SmartMesh Weekly(2019.07.29-2019.08.02)

On July 29, SmartMesh founder Qiheng Wang was invited to attend the “SUSS Integration Forum” in Singapore. He exchanged views with Hester Pierce, Commissioner of the US Securities Regulatory Commission, and the head of Financial, technological and Innovation, Singapore HKMA, on the regulation and innovation of blockchain and digital currency. At the forum, the Commissioner of the US Securities Regulatory Commission delivered an important speech on the intention to establish an “non-exclusive safe haven” for applied tokens. Following Pierce’s speech, Qiheng Wang held a round-table dialogue with experts such as the Director of the Communications Media Development Authority of Singapore(IMDA) and Partners of Fenbushi Capital.

Not hard to see that, Singapore’s international position in the block chain and the financial industry is becoming increasingly important, which is why Professor David Lee wants SmartMesh to pay more attention to attending important global meetings at its headquarters in Singapore and to radiating ASEAN and Africa at the highest point in Singapore.

This week, the number of SMT staking mining nodes reached more than 300, closer to the 380 nodes needed to start. Welcome to continue to joining the SMT staking node!

Here are the details of this week’s work::


1、Perception Network:

1.1The distributed chat application is developed and the topological intelligence algorithm of offline message service node is designed.

2、Spectrum Chain:

2.1 Complete the debugging and operation of the second generation intelligent contract engine Hera + Ewasm on the Ethereum。

2.2 Complete the deployment and debugging of Development Intelligent contract in Rust Environment。


1、Photon Optimization and Matrix Optimization Design。

1.1Update the Photon test chain contract, deploy the new Photon contract for the test chain mortgage mining test data rollback, meet the normal operation of the Photon function on the test chain and support Photon optimization testing and performance maintenance.

1.2Continue to analyze the running state of Photon, sort out the storage data related to Photon transactions, classify the redundant data relied on by the old version of API, and carry out the preliminary design of data storage optimization from the point of view of compatibility.

1.3The joint test of Photon mobile function is carried out, and the contract function operation and under-chain transfer function operation are carried out by using Matrix communication on the basis of new private key delivery and new contract, so as to test the running status adaptability of the basic function of Photon mobile terminal.

1.4 Improve the Matrix unit test design, add new Presence/List test units for node discovery, effectively obtain the online status of nodes from the same server or different servers, and improve the running efficiency of Matrix.

1.5 Matrix server data synchronization test verification, through the construction of bridge service node invitation can not join the Room scene to reproduce the bridge server synchronization data inconsistency, analyze the reasons and try to repair Bug。

1.6 Continue to optimize the function of Matrix, adapt the function of the new API of Photon, and improve the performance of Matrix.


  1. Cross-chain optimization design of distributed notary BTC. This paper makes a pre-research on the cross-chain privacy of distributed notaries, analyzes the mechanism of using SNARK proof and dual Secret to increase transaction privacy in cross-chain atomic exchange, and demonstrates the value and feasibility of the relevant design.
  2. Continue to build the BTC cross-chain automatic test scenario, and design the distributed notary cross-chain Lock-out test script to improve the test efficiency.
  3. Continue to carry out cross-chain functional continuity testing, and cooperate with the public chain to carry out multi-node mortgage mining tests to assist node deployment.

1、Fixed a problem where iOS Photon pay could not create a channel, version V2.2.5 has been released。

2、Fixed possible errors in the “scan” feature of mining in the Android version.。


1、Dapp Development Foundation participates in pledged Mining Node。

2、Discuss the application scene between MeshBox box and Dapp after landing。

The specific work of the market is as follows:

1、At present, the number of SMT mortgage mining nodes is 301 (as of press time), the recruitment of miner nodes continues to advance, the number of mining nodes is full of 380 nodes to start mining awards. Please talk to the friends who are interested in SMT mortgage mining, and privately talk about the official customer service (WeChat ID:SmartMesh).

2、This week, SMT mortgage mining also involves the recruitment of beacon nodes, an exchange node has been confirmed to join, the exchange and SmartMesh technology departments began the relevant technical docking work.

3、The SmartMesh Foundation completed a technical docking with the exchange on the SMT coin work, and the marketing department of the SmartMesh Foundation has submitted a marketing plan, which will be adjusted after feedback from the exchange.

4、On July 30, SmartMesh founder Qiheng Wang continued to participate in the SUSS Convergence Summit Forum at University of Social Sciences in Singapore(SUSS) after concluding the Indoor meeting on the 29th. The theme of the forum is “expert dialogue, insight into block chain technology and financial trends.”This is a video link to the meeting:,Hope you enjoy it.


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