SmartMesh Weekly(2019.03.25–2019.03.29)


About the highlights of this week, in order to better serve the community and improve the community’s enthusiasm, SmartMesh team will open the discussion within the group “community group master campaign plan” this week. I hope more SmartMesh supporters will participate in the project and build SmartMesh.

A warm reminder: be careful for April fool.

Here are the specifics of this week:

The specific work is as follows:

1. Perception Network: Study the Filecoin code, extract a list of issues related to the Perception network, and refer to these issues for design integration of the Perception network and the Meshbox network.

1.1 How to introduce multiple roles with different functions in the Perception network?

1.2 How do the different roles of the machine work together? How do you synchronize information between machines of the same role?

1.3 Process design for copy proof.

1.4 Process design for time and space certification.

1.5 How does Perception prevent witch attacks, outsource attacks, and generate attacks?

2.Spectrum public chain:

2.1 Continue the development work of version 0.6.0, complete the coding work of the Meshbox-related smart contract, and prepare the test program for testing.

The specific work is as follows:

1.Photon 1.1.2 version release and optimization work

1.1 Complete Photon 1.1.2 stability testing, including: contract call transaction security test, multi-route transfer test, APP version function test, third-party monitoring service test.

1.2 Complete the transit node revenue query interface adjustment, update the revenue query mode, and better adapt the APP to enhance the user revenue experience.

1.3 Completion of Photon 1.1.2 multi-platform version compilation and release, including: windows version, linux version, iOS version, android version, meshbox version, etc.

1.4 Continue the gradual transition attempt of the communication mode. This week, the Matirx communication test case was added, and the Matrix registration and messaging process was tested by randomly generating an Ethereum account instead of a fixed account.

1.5 Optimize the work before the release of Photon 1.1.2. The problems solved include: Directransfer cannot send and remove locks in the locked channel, and does not clean the memory in time.

  1. 6 Complete the Photon1.1.2 document interface function description and sample update, including: REST API and Mobile API added error code and description, Transfer interface added routing load, new revenue query interface example description, etc., push The Docs hosting.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Design and implementation of distributed Nonce negotiation mechanism for distributed notaries

1.1 Complete the distributed Nonce negotiation mechanism design, and implement the message interaction logic and data structure implementation in the garbage collection phase and ViewChange phase of the distributed notary public special processing operation flow according to the PBFT principle.

1.2 Implement distributed Nonce negotiation and cross-chain demo integration, replace the centralized Nonce allocation service with distributed Nonce negotiation service, and further match the interaction between Nonce negotiation message interaction and signature message.

1.3 Carry out the basic stress test of the new notarization and signature process of the distributed notary, verify the correctness and basic performance of the negotiated nonce.

  1. 4 Continue to conduct a pre-research on distributed notary Bitcoin cross-chain transactions, and discuss the mechanism adjustments to the existing signature process when bitcoin is cross-linked, including: signature content and mode changes.

The specific work is as follows:

The new version of the photonic network is integrated and tested, and MashBox’s Maxwell performs the payment function.

The preliminary revision of the APP revision plan was finalized.

The specific work is as follows:

1. In the Spectrum applet, the Dapp application of the Spectrum mainchain is made. It is hoped that the Dapp of the Spectrum chain can be combined with the depth of the small program, which can be conveniently used by the user.

2. The Spectrum chain game Dapp, “Fomosmt” is in beta.

The specific work of the market is as follows:

1. Mr. Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh, gave a speech at the SIGMA conference

On March 25th.

Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng, founder of SmartMesh, attended the SIGMA conference in Manila, Philippines, and delivered a speech on “Encryption Payment Solution in iGaming” and a discussion on roundtable topics. At the meeting, Mr. Henry Wang briefly described the current status of online payment in the market, and said that SmartMesh integrated Photon payment with Tiandi network to solve the existing payment problem and bring new growth to the chain market.

Mr Labinno, CEO of the Philippines cryptocurrency soecual zone CEZA, attended the conference as a guest. After the meeting, Mr. Henry Wang had an in-depth exchange with Mr. Labinno.

2.SmartMesh founder Mr. Henry Wang and CFun founder initially discuss cooperation matters

On March 29th, Mr. Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh, visited the Tokyo Ginza Blockchain coworking space. And in-depth exchanges with CFun founder Jia Weijun. In terms of the combination of creativity and blockchain technology, the two sides jointly proposed a cooperation plan to promote the ecological development of both projects.

CFun is a new form of social platform that combines creativity and blockchain technology to bring together creators, fans and demanders around the world.

3. SmartMesh team proposes community management plan

On March 29th, the SmartMesh team will release the group leader campaign within the community. We hope to build a long-term development plan for the SmartMesh community through collaborative discussions within the community. I hope that all members of the SmartMesh community will actively participate.

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time Learn about SmartMesh’s weekly updates, keep an eye on SmartMesh Weekly!

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