SmartMesh Weekly (2019.06.17-2019.06.21)

This week, the SmartMesh Foundation began to work with the Polish company Leonardo, the Philippines basketball team Baclaran, and basketball celebrities. The SmartMesh Foundation and Leonardo signed the MOA such that Leonardo will use Spectrum to develop inclusive financial applications. In the near future, technicians from Leonardo will visit China to exchange technologies and work on system integration with SmartMesh developers. SmartMesh Foundation also signed a cooperation agreement with Team Baclaran and basketball celebrities. The two sides will cooperate to expand the SmartMesh Philippine community and prepare for the Philippines project.


Here are the specifics of this week:

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Perception Network

1.1 Develop a service integration framework to implement service module integration on the Perception base layer.

  1. Spectrum

2.1 Continue to fix the bugs caused by VRF usage errors.

2.2 Consolidate the mining needs of the business unit, finish the development, and test the boundary conditions.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Photon optimization and Matrix joint debugging

1.1 Optimize the Photon Mobile node charging configuration, remove the design of mobile node actively submit the charging configuration to the PFS, and improve the PFS rate processing efficiency.

1.2 Design optimization processing for Photon memory occupation, forced to release the memory occupied by Scrypt (account protection) immediately after Photon startup, greatly reduce Photon’s average runtime memory, improve the efficiency of system resource utilization.

1.3 Optimize the design of the connection of the mobile phone nodes both online and offline, eliminate the repeated connection conflicts based on XMPP communication, and improve the running stability of the mobile phone node.

1.4 Improve the PFS charging policy update design, delete the old charging policy to avoid the transaction failure caused by the inconsistency between the old and new charging policies, and improve the accuracy of PFS routing query and charging basis.

1.5 Performing the Matrix communication joint debugging test, including: Go version of Matrix’s Client-API debugging, Kafka-Zookeeper server building, node online and offline testing, and each Topic subscription release (subscription message reception).

1.6 Perform the stability test for the MeshBox version of Photon, test the channel related functions of the MeshBox node and the stability of the transfer transaction with the PC node, and further improve the applicability of Photon multi-platform.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Distributed notary BTC cross-chain optimization and integration testing

1.1 Optimize the distributed notary BTC cross-chain data storage, update part of the message data structure design, and perform concurrent adaptation adjustment for Nonce negotiation related messages to improve the efficiency of cross-chain transaction Nonce negotiation processing.

1.2 Perform the Demo Lockin integration test on the BTC cross-chain transaction page, including: account generation, sending Lockin request, sending transaction to the main chain, assigning the corresponding BTC Token in the test chain, generating the Lockin transaction in the Spectrum test chain, BTC asset lock and BTC Token generation, etc. .

1.3 Perform the Demo Lockout integration test on the BTC cross-chain transaction page, including: sending Lockout request, sending transaction to sidechain, allocate BTC test chain to corresponding BTC, sending transaction to BTC test chain, BTC asset restoration and BTC Token asset destruction.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Optimize the connection mechanism of network-less communication.
  2. Increase the guidance on the commonly used pages.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Discuss the blockchain application in detail with a public chain development team. The content includes trade finance, transaction settlement, asset securitization and so on.

The specific work of the market is as follows:

  1. SmartMesh founder, Henry Wang, was invited as the keynote speaker at the launch of the first Dawan District Deep Technology Development Forum and the GCIG Deeptech Space Incubator.

  1. The SmartMesh Foundation and the Polish company Leonardo signed the MOA. Leonardo will use Spectrum to develop inclusive finance applications. The technicians will visit China to work with SmartMesh developers to exchange technologies and integrate their system.


  1. The SmartMesh Foundation has signed a cooperation agreement with the Philippine basketball celebrities and with Team Baclaran (Philippines basketball team). The two parties will cooperate in the community to expand the SmartMesh Philippine community. The marketing plan includes building communities, sponsoring teams and surfing competitions.


  1. The SmartMesh Marketing Department completed the first draft of the SMT mining introduction. The draft of SMT mining promotion plan has been proposed. The mining related Q&A documents and miners recruitment plan have not been completed yet.
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