SmartMesh Weekly(2019.04.22-2019.04.26)

On May 1st this year, I will give you a golden egg from the 120,000-foot stratosphere. It is making a free fall movement at the speed of breaking through the sound barrier, and whistling to you, be careful to be flattened! The editor represents all members of the SmartMesh team wishes you a happy Labor Day! In the future, our holiday greetings will be established through the network of the Spectrum chain MeshBox, and each greeting will remain in the Spectrum chain forever.


  1. Perception Network:

1.1 Research and Debugging The process of establishing a link in the relay mode in Libp2p improves the connectivity between Meshboxes.

1.2 Launching a study of integrating lightweight clients in mobile/home devices to successfully connect and use the home network nodes built by Meshbox and the network infrastructure in the Shopping Mall, this study will involve further development with the Status-im/Nimbus project. Understanding and cooperation.

  1. Spectrum public chain:

2.1 Solve the problem of node selection and block data synchronization found in the test.



  1. Photon optimization and off-internet security work

1.1 Continue to design the new interface of Photon, add support for Meshbox, cooperate to close the channel and cancel the cooperation and close the channel, etc., to facilitate the improved processing of Meshbox’s cooperation to close the channel request.

1.2 Perform Photon test code optimization processing to fix the bug that forced the unlock to cause the node to unlock when multiple evidences are included in the test scenario, and improve the running efficiency of the test code.

1.3 Complete the evaluation of the new version of the off-internet security problem, and carry out logical demonstration and test verification for the evidence type entrustment mode, submission timing, punishment implementation, etc. in the new version of Photon design, and the Photon node has off-internet status. After the closure, the funds are correctly settled for comprehensive judgment to ensure that the automatic network is safe and reliable.

1.4 Continue to carry out Photon and PMS joint debugging, build Photon network-free random switching commission test scenario and test scenario with penalty transaction commissioning, verify that PMS receives the latest delegation data and prevent malicious manufacturing punishment during the automatic network switching process. The funds of the entrusting party are safe.

1.5 Update the version information generation mechanism in the Makefile, upgrade the original version generation mode, and improve system version compatibility.

1.6 Complete the Layer 2 technology live broadcast of the past and present, organize the Layer 2 technical features and functional content promotion, and enhance the influence of Layer 2 technology.



  1. Distributed notary BTC cross-chain design and Ethereum cross-chain demo optimization

1.1 Design and implement the BTC cross-chain PBFT protocol, design the adaptive Nonce mechanism for the UTXO model, and implement the PBFT negotiation process for the Bitcoin UTXO.

1.2 Perform PBFT optimization to solve the problem of repeatedly assigning Nonce to the same task in PBFT negotiation, and reduce unnecessary Nonce consumption.

1.3 Continue the distributed notary system BTC cross-chain script design, write side chain script according to HTLC mechanism and cross-chain logic, verify some functions of script design.

1.4 The distributed notary cross-chain BTC independent storage design is designed for the notary public UTXO to design an independent storage management mechanism that does not depend on the wallet to improve the flexibility of cross-chain transactions.

1.5 Ethereum cross-chain demo optimization, optimize the handling of the main notary replacement scene in the Lockin and Lockout processes and HTLC cancellation transaction test to improve the system fault tolerance stability.



Co-tested with MeshBox Maxwell to test the new Photon payment function. SmartMesh APP revision UI adjustment.



  1. In the small program to do a point and SMT exchange function, you can make a SMT integrated in the small program of the universal suite.
  2. In the docking of projects with other communities, question and answers DAPP with Dharma community. Using SMT’s cake applet, the robot that chats and mines SMT in WeChat is also under development. WeChat combines SMT robot DAPP game is also looking for partners.
  3. Dapp developer cooperation plan will be officially opened, welcome developers and project parties to negotiate.


  1. On April 22nd, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang Qiheng participated in a closed-door seminar hosted by Peking University Blockchain Club with the theme of “Stable Dollars, Cross-border Clearing and Payment Applications”. Participants included the founder of the domestic head hardware and software wallet, experts in the domestic and international payment industry, exchanges and traditional investors. At the meeting, Henry Wang Qiheng made a speech on the application scenarios of the blockchain project and discussed the cooperation issues with the participating stable currency project. In the Philippines where the SmartMesh project first landed, Unionbank is already working on the issuance of stable coins. The head of financial technology at Unionbank Blockchain once mentioned to SmartMesh that many counters do not have Internet coverage issues and hope to test SmartMesh solutions at banks after MeshBox certification. The Manila Summit in August will demonstrate a multi-hop network solution to allow bank-issued stable coins to have a wider range of applications on the SmartMesh network.

  1. At 19:00 on April 26, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang Qiheng and COO Kent Qian Lei and MeshBox Commercial Director He Jun were invited to participate in the “One Belt and One Road Southeast Asia Sea Prospect” and exchanged views with Singapore and Philippines representatives attending the Belt and Road Summit. SmartMesh will focus on the Meetup in Singapore at the end of May and the “Global Blockchain IoT inclusive Financial Summit” and the “Blockchain Landing Application Ecology Achievements Exhibition” hosted in Manila, Philippines in August. The head of the National Development and Reform Commission, the deputy director of the magazine “China Strategic Emerging Industries” and the director of the International Department of the Ministry of Commerce of China attended the meeting.



  1. Vice President of SmartMesh Technology and MeshBoxCTO and Mr. Tomasz, CEO of Leonardo Group, and Mr. Aleksander, CEO of Genuisto, discuss the technical solution of porting SmartMesh Wallet to their payment system ePera/Haiz, and will start technical docking in the near future, ePera/ Haiz is a mobile payment platform that includes payments, financial services, and P2P services.


  1. The SMT&MESH community plan will be launched in the near future [to do small tasks, pick peaches! 】 Content UGC channel laying. Guide community users to participate in UGC content output and expand the project brand promotion approach. The following is an event poster. You are welcome to provide valuable comments on this program.

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time Learn about SmartMesh’s weekly updates, keep an eye on SmartMesh Weekly!

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