Inaugural Singapore Blockchain Living Lab organised by Meshbox, SmartMesh and SUSS issues blockchain enabled Certificate of Attendance to students, powered by Dedoco

3 July 2020, Singapore – The inaugural Singapore Blockchain Living Lab advocates for sustainable blockchain innovations in real-world applications. SUSS and SmartMesh has jointly organised the SUSS-SmartMesh Workshops and Blockchain Challenge 2020 starting on 23rd June 2020. It is important for the public and the young to learn about blockchain and related technologies.

Participants will attend a series of workshops which includes an introduction to blockchain technology and the SmartMesh HyperMesh Architecture. Both theory and practice are emphasized, through workshop and lab respectively, to teach about blockchain, couched in the context of education. At the end of the workshops, participants will have to identify a problem, propose a solution, and design a smartphone application prototype, following the theme of a SUSS core philosophy, “Head, Heart, Habit”. Armed with their newly gained knowledge, we are expecting students to come up with a killer idea and incredible decentralized applications in this blockchain era.

“At SUSS, we hope to transform students and attendees into Technology Consultant, Digital Strategist, and Blockchain Project Manager over a series of courses. By attending this event, hopefully, they will begin to get a taste of what technology can and cannot do, how nascent technology fits into the transformation strategy of the SMEs, as well how to execute the digital plans. Token of participation on the blockchain is the first step.” said SUSS Professor David Lee.

Dedoco is proud to be a technology partner in this event. Dedoco has developed a verification application for students to track their workshop progress with a progress tracker verified by blockchain. At the end of the workshop, students will receive a Certificate of Attendance that can be verified on the blockchain. As the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic has pushed learning institutions to adapt their teaching to go virtual, this is an opportunity to give students a real-life experience of new technologies such as blockchain.

The blockchain challenge, a joint initiative by SUSS and SmartMesh aims to solve a community problem using blockchain technology. SmartMesh promotes an ecosystem that aims to bridge the growing divide and to promote inclusivity. to address such inequities by enabling the HyperMesh Infrastructure.

“We are excited to collaborate with SmartMesh to apply our technology for the SUSS workshop, which is also used for Proofs of Employment and other Certifications. The Cert of attendance allows students to track their progress on the blockchain and is an easy to understand application to get started with.”, said Dr Ernie Teo, Co-Founder of Dedoco.

“The SUSS-SmartMesh Blockchain Competition, and the accompanying eight days of Workshops are built on the SUNSHINE (Singapore UNiversities Sustainable HyperMesh INfrastructure Ecosystem) Blockchain Living Lab. Students and general attendees will experience the benefits that blockchain and token technologies can bring to the world, on a decentralized blockchain network, enabled by MeshBox hardware. After the intensive interactive lectures and hands-on activities in the Workshops, students can team up to tackle the Blockchain Challenge which immediately follows.  From the Workshops, students will be equipped to design innovative blockchain-based applications, in areas such as inclusive finance, inclusive connectivity, transactive IoT, and other decentralized open systems.”, said Henry Wang, Founder and CEO of SmartMesh Foundation.

This is the first time that Tokens will be used and circulated specifically for educational and inclusive applications in Singapore universities.  These include the SmartMesh Token (SMT) and MeshBox Foundation’s MESH token.

“MeshBox Foundation is proud to partner with SmartMesh and Decodo, providing a mesh-interconnected edge-computing and edge-storage appliance, called MeshBox.  As part of the SUSS-SmartMesh SUNSHINE Blockchain Living Labs, MeshBox Foundation is deploying ten MeshBoxes on the SUSS campus, to serve as the underlying hardware platform, on which to build the HyperMesh Infrastructure. MeshBox Foundation works closely with SmartMesh, and ecosystem partners to bridge the Divide between the developed and developing countries.  Realizing the inequities of four Billion people without internet access, two Billion unbanked, and one Billion without access to electricity, the ecosystem is building the next-generation HyperMesh Infrastructure, targeted at providing inclusive connectivity, inclusive payment systems, and inclusive energy to the world.”

With enterprises, institutions, workers, students and families going digital, Singapore is speeding up its embrace of digitalisation. As home-based learning becomes more commonplace, it is vital for solutions like Dedoco to reduce the digitalization process and help make adoption smoother. Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative has pushed institutions to redesign courses meant for physical classroom into ones suitable for the virtual classroom, exploring ways to effectively manage students and maximising ways to increase student engagements. Opencerts, an open-sourced platform by GovTech, issues and validates tamper-resistant digital academic certificates. When done right, a home-based learning system can be beneficial to all parties involved, in terms of cost-saving benefits, reduced time in verification processes and increased transparency.


About Dedoco

Dedoco is a decentralized, digital signing and document solution. Our solution is built with the aim of improving efficiency and compliance, whilst ensuring document security and enhanced privacy. Dedoco aims to help enterprises digitize documents and signing with an easy-to-use SaaS that can be adopted across all industries.

For more information, visit us at or follow us on LinkedIn at .


About SmartMesh Foundation

SmartMesh® Foundation has optimized the integration of an edge-computing node, Wifi mesh router, and blockchain technology as a platform onto which ecosystem partners are building disruptive new applications such as Blockchain-based Social Banking, Transactive Renewable Energy and IoT, and decentralized fog computing and storage.  SmartMesh has deployed the Spectrum public Blockchain, which currently runs on hundreds of generic Miner and special Beacon computer nodes on the Internet, but is also optimized to run on a decentralized Mesh network, implemented with MeshBoxes, to realize the blockchain of the Internet of Everything (IoE).  Users run the SmartMesh Tango Distributed Application on their smart-devices to access MeshBox-based Internet connectivity, and banking features.  These include secured transfers over Spectrum, and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payments through Photon, even with intermittent internet connectivity, through the use of MeshBoxes.  Such P2P Photon payments are executed with lower latency and higher Transactions per Second (TPS) metrics than possible on conventional Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT).  To build a broad ecosystem, SmartMesh has developed the Atmosphere Cross-Chain Interoperability Architecture platform.


About MeshBox Foundation

MeshBox® Foundation has developed indoor and outdoor Mesh appliances, with Wifi Mesh networking, content delivery, data storage, and integrated support for Spectrum and Photon.  MeshBoxes interface to wide area broadband networks such as Satellites (via Space-Ground Integration Network (SGIN)), and wide area low-power IoT networks such as LoRaWAN.  MeshBoxes integrate Disk drives to store IoT big-data, content, user data, and blockchain data-structures. Ecosystem partners are working with MeshBox to bridge the Internet to IoT Access Points, IoT sensors, actuators, cameras, and AI-based biometric devices.

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