SmartMesh Weekly(2019.03.18–2019.03.22)

This week saw the news that OneWeb, an American satellite start-up, had raised $1.25 billion to begin mass production of Internet satellites. OneWeb plans to provide people around the world with affordable high-speed Internet access by deploying hundreds of low-orbit satellites. This infrastructure will not only help mobile operators and Internet service providers to extend network coverage to hitherto inaccessible areas but also ensure continued network coverage during natural disasters, in line with SmartMesh’s philosophy. SmartMesh implements the integration of the earth and sky network by forming a ground Mesh network with its extended hardware.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Perception network:
  2. 1.1 discuss the relationship between MeshBox device entities and Spectrum main chain accounts and separate the software logic, so as to facilitate later extension.
  3. 1.2 continue to study the code of Filecoin and study the process and data structure of the key algorithm.

2. Spectrum public chain:

2.1 improve the 0.6.0 version and add the smart contract related to MeshBox according to the Mesh scheme discussed and determined.

2.2 make an in-depth analysis of Spectrum’s position, role and relationship with other systems in the whole ecology after the deployment of MeshBox.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Photon optimized treatment and preparation for the release of the new version.

1.1 complete the optimized design of BalanceProof submission strategy, further improve the conditions for the submission of BalanceProof update to the PFS, and introduce the failure compensation mechanism to ensure the real-time property of the data in Photon routing query.

1.2 complete the optimization design of interim node revenue query, add version information, node interval revenue and total revenue query interface, and improve user revenue experience.

1.3 complete optimization design test and Case construction, and join CaseManager automatic test to evaluate performance stability.

1.4 continue the gradual transition attempt of communication mode, conduct the time redundancy design for some Case scenarios, and eliminate the misjudgment of communication results caused by the delay of transmission of some instructions and the error of server timestamp.

1.5 conduct Photon 1.1 pre-release performance test, including regular contract functional test, specified routing transfer test in conjunction with PFS, Tokenswap test, and net-free direct channel transfer test, etc.

1.6 conduct function description and example update of Photon document interface, including version information interface, interval revenue interface, total revenue interface, and Transfer load update, etc.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Improved function of distributed notary and design of distributed Nonce negotiation mechanism

1.1 continue the Demo integration design of distributed notary concurrent transactions, optimize the message queue processing mechanism of concurrent transactions, and add backup queues to improve the overall transaction performance.

1.2 continue to study the distributed consensus algorithm, analyze the processing mechanism in extreme cases such as continuous master node inaction and data non-synchronization of multiple nodes in the design of PBFT, and define the scope of application of PBFT.

1.3 continues to design the distributed Nonce negotiation mechanism, and implement the message interaction logic and data structure of the Prepare and Commit stages in the normal operation process of the distributed notary according to the principle of PBFT.

1.4 carry on the pre-research of distributed notary public’s Bitcoin cross-chain transaction, discuss the cross-chain spectral chain transaction and the interactive logic and account model of Bitcoin transaction message processing.

The specific work is as follows:

Determine the revision plan of SmartMesh APP and the priority of recent function development. In addition, the new functions and interface adjustments should be considered for user experience and conform to the usage habits of specific scenarios.

Consider adjusting the APP name synchronously.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Improve the details of Dapp cooperation plan and submit it to the company for review.

2. SMT red packet access phone top-up.

3. Bitcoin shall inspire Dapp to communicate details of cooperation.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng, founder of SmartMesh, and Geniusto discussed relevant cooperation matters as follows.

On March 15, SmartMesh team met with Geniusto in the Philippines to discuss in-depth collaboration, including:

-Geniusto will choose to develop Dapp on SmartMesh Spectrum for agricultural project loans and P2P business in the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

– select Spectrum to release their own stable COINS and tokens

– integrate SmartMesh wallet into ePERA, eDuit and Haiz platforms, enabling its more than 10 million users to use SMT and MESH

-SmartMesh and MeshBox can provide users of Geniusto with network services and payment nodes, and their businesses include payment, financial services, and P2P business.

