SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.11.05— — 2018.11.09)

SmartMesh has a world-leading application concept of the blockchain. However, only by landing on the ground as soon as possible can blockchain technology be truly integrated into people’s lives, thus changing the world.

To achieve this goal, the team stepped up the pace of research and development. From the initial success of Ozone, to the launch of photon network support services, to the upcoming face-to-face communication with beidou satellite, all these achievements highlight the team’s efforts to accumulate real strength for SmartMesh.

On November 10, 2018, SmartMesh will officially demonstrate the sky and land integration networking, which is also the first landing case of sky and land integration blockchain technology applied in smart urban and rural projects.

The development of Perception of Spectrum and the research of Web Assembly continue. Although this is a long-term work, people can clearly know the latest progress of this work if it takes weekly as the node.

Specific work is as follows:

1.Development progress of Perception:

A. The adaption of agent-client to ipfs network was completed, and the effect of video playing was tested by using agent-client => ipfs gateway in LAN.

B. Realize the node discovery scheme to store agent-server information through DHT.

C. the next step is to discover the agent-server node through the gossip protocol.

2. Research progress of Web Assembly

A. the research on Web Assembly is in the LLVM stage this week. The team has preliminarily mastered the framework principle of LLVM and successfully translated the source code of Demo language.

B. The next step is to convert the LLVM IR intermediate code to WASM code and to build a virtual machine technology that can run WASM code.

C. At the same time, the team is also working on the related part of ethereum and Web Assembly.

Ozone 0.5.2 has been released for some time. Do you have a download to experience it? The current version of Ozone has been able to meet the user requirements well, and the team will focus its r&d efforts on the public chain to ensure that the development speed of the public chain is further improved.

People who are not yet familiar with Ozone can visit the SmartMesh website for the details.

SmartRaiden was launched last week and has since been renamed the photon network. It’s possible that people of the new photon network are not yet comfortable with the new name, but I’m sure they’ll keep it in mind as they learn more about it.

During the week, the team mainly worked on the launch of the third-party monitoring service (PMS) main network, the third-party routing service (PFS) photon integration and launching of the main network, photon security optimization processing, and the design of new version of common channel contract.

Specific work is as follows:

1.Official deployment of third-party monitoring services (PMS) on the Spectrum main network and the test network. Users can entrust PMS to monitor the channel state before offline. PMS helps the client to submit the certificate when the channel is closed, so as to guarantee the security of the client’s channel funds.

For specific use, see the PMS documentation.


2. Complete the integration of the third-party routing service and Photon, and switch the routing and channel charges from local processing to PFS. PFS and Photon have completed the joint debugging test, and are officially deployed on the main network. Users can choose the lowest cost route to request the third-party routing service to the target node when transferring money under the chain. Since the third-party routing has a complete channel topology, it can effectively improve the success rate of the transfer.

See the PFS documentation for detailed usage.


3. Since the funding security of Photon channel depends on the Spectrum public chain and needs to be kept in sync with public chain data at any time, the team envisages various situations in the running of Spectrum and adds a delayed confirmation mechanism to key events in Photon to ensure that node funds are not lost due to the bifurcation of public chain.

4. In order to realize the function of payment and exchange under the multi-token chain, the team preliminarily analyzed and designed the new contract, and planned to use the triad to realize the account channel function, modify and adjust the current contract related functions, such as channel opening and channel deposit, and further analyze and design the SC logic.

The team modified the APP according to the proton network to ensure that the APP could run the photon network stable. At the same time, the team also optimized the feedback on APP usage from previous users on a small scale.

Specific work is as follows:

1.The photon network interface is modified to be obtained asynchronously, and the results are unified through the state.

2. Modification of the startup logic of the photon network to prevent the failure of network startup or repeated startup.

3. There is no net transfer modification in the photon network, which can distinguish between the box and other networks and increase the communication between the interface and the box to accurately detect the online status.

4. Add connection detection mechanism without network transfer to prevent the two mobile phones from being unable to execute the transfer without the connection.

The team believes it is important not only to help friends who join the official community understand the value of SmartMesh but also to enable a large number of blockchain enthusiasts around the world to understand the value of SmartMesh. Attracting more and more people to join the SmartMesh lovers’ group, which can make the great ecology of SmartMesh gorgeous.

Specific work is as follows:

1. Huobi exchange mapping is about to be carried out. Currently, fire-coin has suspended the old coin withdrawal business at 11:00 on November 7th, Singapore time. The team immediately issued an announcement to the vast number of fans to convey the news.

2. On nov 10, SmartMesh will be invited to attend the “2018 bidou smart technology summit” held in Xinyang, China.

3. On October 26th, the Status hackathon was held in Prague with the theme of “CryptoLife”. SmartMesh VP of Global Engineering, Mr. Kraken Yu serves as the hackathon judge and discuss with Vitalik, on Ethereum 2.0 and Plasma related topics.

Above: SmartMesh VP of Global Engineering Mr. Kraken Yu with Vitalik

If you want to know more about the SmartMesh project, keep your eyes on the SmartMesh weekly update.

All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.

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