SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.10.22 — — 2018.10.26)

In the Philippines, SmartMesh has attracted much attention and met the ideal partner, which is recognized by the Philippines and even the world.

We believe that the future strong performance of SmartMesh in the Philippines will attract more governments or enterprises to cooperate.

On the other hand, the team knows that while SmartMesh has the ability to connect the universe in the future, even the most ambitious designs still need to go steadily forward bit by bit.

Therefore, after back from the Philippines, the team immediately engaged in a new round of research and development. No matter it is a public chain, smartraiden, Ozone, and APP, all the teams are doing their best to make SmartMesh better in the actual operation in the future.

A new network based on blockchain technology is coming, and SmartMesh is going all out.


The team successfully implemented the node discovery function and node routing function of the Perception software and made the Spectrum run more stable, so that it still had a good performance in the case of insufficient or unstable nodes.

The team also set up the Emscripten development environment and started to integrate Web Assembly into the Spectrum.

The team has also integrated some of the project’s methods to integrate web assembly, which will help the Spectrum integration efforts.

The optimization plan communicated with the Russian team last week has also been finalized and confirmed for the next phase of Spectrum development.

The team carried out a new round of docking with on the mapping time. The mapping that we are concerned about is expected to take place in a week or so.

Specific work is as follows:

Implement the function of Perception software.

2. Set up the Emscripten development environment and start the web assembly integration of Spectrum.

3. Integrate the methods of other projects to integrate web assembly.

4. Determine the optimization plan for the next stage.

5. Mapping time of

This week, Ozone’s optimization is meticulous and clear.

The team combed Ozone comprehensively and released Ozone 0.5.2 internal test based on previous research and development results.

The new version has stronger Ozone functionality and is more suitable for daily use. After the team completes, the official version of Ozone 0.5.2 will be released.

Specific work is as follows:

  1. Realize the “network” switching function, and currently, support the arbitrary switching of “main network/test network/development mode”.
  2. On the right of the toolbar of the main interface, add the current “network mode” flag, marked in red when not on the main network.
  3. Add a symbol representing income or expenditure to the list of transactions in a separate account.
  4. Add friendly prompt when the program is restarted automatically.
  5. Transaction list display beautification.
  6. Beautify the display of wallet account.
  7. When calling the contract, unlocking the account popup shows incompletely.
  8. Contract call interface button display beautification.
  9. When clearing block data, add user confirmation pop-up prompt.

10. Release 0.5.2 internal beta (including MAC and Windows versions).

The team mainly carried out smartraiden 0.9 version optimization, routing query service implementation, common channel scheme design, and other works.

The smartraiden version 0.9 has been continuously enhanced, and the system has been optimized in detail to improve user experience and performance stability.

Specific work is as follows:

  1. New version optimization of smartraiden.

(1) new functions include verification of contract code at startup, support for special private key processing plug-ins in the MeshBox environment, automatic adaptation of public chain environment, etc.

(2) system optimization includes: optimize the automatic test efficiency, add a variety of scenario tests, change API For Mobile to asynchronous mode, etc.

(3) detailed optimization includes solving the same situation of Nonce in concurrent call contracts, perfecting message processing of RemoveExpiredHashLock, and resolving reconnection after network disconnection.

2. PFS routing service implementation

(1) implementation of charge rules, query routing, and query historical charge interface.

(2) the route lookup is optimized according to the node online, node type and available balance.

(3) perform PFS unit test and functional test.

3. General channel scheme design

(1) functional requirement design of cross-chain Token (HTLC) swap and the general channels of the two public chains can exchange Token atoms through HTLC.

(2) functional requirement design of cross-chain Token (side chain) swap, which can realize the down exchange of multiple male Token by side chain common channel assistant.

The team’s work is divided into two parts.

We have received feedback from some users that there is a problem in the identification of transaction address in the Android APP, which has been optimized by the team and has been effectively solved.

At the same time, the team recorded a demonstration of using smartraiden on the SmartMesh APP, video, for future use when combing through official tutorials or attending events.

Specific work is as follows:

  1. Optimize the situation that the transaction address recognition of Android version is not smooth in some cases.
  2. Record demonstration video using smartraiden on SmartMesh APP.
  3. Test Ozone0.5.2 new version function and assist in adjusting UI.

This week, the team stepped up publicity for SmartMesh.

SmartMesh has been synchronous in multiple channels, such as cooperative media and we media, to deliver the latest development of SmartMesh to the world.

Some friends in the official community expressed their delight to see more SmartMesh promotional articles, which we will continue to work on.

Community maintenance is also one of the continuous work of the team. The team manages the community based on the concept of “decentralization”. Although the administrator seldom appears, the speech team of the friends in the community pays attention.

If you need help, contact the community administrator, who will help you.

Specific work is as follows:

  1. Determine the global publicity plan for the new version of the SmartMesh project, and carry out various work in an orderly manner according to the new plan.
  2. Wrote a series of articles on cooperation between SmartMesh and the Philippines.
  3. Community maintenance, introducing the SmartMesh concept to new users.
  4. Began applying for intellectual property and patent protection in the United States.

If you want to know more about the SmartMesh project, keep your eyes on the SmartMesh weekly update

All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.

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