SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.11.26 — — 2018.11.30)

Since the launch of SmartMesh, it has gone through many rounds of replacement in the blockchain market. No matter what the market situation is, SmartMesh still keeps moving forward steadily and never slows down its pace.

Now, SmartMesh is getting closed to the end of its journey, and many organizations in the Philippines are about to sign contracts with SmartMesh for its deployment.

We believe that the Philippines is only the first stop of SmartMesh in the world, and more countries and regions will recognize the great value of SmartMesh and truly benefit from the construction of a SmartMesh ecosystem.

Once it’s deployed, we can shout out to the world: it’s time to show real technology!



So far, the Spectrum public chain has been matured. At this time, the team is still very busy in the research and development, hoping to make the public chain of Spectrum perform better through the research and development.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Perception agent: researched and developed the project code, explored its relationship with the common chain of Spectrum and improved and standardized the code.

2. Optimized the block out the program of common chain nodes of Spectrum to make them more stable. The test results show that the common chain of Spectrum has met the actual operational requirements.

3.Web Assembly: debug Emscripten project code in modules, and parse Emscripten runtime concepts, some of which can be used for subsequent optimization of Spectrum public chain.



The new version of the photon network 0.92 is released, indicating that the team lived up to the expectations and pushed forward the photon network again.

The new version of the photon network not only has new functions, but also the previous system has been optimized, which is clearly ready for practical application.

Come to understand in detail together!

The specific work is as follows:

1. The new version of photon network 0.92 is released

A) new features include: increase Basic Auth mechanism, support for 256 bytes of custom data, special processing of abnormal Secret Request, support for intermediate node charge, the increase of charge storage and query function, etc.

B) system optimization includes: solving the problem that Transfer status cannot be correctly queried after restarting, solving the message disorder problem under high concurrency, fixing the problem that transaction flow cannot be correctly saved under high concurrency, and solving the problem that Settles Request message still tries to resend after channel settlement, etc.

C) Updated API interface document synchronously and manage DOC.

2. Implementation of distributed interaction design for general channel locking and unlocking.

A) Conducted asset locking and unlock distributed interaction process and interface analysis.

B) Completed the generation and mapping design and implementation of the distributed key for asset locking.

C) Designed a distributed signature structure of asset unlock.

3. Designed of cross-chain asset atomic swap contract

A) Added HTLC design to the contract to realize asset mapping and unlock atomic swap logic.

B) Supplemented the corresponding function events and function realization, including pre-locking, pre-unlocking, unlocking and unlocking, etc.



SmartMesh APP continues to upgrade the photonic network. The main work of this week was focused on the finishing work of the previous phase of research and development.

Although the work has been mainly tested repeatedly, the team did not slack off. Every run of the program was regarded as a new start, and the team focused all its attention on detecting the running state of the SmartMesh APP.

The linkage test with MeshBox team went smoothly. At present, the speed of SmartMesh APP to connect to MeshBox has reached the extreme value under the current state, and the connection is very stable.


Mr. Wang, the founder of SmartMesh, went to the Philippines again to negotiate the landing of SmartMesh series.

The marketing team took this opportunity to conduct a variety of publicity activities to help SmartMesh supporters understand the recent progress of the project implementation.

The specific work is as follows

1.On 27th Nov 2018, Mr. Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh, and Mr. Peter Yan, chief scientist of MeshBox, visited the Philippines and held in-depth talks with Techmeda and Star Telecom Alliance. SmartMesh will also sign a memorandum of cooperation with Star Telecom Alliance, which will be one of the distributors of MeshBox’s payment production.

2. The activities that founder wang will attend in the future have been confirmed, but in the future, founder wang qiheng will have a very rich schedule, including attending the technology summit in Shanghai, xiamen and other regions of China, and presenting SmartMesh ecological planning to important guests.

3. The team has collected the topics concerned by users in the current community, classified and summarized them, and then fed back to the founder Mr. Wang.

If you want to know more about the SmartMesh project, keep your eyes on the SmartMesh weekly update.

All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.

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