SmartMesh Weekly(2019.01.14–2019.01.18)

In the SMT·MESH ecological core group, a fan left a message, he wrote:

“Working hard, you are creating a world of humanity, please use the tenacity of the day and night, cheer for the team, fans, and the world!!!”

Yes, the SmartMesh team has been working hard. Thank you for your consistent support and encouragement

The song of “Water Flows”:

“When you see the turn of the mountain, the water it will turns out of one self.

The glacial heart is more than a vast one.

The melting of the Tanggula Mountains is not fragile.

That is the promise that has been left to all beings through thousands of years”.

The blockchain provides another possibility for the world. On the way to fulfilling the mission of talent, we are not afraid of hardships. We have all the courage to move mountains.

The waters are all living, and the world is connected.

Please believe in SmartMesh, for the wider world in the future, we will meet !

Updates for the third week of 2019.

The specific work is as follows:

1, Perception agent:

1.1 Integrate the IPFS functionality into the Perception node so that the Perception node itself is also an IPFS node.

1.2 Test the basic functionality of the Perception node on the Xiaomi router.

2. Spectrum public chain:

2.1 Continue the team’s exploration in the direction of cryptography, supplementing various knowledge points in modern cryptography.

2.2 Study the algorithm for miners grouping in the Algorand blockchain

1, Photon new version optimization and security testing

1.1 Start optimization for Photon to ensure that all locks are removed after they expire. The process includes: starting the protocol layer, restoring historical message transmission, processing historical events on the chain, and accepting node messages.

1.2 Perform a new version of the crash recovery receive message scenario test. Mainly include: ActionInitTargetStateChange, ReceiveSecretRequestStateChange, and so on.

1.3 Perform a new version of the tokenswap scenario test. Mainly include: direct channel tokenswap (no PFS support), indirect channel tokenswap (no PFS support), direct and indirect channel tokenswap supported by PFS.

1.4 Perform a new version of the test to fix the problem. It mainly includes: the channel forced to close the unfinished transaction causing the settlement error problem, the RevealTimeout after the channel is closed is too short to register and unlock the problem.

2, Photon 1.0 version released

2.1 Complete the Photon 0.6 contract deployment and related documentation function interface update (including support for multiple token functions). Mainly include: TokensNetwork Contract deployment, SecretRegistry Contract deployment, REST API interface update, etc.

2.2 Complete the channel amount check scenario construction and security verification. It mainly includes: whether the transaction intermediate node (and the transaction receiver) registers the password in time, whether the node is unlocked in time and the balance certificate is updated after the channel is closed.

2.3 Complete the channel charging function integration, and automatically associate with the PFS to realize the transfer charge under the transit node chain. The charging methods include: account charges, token charges, channel charges, etc.

2.4 Completed the release of Photon1.0 multi-platform version, including: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, MeshBox platform, etc

1. Design and implementation of distributed notary cross-chain service

1.1 Complete the design and implementation of the lockin_handler service. The main interfaces include: registerLockin interface, getLockin interface, updateLockin interface, etc., to implement lockin local data processing and main chain side chain lock expired data processing.

1.2 Complete the design and implementation of the lockout_handler service. The main interfaces include: registerLockout interface, getLockout interface, updateLockout interface, etc., to implement lockout local data processing and main chain side chain lock expired data processing.

1.3 Design and implement the crosschainservice service. The main interfaces include: getMCContractAddress interface, callSCPrepareLockin interface, callMCLockin interface

2. Distributed notary lockin and lockout complete process DEMO design and implementation

2.1 Design and implement the logical connection of the lockin process. It mainly includes: user request, notary public response, main chain and side chain key generation.

2.2 Perform the logical connection design and implementation of the lockout process. It mainly includes: user request, notary public response, signature notary selection, distributed signature negotiation and signature film authentication.

2.3 DNC client DEMO design and implementation. It mainly includes: getPrivateKey interface, cancelPrepareLockin interface, mcPrepareLockout interface and other functions to achieve interactive validation of DEMO process module.

The Token online payment function made by the joint MeshBox is completed, and the function integrity and some bugs are being debugged and accepted. This feature mainly uses the photonic network for payment, and continues to develop other payment types in the later period.

Beta version of the small program application of the spectrum public chain — “spectrum love”, successfully passed the WeChat audit, running online.

1. The first speech in 2019 began in the beautiful Boracay, Philippines.

Thanks to Evan and the organizer of Veronica, SmartMesh CEO Mr. Wang Qiheng gave a speech at the “2019 Boracay Blockchain Summit” with Dr. Virgil Griffith, member of the Ethereum Foundation, and WBF Chairman, Mr. Willson, World Blockchain Foundation. Together with the roundtable forum, the development and governance of the blockchain was discussed.

As an important member of the Ethereum Foundation, Dr. Virgil Griffith said that Vitalik of Ethereum and the Ethereum Foundation are focusing on the Casper project in an effort to improve the performance of Ethereum as soon as possible. After listening to Mr. Wang Qiheng’s speech on SmartMesh, Virgil expressed his strong interest in the SmartMesh and MeshBox projects. He immediately decided to order a MeshBox and will donate to the SMT Foundation.

Mr. Wang Qiheng spoke highly of Ethereum’s great contribution to the blockchain industry. In the future, these two compatible ecosystems will have more synergies. Boracay is known as “the finest beach in the world”. Snowy beaches, blue waters, and bright sunshine make Boracay a world-famous holiday destination; but at the same time, the island’s infrastructure is backward, the scenery is messy, the wires are entangled, and the network infrastructure is especially criticized, in many hotel rooms. There is no mobile data and Wi-Fi, and this is the social pain point that all SMT could solves.

2. Mr. Wang Qiheng invited the organizer of “2019 Boracay Block Chain Summit” to the mayor’s office to discuss plans for multi-party meetings with the mayor, the communications department and the current network construction company after the Spring Festival.

In the future, SmartMesh and MeshBox can help the Philippines solve connectivity problems, improve education, and help its tourism industry and the real economy develop from both the government and the private sector. For the Philippines, this is a leapfrog forward from the cash payment society to skip the credit card and mobile payment, directly to the value of Internet of Things.

3, the latest news: the first batch of MeshBox magic box produced on the weekend will be sent directly to Beijing from the production line.

MeshBox CTO Peter will come to Beijing from the United States to collaborate with the team to test and carry multiple magic boxes to the Philippines for networking demonstrations and DApp technical cooperation.

4. The development volunteers of the SmartMesh community spontaneously developed a small program called “Sensor Love”, and they built a prize pool to encourage more developers. SmartMesh COO Qian Lei expressed encouragement after communicating with the community. Support, and promise to donate as an official, the amount of donations will be the same as the amount raised by the community.

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time Learn about SmartMesh’s weekly updates, keep an eye on SmartMesh Weekly!

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