SmartMesh (2019.08.12–2019.08.16)

With monkeys” sad adieux the riverbanks are loud;

My skiff has left ten thousand mountains far away.


This week, the blockchain and Crypto currency market are surging, regulatory policies have been introduced one after another, the situation of blockchain projects is mixed, the good and the bad are expected to be vigorously regulated in the near future, and the situation of Bad money drives out good is about to be corrected. Human’s right way is the vicissitudes of life. The SmartMesh project for global inclusive connectivity and the Internet of everything is moving step by step out of a blockchain!


This week the SmartMesh Foundation is pleased to announce that Mr. Chia Hock Lai, President of the Financial Technology Association of Singapore, has joined SmartMesh as an adviser. Babbitt Mine Pool MatPool has been announced as the super node of the SmartMesh project (SMT)! The Singapore General Certificate Economic Association (TEA) has announced that it has become the beacon node of the SmartMesh spectral common chain. Ms. Sun Shiyang joined SmartMesh as Chief Business Officer & Chief legal Officer. These landmark developments show that SmartMesh is building a solid foundation for the integration of the general certificate economy and the traditional economy in compliance and positive resolution.


  1. Spectrum chain:

1.1 Technical support Babbitt MatPool mine pool layout mortgage node mine pool.

1.2 Technical support for the arrangement of beacon nodes by the Singapore pass Economic Association.

1.3 Monitor the operation of spectral block chain digging 2.0 after it is opened. The operation of the public chain is safe and stable, and the mining situation of each mortgage node and beacon node is completely in line with the expectation. Update and revise the section on mining and consensus in the white paper on Spectrum spectroscopy.


  1. Perception Layer:

1.1 In order to distribute distributed tasks reasonably, the public chain team is deeply studying the implementation of Matrix based on Kafka protocol.


  1. Photon optimization and non-net indirect payment security demonstration work.

1.1 Optimize the Photon main currency transfer interface, repair the Transfer-SMT interface in the main network can not work in the Bug, to ensure that the SMT main currency chain transfer function is normal.

1.2 Continue to analyze the running state of Photon, sort out the entrustment data to PMS in the net-free scenario, and add the test Case, in the net-free state to enhance the stability of the net-free direct payment function.

1.3 This paper analyzes the feasibility of Photon net-free indirect payment, analyzes the existing SC process under the net-less indirect payment scenario and the risks existing in the registration of the uncompleted transaction chain in the process of under-chain payment, and determines the risk type of the existing contract in the preset scenario.

1.4 This paper demonstrates the preset conditions of Photon net-free indirect payment, expands the existing net-free direct channel payment conditions and trust dependence, adjusts the interaction order of some messages under the chain, and preliminarily determines the security basis of net-free indirect payment.。

1.5 The end-to-end encryption function of Matrix server is designed, and the new target node requests the sender to decrypt the message after receiving the broadcast message in Room, so as to improve the communication privacy of Matrix server.

1.6 Fix the Matrix DNS query error problem and modify the configuration file parameters to ensure that HomeSever correctly parses the DNS of the Matrix federation host.


  1. Distributed notary cross-chain design.

1.1 continue the pre-research of distributed notary cross-chain privacy, analyze the complexity of using SNARK proof and multi-Secret process in multi-hop path in cross-chain atomic exchange, and demonstrate the cost and feasibility of related design and implementation.

1.2 track the progress of other cross-chain projects, conduct a preliminary investigation on the landing status of the relevant cross-chain scenarios, and determine the follow-up optimization direction.


  1. Based on the user feedback operation habit, the main interface layout is optimized. Simplify the operation and improve the product experience. Such as wallet name, management address display balance, mining income display, etc.

  1. Recruit experienced developers.
  2. The DApp application scenario in which the spectrum can run in MeshBox is discussed.

  1. On August 8, Mr. Chia Hock Lai, President of (Singapore Fintech Association, (“SFA”) of the Financial Technology Association of Singapore, joined the SmartMesh Foundation as an adviser and made a press release this week. Mr. Chia will provide policy support for the development of SmartMesh in Singapore and help popularize the global application of SmartMesh.

