SmartMesh weekly (2019.03.11–2019.03.15)

In the past two days, the “lulu incident”, which was hotly discussed on we-media. The account which had not been logged in for a long time was stolen with a loss of over 75,000 yuan. The frequency of information leakage on the centralized large platform makes people more aware of the issue of privacy and property security once again. The blockchain is the technical solution to this problem, and SmartMesh is dedicated to building a secure, fast and compatible underlying public chain.

From now on,we the SmartMesh community welcomes members on board the SmartMesh train. The train starts from the technology development station to the market development station, and finally reaches the destination through the public chain-photon network-atmospheres and application developers. We wish you a good journey!

We would also like to thank you for your continued attention and hope that you will continue to provide us with valuable suggestions. Your suggestions will drive our project.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Perception network:

1.1 build a distributed index over the MeshBox network and design a miner node with retrieval function.

1.2 study the code of Filecoin and study the process and data structure of the key algorithm.

2. Spectrum public chain:

2.1 optimize the execution algorithm of the contract based on the 0.5.3-RC version and try to reduce the configuration requirements of software on hardware.

2.2 discuss assembly instructions of the elliptic curve to find the source of difference in the algorithm running on Intel ARM.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Photon optimized treatment and demonstration support in the Philippines.

1.1 conduct mDNS to support networks payment coordination, solve the problem of mobile phone node discovery in the LAN environment and the failure of nodes to start directly networks and realize the direct payment function of channel nodes with the help of Meshbox random network less chain.

1.2 completed the design of the node message upgrading scheme, and support error codes and cause feedback of messages such as Annonce Dispose in the upgraded message scheme, which can effectively improve the user experience.

1.3 completed the construction and test of the updated message Case, realize the correct feedback and log update of abnormal situations such as transaction failure, and join the CaseManager automatic test to evaluate the performance stability.

1.4 continue the Philippines demonstration joint debugging and test, and cooperate with the demonstration to modify APP interface, adjust parameters and repair problems.

1.5 continue the gradual transition attempt of the communication mode, further improve the Matrix communication mechanism, correct the problem that the two sides of the channel may not be able to identify and obtain other service Room messages at the start-up stage and update the corresponding module of the test Case

1.6 repair work was carried out for Photon Bug, mainly including error returned by mobile phone Notify subscription interface, settle Request abnormal crash caused by receipt of the wrong amount, and data inconsistency problem of PFS channel caused by node’s submission of Balance Proof from no network to a network.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Improved function of distributed notary and design of distributed Nonce negotiation mechanism.

1.1 conduct the Demo integration design of distributed notary concurrent transactions, optimize the centralized Nonce distribution service negotiation process of concurrent transactions and improve the overall transaction performance.

1.2 research the distributed consensus algorithm, analyze the generation process of Stable CheckPoint data summary in PBFT design ViewChange and discuss the inconsistency between the local data state of nodes and the common node state.

1.3 design the distributed Nonce negotiation mechanism, design the client module according to the principle of PBFT and implement the pre-prepared stage message interaction logic and data structure in the normal operation process of the distributed notary.

1.4 continue to conduct pre-research on the cross-chain transaction of bitcoin by the distributed notary public and discuss the logical correlation determination and feasibility of cross-chain spectral chain transaction and bitcoin transaction data verification.

The specific work is as follows:

Based on the market demand of the Philippines, the team is currently discussing the development route and function iteration of the APP to meet the development of SmartMesh ecology, such as the multi-dimensional functional scheme discussion of payment network, merchant group, order function, business circle video, near-field social networking and other application scenarios, which can be combined with MeshBox.

Meanwhile, we are considering to improve and adjust the core functions of the APP to lay a foundation for future Dapp ecology.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Bitcoin shall be connected with SMT for the small program of dharma answer.

2, Live small program integration SMT red packet.

3. SMT Dao Foundation voted in the internal test development of Dapp.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Mr. Wang negotiated with the team of Yuan Dao teachers about the cooperation details. On March 10, Mr. Wang and Mr. Kent of SmartMesh met with Mr. Yuan Dao again to discuss the cooperation. Discussed the main contents include how to set up fully independent of the existing Internet world chain network, at the same time, how to build a private decentralized network space (Personal Cyberspace), and jointly create a named “SPEAR” (representing agreement, marginal infrastructure, and represents a new connection, on behalf of the upcoming new infrastructure revolution.) New online consensus. In areas with well-developed networks, establish experimental networks and create real value networks. The combination of the two sides will open a new chapter in human connection and consensus. The two sides will also hold a press conference on cooperation in the near future.

2. The SmartMesh team communicated and cooperated with a low-orbit satellite company of Internet of things. On March 11, Mr. Wang, founder of SmartMesh, had a face-to-face meeting with an IoT low-orbit satellite company that has signed the NDA on the cooperation plan for the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial Summit” to be held in mid-August. Given that the company launched its first four-star arrow at the end of the year at the world blockchain landing application show, which cannot be used for the Boracay summit, the company has proposed to use the high-orbit satellites already deployed by its international partners to form an integrated network between earth and sky.

3. Willson Lee, chairman of the world blockchain foundation, visits SmartMesh Beijing R&D Centre. On March 12, Mr. Wang and Willson Lee, chairman of the world blockchain foundation, held in-depth talks on the Boracay summit at SmartMesh’s Beijing R&D Center. Mr. Wang introduced the development and marketing of SmartMesh to Willson, who said he would help expand the market and has built a group of 150 summit organizers on Whatsapp. Willson proposed to make the summit application display into a beautiful video for later global promotion, which was highly recognized by Mr. Wang.

4. Mr. Wang communicated and cooperated with a high-flux low-orbit Internet satellite company for SmartMesh. On 13 Mar Mr. Wang, CEO of SmartMesh visited a Chinese high throughput low orbit Internet satellite company through the introduction of the space department leader. Due to confidentiality, the company name and technical cooperation details could not be disclosed. The discussion was that it would be possible to use SmartMesh as the last link of the user station and even integrate the low orbit satellite receiver with MeshBox. The satellite company welcomes SmartMesh’s initial discussions with the Philippine government and operators.

5. Mr. Wang discussed SmartMesh smart home plan with the former general manager of Haier group ecological platform. On March 14, Mr. Wang discussed SmartMesh smart home plan with the former general manager of Haier group ecological platform. Nowadays, smart home appliances are an inevitable trend, and many families cannot be effectively covered by a router. SmartMesh aims to be the Internet of everything in every home and will build a more solid foundation for the smart Internet of things.

6. Veronica, the marketing representative of SmartMesh team Philippines, was invited to “TOKEN 2049” summit. Veronica was invited to the “TOKEN 2049” summit on behalf of the SmartMesh team on March 15. During the summit, she introduced the SmartMesh project, and the guests expressed interest in the project. She also asked about the preparations for the “2019 global blockchain IoT financial inclusive summit” to be held in Boracay Island in August, hoping to get involved. Veronica, who hosts the Boracay blockchain summit, became an SMT fan last year at the SmartMesh booth in Manila. Through an in-depth understanding of the project and personal willingness, she becomes the SMT Philippines market representative.

7. SmartMesh Philippines business representative Ardy met with Ingenix CEO and CTO. On March 15, SmartMesh Philippines business representatives met with the CEO and CTO of Mindgenix. The CEO of Mindgenix presented their blockchain application projects in southeast Asia and hoped to work with the SmartMesh team to provide technical support.

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time.

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