SmartMesh Weekly (2019.03.04–2019.03.08)

Today is one special day, International Women Day and lunar 2 Feb fall on the same date. This is a relatively rare occurrence, and there have been only three such encounters in this century. In 2019, 2065 and 2084. On behalf of all members of SmartMesh, all the very best to all the ladies in the world.

The space race for the integration of heaven and earth has started. SpaceX and OneWeb has set a good opportunity for the integration of world. So SmartMesh is accelerating its own pace. This week, Our team entered the linkage preparatory stage partners for The Summit will be held in August. Our journey is to make the world see the leading application of SmartMesh in the field of blockchain.

We would also like to thank you for your continued attention and hope that you will continue to provide us with valuable Suggestions. Your suggestions will shine with our project.

Happy international women’s day!

The specific work is as follows:

1. Perception network:

1.1 investigate the resource indexing technology in the distributed network and build a distributed storage network based on MeshBox.

1.2 research on the ownership proof algorithm of Permacoin, Storj and Filecoin data.

1.3 research on spoofing prevention strategies in Permacoin, Storj and Filecoin using single copy + witch attacks.

2. Spectrum:

2.1 upgrade the source code of the public chain of Spectrum to 0.5.3 and deployed to the test environment. The system of this version will prioritize the selection of MeshBox nodes to become miners, and prepare for the future listing and deployment of MeshBox.

2.2 start to study the source code related to Filecoin storage management and incentive policies.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Photon optimized treatment and demonstration support in the Philippines

1.1 complete the development and integration of mDNS module, realize the dual sending mechanism of message request UDP and XMPP, and improve the stability of off-internet payment.

1.2 conduct mDNS performance test and repaired problems, and solve the problem of undetectable nodes offline and unable to work in Travis in the process of LAN node connection with mobile phone, Mesh Box and server.

1.3 carried out the design of node message upgrade scheme, and consider the adjustment of node message processing mechanism to support the rapid failure of abnormal transactions and improve the user experience of on-chain payment.

1.4 continues the Philippines demonstration joint debugging and test, and cooperate with the demonstration to modify APP interface, adjust parameters and repair problems.

1.5 make a gradual transition attempt to the communication mode, improve the Matrix communication adopted in Photon1.0, fix the problem of node launching and message delay, and run CaseManager for stability test.

  1. 6 update Photon REST API and Mobile API, add new state description and contract call query interface, including: channel deposit, channel withdrawal, channel closure, channel update and channel cooperation closure, etc.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Research on function improvement of distributed notary and distributed consensus algorithm.

1.1 complete the fault-tolerant processing design of distributed notary concurrent transactions, improve the centralized Nonce distribution service and the data synchronization after the restart of notary abnormal situations, and improve the transaction stability.

1.2 compare and analyze the privacy protection mechanism of cross-chain transactions, and discuss the feasibility of realizing cross-chain privacy protection by using one-time accounts, ring signatures and zero-knowledge proof applications.

1.3 researches the distributed consensus algorithm, analyze the data recovery problems after the abnormal off-line of the replica node and the continuous crash and restart of the master node in the design of PBFT, and logically demonstrate the Nonce value update and synchronization scheme.

1.4 continue to carry out pre-research of distributed notary public’s Bitcoin cross-chain transaction, and discuss the implementation of the spectrum chain intelligent contract and the cross-chain HTLC atomic exchange mechanism of the Bitcoin UTXO model.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Completed the current phase development and test of the photon network payment function. We are planning the next phase of functional development, first to meet the needs of the Philippines and southeast Asia.

The specific work is as follows:

1. To reach cooperation intention with COINZEN community, make a decentralized and distributed learning Dapp on the spectral chain, encourage ordinary users to learn knowledge in the form of question answering through the blockchain general certificate incentive, and reward mining tokens for question answering knowledge. At present, internal testing of Dapp has been started, and we are beginning to recruit internal testing nodes.

2. The Dao voting program of Dapp foundation entered the test stage.

The specific work of the market is as follows:

1. Made the contact with OneWeb company for the integration of World.

On March 4, Mr Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh and principal consultant of MeshBox, contacted the head of IT department of OneWeb, a company located in silicon valley in the US. Mr. Henry Wang congratulated David, the IT manager, on OneWeb’s successful launch of “six stars with one arrow”. The two sides discussed cooperation in the integration of the earth and sky network. Currently, the six low-orbit satellites are in the test stage, and OneWeb plans to launch the Internet for the public in 2021. The two sides will discuss cooperation in enterprise and education as a pilot for large-scale application in the future.

2. SmartMesh has reached an intention agreement with an Israeli APP developer.

On 5th March, the SmartMesh team reached an agreement with an Israeli APP developer to develop a small group technology for mobile phones. The intent agreement includes that SmartMesh will license technologies such as network-free and cell-phone Mesh networks to the enterprise for a fee, and provide relevant technical support to the enterprise.

3. The SmartMesh team and MeshBox team will set up a joint project team for the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit”

On 7th March the SmartMesh team and MeshBox team had a preliminary discussion and planning of the technical issues in the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit” and the world blockchain achievements exhibition to be held in Boracay island, the Philippines.

The meeting mainly discussed networking adjustment and application scenarios, and exchanged relevant technical issues. In order to make the summit a success, the SmartMesh team and the MeshBox team set up a special joint project team.

4. The SmartMesh’s team and satellite company exchange views on technical issues in the summit presentation.

On 8th March the joint project team of SmartMesh and MeshBox and the technical team of a satellite company launched a technical discussion on how to integrate the technologies of the two sides, the interoperability planning and the development of the ground service system. The three parties also exchanged views on how to demonstrate in the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit” to be held in Boracay, the Philippines.

5. SmartMesh team and leading IoT companies in China jointly launch smart city applications.

On 8th March, Mr Henry Wang, Founder of SmartMesh, discussed the IoT smart city application plan with leading IoT companies in China. Mr. Wang invited the company to participate in the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit”, and they will jointly launch the IoT smart city application together.

6. SmartMesh will build the game ecological network

This week, Mr. Henry Wang, Founder of SmartMesh, and Mr. Harry Xiao, Founder of MeshBox, held a teleconference. Mr. Xiao plans to launch a game ecology DAPP based on SmartMesh. Mr Xiao, founder of, was an early pioneer in the field of mobile Internet in China. More than 15 years, his entrepreneurial experience has built a leading mobile game platform in China. Before the establishment of DownJoy, he worked in Samsung and Zero2ipo capital.

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