Mr. President, “I am proud to join the SmartMesh Foundation to support this decentralization project that provides people with the last kilometer of connectivity through blockchain and integrated Internet of things technology. Smartmesh is already in production and will be used for real-world transactions and to connect 1 billion people in emerging economies who do not have access to [online] services and inadequate services. ”

Mr. Chia Hock Lai (right) and Mr. Wang Qiheng


On May 31 this year, the Singapore Financial Technology Association announced the establishment of a subsidiary Committee on SFA Regulatory Technology to actively promote the research and development and implementation of relevant technologies and help Singapore overcome regulatory challenges. SFA also signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to co-create the “Digital Innovation and Technology Sandbox Project.”


2. On August 13, Sun Shiyang (Sunshine Sun) joined the SmartMesh Foundation as Chief Business Officer CBO and Chief legal Officer. Sun Shiyang graduated from Bristow University in the United Kingdom and the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom with a Bachelor of laws (LL.B) and Master of laws (LL.M), respectively. He has worked as a lawyer in the capital markets department of Beijing Zhongheng Law firm, and later as a legal consultant in Mengniu, DMG Media Group and Wind shift Technology. Sun Shiyang has a wealth of legal, investment and business experience, will be responsible for SmartMesh legal management and international business development.

Sun Shiyang, chief business officer of SmartMesh.

Wang Qiheng (Henry Wang), chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, said: “the SmartMesh and MeshBox ecological project has entered the global landing deployment and implementation phase, and the project will involve large-scale collaborative cooperation among governments, banks, funds, operators, and so on. In particular, the headquarters in Singapore and the Philippines and other Southeast Asian regions have entered the stage of substantive cooperation and landing deployment. We believe that Sun Shiyang’s participation will bring more business and legal advice and help to SmartMesh in the cooperation of international projects.


3. On August 15, the SmartMesh Foundation of Singapore is pleased to announce that the Singapore General Certificate Economic Association (Token Economy Association, (“TEA”) has joined SmartMesh as the spectral beacon node (Beacon Node), will contribute to the stable operation and safety compliance of the spectral public chain network. Beacon nodes have more requirements for online stability, security and credibility than ordinary Staking nodes. Spectrum is the first Internet of everything basic common chain that supports offline transactions, so it can be completely distributed. Ordinary spectral staking nodes can run offline. Only beacon nodes are required to be online all the time. Their existence will enhance the stability of the system, and will play the role of backup and direction selection in the whole Spectrum public chain system.


The Singapore General Certificate Economic Association is an industry-funded self-regulatory organization (Self-Regulatory Organization, referred to as “SRO”) that serves the Singapore digital assets industry, particularly cryptocurrencies and tokens. The Singapore General Certificate Economic Association believes that the prospects of the token economy (Token Economy) and its impact on the future are far-reaching, and that individuals and institutions need security when conducting token transactions. This well-thought-out SRO framework will provide a regulatory solution for the digital asset industry, which is the next logical step towards the maturity of the digital asset market. The addition of a layer of regulation to digital assets in the form of self-regulation is important to protect the rights and interests of consumers and to ensure the integrity of the digital asset market.


The Singapore General Certificate Economic Association was founded and chaired by Mr. Chia Hock Lai, President of the Singapore Association for Finance and Technology. With the support of regulators such as the MAS of the HKMA of Singapore and banks, the pass Economic Association (TEA) and the Cryptocurrency and Block chain Industry Association (ACCESS) have launched standardized SPICE regulatory rules for encryption business entities (below).

4. On the morning of August 15, a certain leader of the former aerospace industry, with the chairman of the judicial system software development enterprise and the chief technology officer, visited the Beijing R & D Center of the SmartMesh Foundation, and the two sides had their first exchange on the introduction of block chain technology to the judicial system software.


5. On the afternoon of August 15, CEO, CTO, CBO and his entourage visited the Beijing R & D Center of the SmartMesh Foundation. The two sides have conducted further exchanges on the details of the cooperation and will travel to Qingdao next week.

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