This week, the SmartMesh Foundation successfully completed the Spectrum public chain upgrade, as well as the SMT mining Staking 2.0 and the award. At present, the nodes involved in mining have been rewarded by SMT one after another, and friends who have not yet participated in SMT mining, please contact customer service as soon as possible.

The SmartMesh Foundation invited 8Btc MatPool Pool to become the Staking nodes of the SmartMesh project (SMT), and mortgaged 10 Staking Node, MatPool, which will use its technology and capital to promote the stability and security of the SmartMesh network, and continue to promote the ecological construction of SmartMesh.



Here are the details of this week’s work:


1、Perception Network:

1.1 Check the Apache Kafka protocol and test its implementation code。

1.2 Based on Apache Kafka protocol, the topology intelligence algorithm of offline message service node is designed.


1、Photon Optimization and Matrix Optimization Design。

1.1 Update the security parameters of Photon interface, modify the acquisition mode of HTTP interface parameters on MeshBox from plaintext parameters to obtain them from encrypted files, so that Photon can run more safely on MeshBox. 1.2 continue to carry on the Photon running state optimization analysis, remove the inappropriate Panic in the Photon business process, and reduce the probability of accidental collapse of the system.


1.3 Continue to conduct the Photon mobile function joint test, on the basis of the new private key delivery and the new contract to carry out random non-network direct payment and PMS entrustment related operations, to test the running status adaptability of Photon mobile non-network payment related functions.


1.4 Photon log content desensitization design, the log of the private key and signature related content removal or desensitization processing, to avoid the financial risk caused by log files.


1.5 Optimize the configuration of Matrix server parameters, adjust the delay, retry and fault tolerance parameters of each communication logic on the Matrix server, change the independent configuration to the preset optimization value, reduce the spam message processing, and improve the communication quality and speed of the server.


1.6 Preliminary Photon landing scene pre-research, Photon application payment scenario for conditional analysis, and gradually improve the practicability of Photon.



  1. Cross-chain optimization design of distributed notary BTC.


1.1 continue the pre-research on distributed notary cross-chain privacy, analyze the process and implementation complexity of using SNARK to increase transaction privacy in cross-chain atomic exchange, and demonstrate the cost and feasibility of related design and implementation.


1.2 continue to build the BTC cross-chain automatic test scenario, design the distributed notary cross-chain transaction part of the exception scenario (such as transaction timeout, etc.) test script, improve the test efficiency in part of the transaction exception scenario.


1.3 continue to carry out cross-chain functional continuity testing and complete multi-node mortgage mining test and node deployment in cooperation with the common chain.


  1. According to the new function of Spectrum block browser and mortgage node and other related blocks and address content, the collaborative test is carried out.
  2. Plan APP next phase function update schedule and other related issues.


  1. The Dapp developer Foundation mortgaged a SMT Staking node。


1, On Aug. 9, the SmartMesh Foundation successfully completed the Spectrum spectral common chain upgrade and turned on the SMT mining Staking 2.0 and the block award. The upgrade of the main network and the launch of SMT Mining 2.0 have released a newsletter in the blockchain media Bishijie.

2、On August 9, the SmartMesh Foundation invited 8Btc Mine MatPool to become the super node of the SmartMesh project (SMT) and mortgaged 10 Staking Node, MatPool pools has been announced in 8Btc Media today.

3、On August 9, the Spectrum common chain completed all the SMT mapping work. SMT can transfer, if it needs to be imported into an official wallet if it is stored in a third-party wallet such as imToken etc.

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