFT Application and DEFI Landing Feasibility “. During the live broadcast, Mr. Wang discussed in detail with the host and online audience about the target user groups of SmartMesh & MeshBox services (including B-side and C-side), business model (product payer, target users, economic model, etc.), product progress and plans for the future. This lays the foundation for promoting MeshBox NFT and DeFi models.
  2. Preview of market activities this weekend:

Three-person talk series for global investment and wealth management salons-Experts decrypt blockchain activities

2021 is a milestone year for digital currencies. While many investors are still trying to understand blockchain, Bitcoin value has increased by more than 10 times, up to a maximum of more than $50,000 per coin. Do you understand blockchain? Do you want to know the future of blockchain? Do you want to know the risks and opportunities of investing in the digital currencies?


Global Chinese Investment and Wealth Management Salon “Three Talks on Financial Management” Series Three-“Experts Decrypting Blockchain”, will specially invite blockchain expert, Smartmesh CEO Henry Wang as a guest to introduce the basics of blockchain concept, the future of blockchain, blockchain technology, digital currency investment and the market, and answer relevant questions. Henry Wang is an expert in blockchain and holds a master’s degree in physics from Beijing University. Later, he went to the United States to pursue a PhD degree in astronomy and physics at Northwestern University. In 2000, he went to Washington University in St. Louis to pursue a PhD degree in computer science. During the period, he served as the core development member and business development director of Erlang Technology. In 2017, he founded the SmartMesh Foundation in Singapore. He gave up pursuing his PhD degree for entrepreneurship. Mr. Henry Wang is not only an expert in technical fields, but also a leader in the global blockchain field. He is co-professor at many scientific research institutions and universities in China and around the world. His area of research and development covers Internet protocols, blockchain, chip design, artificial intelligence, big data, edge computing, IoT, and IoE..

The online forum will be broadcast live on the Youtube channel ” Global Investment and Financial Salon Recording Channel”, and will be recorded and broadcasted on the iQiyi “Investment Youdao” channel after editing.

List of participating guests:

Special guest speaker—-Henry Wang: President of SmartMesh Company, Blockchain Expert

Guest speaker—-Rachel Huang: Master of Finance from University of Michigan, Investor in Real Estate Development and Nursing Home Management, Co-founder of Global Chinese Investment and Wealth Management Salon

Guest speaker—-Jay Zhu: Many years of investment experience and wealth management enthusiasts, founder of the global Chinese investment and wealth management salon group

Mysterious guest of honor: specially invited senior U.S. political representative and Chinese political leader to giving the opening speech.

Date and time

Saturday, 3/27/2021

8PM to 9:30PM (Eastern Time)

Activity participation method:

1) Join Zoom Meeting:

Meeting ID: 874 2238 5468

Passcode: 123456

2) Join live broadcast Youtube channel: “Global Investment and Financial Salon Recording Channel” on 3/27/2021

Activity registration method (choose one)

  1. a) Before the event, apply to join the Global Investment and Financial Salon WeChat group (Add Wechat: clubadmin123, please indicate your occupation, investment experience) and register in the following event registration survey
  2. b) Before the event, leave a message and sign up under any community post of “Expert Decryption Blockchain Activity” of “Global Investment and Financial Salon Recording Channel Youtube Channel”
  3. c) Register directly on the Chinese American Startup Association Meetup event page before the event



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