SmartMesh Weekly(2019.02.18–2019.02.22)

This week marks the Lantern Festival, and SmartMesh’s ecological landscape is becoming more complete. We signed a mutual non-disclosure agreement with a satellite company this week, planning to carry out the cooperation between the Internet of things and edge computing and storage technology, and are drafting a memorandum of cooperation so that the integration of heaven and earth and the Internet of things project can be implemented this year. On the Internet of things, we have a 3D printed solar energy project for musk’s tesla, which happens to use Lora, a low-power WAN, and we had a technical exchange this week. The NDA has also been sent to Barcelona and Catalonia for the SmartMesh netcom free DAPP project, which will be signed and entered into technical cooperation discussions next week. This week we also have a visit from investor 8btc, co-founder and CEO of timestamp capital.

The Lantern Festival is a success. The future of SmartMesh belongs to each holder of SMT.

Here’s updates last week:

The specific work is as follows:

1. Perception network:

1.1 design and implement a simple upper application based on Perception at the bottom, and test the development friendliness of Perception.

1.2 investigate the resource indexing technology in the distributed network and build a distributed storage network based on MeshBox.

2. Spectrum:

2.1 continue the team’s exploration in the field of cryptography and make periodic summary of achievements.

2.2 analyze and study the 2.0 specification of ethereum.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Photon new edition optimization and demonstration support work in the Philippines

  1. 1 the new version is featured with a standardized design for error treatment and unified error treatment form and feedback information, thus facilitating APP invocation.

1.2 implement the local processing of the transaction information of the newly added contract invocation, save the transaction information of the contract invocation locally, ensure the correct processing of the transaction in the waiting state after the crash and restart, and provide the query interface and transaction status update.

1.3 solve the problem of repeated processing of events on the chain, and repair the state inconsistency between the two sides of the channel after multiple deposits and withdrawals and node crash and restart.

1.4 build the crash recovery scenario of contract invocation transaction, complete the construction and test verification of the crash restart scenario after channel creation, channel deposit, channel closing and channel settlement event receipt.

1.5 a new PFS Debug test mode is installed to enable the re-submission of Balance and update the PFS channel state in a Photon node’s local data deletion state.

  1. 6 Philippine demonstration joint test. Cooperate with demonstration to modify APP interface, adjust parameters and repair problems.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Distributed notary Demo demonstrates optimization and distributed consensus algorithm research

1.1 complete the centralized distributed notary concurrent Nonce allocation design, and independent NonceServer solves the problem of notary concurrent Nonce usage during contract invocation.

1.2 conduct the concurrent test of distributed notary public Demo Lockin and Lockout transactions, realize the correct completion of less than 50 concurrent transactions, and effectively improve the execution efficiency of multiple transactions.

1.3 optimize the distributed notary Demo code, improve the code comments and function description, and improve the code quality.

  1. 4 research on distributed consensus algorithm, conduct targeted analysis on PBFT, and consider the adaptive design of distributed Nonce allocation mechanism.

The specific work is as follows:

1. The new version of the photon network payment debugging is nearing the end. Compared with the previous version, the new version adds the transaction records of the photon network, the feedback of various payment states and the ability of network negotiation to deal with some special problems.

2. Cooperated with MeshBox and solved the problem left over by historic Token online payment.

The specific work is as follows:

1. SMT red envelopes developed by friends in the developer community were officially launched, and a wave of SMT red envelopes was launched on the Lantern Festival.

2. Dao voting Dapp of developer community fund pool is under development; those who are interested can participate.

3. At present, spectral chain Dapp ecological fund is strongly supporting developers to create valuable blockchain applications. If you want to join us, please contact us as soon as possible.

The specific work is as follows:

1. This week, SmartMesh signed a mutual confidentiality agreement with a satellite company, planning to carry out the cooperation on the Internet of things, edge computing and distributed storage technology, and we are drafting a memorandum of cooperation so that the integration of heaven and earth and the Internet of things project can be implemented this year. Most of the world has a misconception that the Internet is supposed to be made up of fiber-optic and cellular networks on the ground or at the bottom of the ocean. Only 5% of the earth’s surface is covered by cellular and submarine fiber-optic networks. Within five years, thousands of satellites will be launched into space, because the high orbit is full, and if SpaceX doesn’t launch thousands of satellites, its low orbit will be taken back and reissued. So we can imagine that in the next 5 years, the integrated geospatial networking based on the SmartMesh network on the ground will be greatly developed. Connectivity is the largest economy we can see.

2, SmartMesh tourism App development enterprises with an Israeli technical docking, the headquarters is located in Israel who needs the travel App to perform in the absence of network communication and guide related tasks, also need to be more convenient for the global tourists payments not influenced by national currencies, ready for its new development of a tourism App as SmartMesh Dapp in ecology. The two teams conducted video teleconference and technical discussion on providing the Dapp with no network communication, no network payment and other functions.

3. Mr. Clark from silicon valley contacted SmartMesh for cooperation. Clark is a 3d-printed solar panel smart city project. At present, he needs Lora communication and Mesh network for a solar power project for tesla cars, which is why he found SmartMesh. Clark said that he won the scholarship of Draper university created by famous American venture capitalist Tim Draper, and Tim Draper and Elon Musk may be present at the scene of his project demonstration. The project is under negotiation.

4. This week, Chinese enterprises providing SmartMesh with blockchain technology development services in Singapore began to apply for the record of blockchain information services. They expect to provide quality services to more users through compliance procedures.

1) the annual review of SmartMesh foundation in Singapore has been completed in Singapore, December 2018.

2) the SmartMesh white paper has been approved by the state intellectual property office and the work registration certificate has been issued.

3) other registered trademarks of SmartMesh have been registered, Spectrum, Photon and Ozone, which will be released in time after being processed and approved.

4) Dr. Peter Yan, consultant of SmartMesh, has prepared and applied for several patents and technical protection for SmartMesh in the United States. The technical IP will be announced as soon as they are approved.

5, Barcelona, Spain is developing an organization without netcom near field social App, after team discussion on both sides, the Catalan organization wants to own the App embedded SMT SDK into SmartMesh as Dapp in ecology, the project manager has sent the NDA mutual confidentiality agreement, sign and enter technological cooperation discussion next week.

6. Today we also have a visit from Zong Cheng, co-founder and CEO of SmartMesh investment institution babbitt timestamp capital. Zong watched the public chain spectrum, photon network lightning payment and offline payment of SmartMesh. He said he was very happy to see the progress of SMT, he reiterated the previous phase of the SMT foundation to extend the lock period for angel investors, he said that even six months after the lock period they will not sell (SMT tokens), he is optimistic about the long-term development of SMT, and said that the media release and conference market will support SMT.

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