Geniusto, a leading multinational technology company, focuses on innovation, sales, marketing, intelligent technology support and partner services in the banking and finance, healthcare, eldercare and hospitality industries. EPEsuit Duit and Haiz are respectively its mobile payment platforms in the Philippines, Indonesia and Poland. Their businesses include payment, financial services and P2P business.

2. Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng, founder of SmartMesh, met with mayors of Banai province in the Philippines.

On March 19, Mr. Henry Wang Qiang, founder of SmartMesh, took a boat from the beautiful island of Boracay and sail around Paney province. After communicating with many mayors of Banai province, local universities, tourism authorities, and IT departments, they are eagerly looking forward to the integration of SmartMesh, MeshBox, and satellite to bring the network, online multimedia teaching, e-commerce and prosperity of the local economy.

3. SmartMesh will be promoted by the President’s special envoy to China to discuss future market plans

On March 20, with the promotion of SmartMesh, MeshBox and the special envoy of the President to China, the company will establish a new company to develop the SmartMesh and MeshBox in the Philippine market. The new enterprise will work with the Philippine government to deploy the network and jointly complete the government’s public infrastructure construction.

4. Mr. Henry Wang the founder of SmartMesh, signed a contract with Mindgenix

On March 21, Mr. Henry Wang qiheng, founder of SmartMesh, signed a contract with Mindgenix and MeshBox. The three parties are engaged in the cooperation of public wi-fi, bus payment, election voting machine and other projects in the Philippines. Mindgenix, a company dedicated to WIFI coverage in the Philippines, President Rodrigo Duterte has just passed a national law requiring WIFI coverage in public places. Mindgenix is the Philippine government’s provider of Blockchain technology.

Details of the cooperation include the following:

-SmartMesh signed with Mindgenix, MeshBox MOA to provide public WiFi solutions for the Philippines.

-SmartMesh worked with Mindgenix and Mesh BKYC to replace Smartmatic voting equipment in the Philippines.

— Mindgenix USES its kyc-certified Stenanography technology on the SmartMesh public chain to reduce processing costs, make election statistics faster, and prevent vandalism and cheating.

5. SmartMesh completes trademark registration

The SmartMesh project was recently registered as a trademark in the United States. SmartMesh focuses on brand building and has gained global recognition. We can add (R) logo on the top right corner of SmartMesh.

6. Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng, founder of SmartMesh, met with professor Li Guoquan

On March 21, the founder of SmartMesh, Mr Henry Wang met with professor Li Guo Quan, who introduced the development plan of SmartMesh phase and the upcoming “2019 global Blockchain IoT inclusive finance summit” in Boracay. Professor Li Guoquan is positive about the development of the project and strongly recommends the Singapore government to invest in the two projects of SmartMesh and MeshBox.

Finally, professor Li invited the SmartMesh team to join Meetup in Shanghai in early may. At the end of the same month, professor Li also invited the team to Singapore to demonstrate the integration of network to to the Singapore telecommunications department. Professor Li Guoquan is a leading figure in the economic field of Singapore and enjoys high prestige in the political and business circles. We believe that with his promotion, we will have a broader space for development in Singapore and even in Southeast Asia.

Following the meeting with Dr. Pei, a former senior member of the monetary authority of Singapore, voiced his support for the SmartMesh and MeshBox projects. We also welcome the SmartMesh and MeshBox projects to work with the government of Singapore.

Dr. Pei is also a leading figure in the economy of Singapore, having joined the monetary authority of Singapore — MAS (the central bank and unified financial regulator of Singapore) in 1999 as director of the financial products and risk specialist. In 2003, he was reassigned to head the office overseeing policy and professional training. The department develops regulatory objectives, concepts, frameworks, methods, and tools for the banking, insurance and securities regulators, and plans and provides in-house professional training courses.

In 2008, Dr. Pei was appointed a dean of the newly established monetary authority of Singapore (MAS) institute, which he set up and ran on professional basis. The college’s responsibilities include proves management and skills development, research and knowledge management, and technical assistance to peer institutions in other countries. The school is known as the Singapore Institute of finance and even an important talent base in the economic field.

The monetary authority of Singapore was named central bank of the year by the central bank journal, an industry journal.


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