SmartMesh BiWeekly Report (2020.06.06-2020.06.19)

This week, Vice President of the Economic Society of Singapore SUSS Professor David Lee and Caroline Lim published a Fintech Journal paper. Professor Lee commented “I published an academic paper on Blockchain use cases for inclusive FinTech: Scalability, Privacy and Trust Distribution with Caroline Lim on The Journal of FinTech! It detailed on how SmartMesh, InfoCorp and AID: Tech, which are blockchain projects that have gained the attention of many countries”.

SmartMesh Founder Henry Wang replied, “Thank you Professor Lee for writing SmartMesh and MeshBox into papers as a blockchain application case! The world we live in is an era of extreme imbalance, where there is a lack of trust and uncertainty. It is only by inclusive connectivity, inclusive finance and inclusive education that we can help build a “new Infrastructure” and can trust and eliminate hatred, war and racism with a tokenized system that empowers society on earth. Blockchain is a shield for humanity and world peace!”

Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s StarLink Space Internet started private testing this week. This is great news for SmartMesh’s inclusive connectivity project! StarLink is the backbone of the space network, and SmartMesh has been dedicated to solving the last mile of the Space Ground Integrated Network. Musk announced that StarLink plans a monthly fee of US$80, but for remote areas with underdeveloped networks, US$80 seems too pricey.

By combining the technologies of SmartMesh and StarLink together a village can share one or several StarLink channels, which both reduces the cost of use and improves the user experience of StarLink. Otherwise, a direct satellite connection to each household would be too much of a financial burden. The dual use of StarLink and SmartMesh can easily speed up networks no longer encumbered by the need for optical fiber, network cables, buried cables and other engineering projects, and this lowers the cost of  network and equipment maintenance in remote areas. SmartMesh will be bringing affordable internet to these underdeveloped areas. Inclusive connectivity, inclusive finance and inclusive education are the reasons Professor Lee listed SmartMesh as an important blockchain influencer in his paper.

Here are the latest updates regarding work:

  1. Photon optimization related work.

1.1 Analyzed the design of payment privacy protection, and the use cases of the related Layer2 technology privacy requirements, such as: fund source privacy, settlement privacy and channel topology privacy, etc., to provide a reference for improving the privacy of Photon payment applications.

1.2 Continued carrying out the design of third-party entrusted money withdrawal, refined the entrusted timeout, refuse money withdrawal processing mechanism, and further improved the scope of the PMS entrusted service function.

1.3 Discussed Photon’s support for IoT data transfer incentives, conducted a feasibility analysis of indirect channel encrypted data transfer charges, and prepared for plans for subsequent communication-based micropayment ecosystem applications.

  1. Atmospheric interoperability and Living Lab preparations.

1.1 Continued to support the Singapore SUSS Workshop, advise on the design of privacy storage and Atmosphere cross-chain demonstration links, and provide support for subsequent Singapore Living Lab challenges.

1.2 Continued to connect with JED Trade cooperation projects, conduct preliminary discussions on the detailed requirements and functional design of challenging projects, and provide support for subsequent interoperability and cooperative development of projects.

Tokenized Commerce Products

According to Singapore’s SUSS requirements, Singapore University of Social Sciences teachers and students can test and implement Token Commerce product Demo.

  1. The integration of the SMT online payment function and the MESH incentive mechanism is applied to broadband access such as satellite Internet, constructing a mesh network, sharing broadband outlets, and sharing bandwidth costs. Utilising the existing SMT paid Internet function to integrate MeshBox’s MESH incentives to build a collaborative ecosystem business model.
  2. The vice-President of Singapore Blockchain Federation and the co-founder of Dedoco will give a speech at the SUSS-SmartMesh Workshops. At the same time, the Marketing department jointly released market publicity activities relating to the event. Dedoco Marketing Executive Vanessa Mok and Marilyn Tan of SmartMesh’s marketing department will specifically promote related matters. Dedoco will use blockchain technology based on SmartMesh to create an electronic identification for students participating in the workshop, and provide solutions for related data security and data exchange.
  3. SmartMesh IMDA project partner, JEDtrade will send one of their technical leads to attend SUSS-SmartMesh Workshops and deliver a keynote speech based on JEDtrade and SmartMesh cross-chain interoperability.
  4. As mentioned previously in this newsletter, Vice President of the Economic Society of Singapore, SUSS Professor David Lee and Caroline Lim published a Fintech Journal paper which can be viewed here:


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