SmartMesh Weekly report (2018.10.08 — 2018.10.12)

This week, SmartMesh and MeshBox attended together the blockchain Asia Summit that held in the Philippines. SmartMesh founder Mr. Henry Wang, and MeshBox chief scientist Dr. Peter Yan jointly delivered a keynote speech entitled ‘Connecting the Philippines with SmartMesh and MeshBox’.

Mr. Henry Wang has conducted a series of business negotiations in the Philippines, and some local companies have clearly expressed their expectation for the new network built by SamrtMesh. In the Philippines, SmartMesh will also participate in the Boracay Communications Environment Improvement Program to truly apply blockchain technology to people in reality.

“Connecting between you and me and creating more value” is what SmatMesh means. We believe that the new network ecosystem created by SmartMesh will really help the less developed countries including the Philippines. let us wait and see!

“make Spectrum better match with MeshBox” is the main work of the public chain team recently. Although Spectrum has been successfully run on MeshBox, the public chain team is still exploring better operational ideas. With further integration with MeshBox, Spectrum will be better able to go global and provide convenience to users around the world.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Work with the MeshBox team to embed the Libp2p client in MeshBox to connect to the phone and the Ozone client to facilitate the operation of the Spectrum. As SmartMesh networking technology is recognized by more potential partners, the promotion of its Spectrum-based networking solution (MeshBox network) is becoming more and more urgent. Therefore, collaborative development with MeshBox has become an important task at present.

2. Start debugging the Javascript interpreter package Otto.

3. Discuss the business application scenario with the EMesh team, determine the basic functions that MeshBox needs to support distributed business, and use this to adjust the Spectrum. Lay the foundation in advance for Spectrum to have more room to play in the future.

4. On the 12th of October, slow mist Technology visited the exchange of smart contract security technology.

The team optimized the Ozone 0.5.1 version. Although these optimizations seem to be uncomplicated, so the team conducted multiple tests before optimization until the version is iterated after ensuring the optimization.

Everyone is welcome to use the Ozone 0.5.1 version to experience the latest results of this optimization.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Optimize the Menu module of Ozone 0.5.1.

2. Optimized the App restart logic and redefined the restart event listener.

3. Test the method of connecting the Spectrum node in Socket mode and sending JSON RPC requests.

4. Refactor the Observer Manager.

5. With the addition of the Voeux-electron plugin, the main process and the rendering process will share the Mutation method and support state persistence.

This week, the SmartRaiden version 0.8 release routing query service design, APP team joint debugging and other work continued. With the continuous advancement of SmartRaiden research and development, the SmartRaiden team has also begun to design SmartRaiden service solutions in a targeted manner, and outline the future development direction in advance.

The specific work is as follows:

1. After the completion of the new contract audit work, the team officially released version 0.8 of the SmartRaiden based on the new version of the contract. Compared with the previous version, the 0.8 version of the SmartRaiden has added a number of new features, and the performance has also improved significantly. In addition, the corresponding version of the use instructions and documentation of the 0.8 version of the smartraiden is also pushed to the docs for the reference and use.

2. In order to improve the computational efficiency of the new version of the SmartRaiden circuit, the team designed the routing query service plan. This week, the interface design of the balance certificate, charging rules, and routing request was completed, and the corresponding functions of the PFS server were clarified.

3. The team also worked collaboratively with the SmartMesh APP team and the MeshBox team to ensure a successful demonstration of MeshBox at the 2018 Asian Blockchain Conference. Adapted to some compatibility issues such as channel establishment, mobile phone indirect payment, and network less payment, which is used in conjunction with Meshbox in the simulation demonstration environment.

The SmartMesh APP team mainly cooperates with Spectrum and MeshBox to support the docking, so as to promote the efficient linkage of the three parties. Despite the relatively heavy work, the team members completed the docking and development work on schedule.

The specific work is as follows:

1. The wallet adds the address contact function and submits the 2.1.4 version.

2. Test the matching between the smartraiden payment function and the SmartMesh APP, and perform corresponding fine-tuning.

3. Connect with the MeshBox team to connect Spectrum and smartraiden services.

I believe that my friends are very concerned about the news of SmartMesh in the Philippines, we will summarize the current development. As of the release of the weekly report, SmartMesh’s main work and achievements at this blockchain Asia Summit (Philippines Station) are as follows:

1. Mr. Henry Wang, the founder of SmartMesh, and Mr. Peter Yan, the chief scientist of MeshBox, gave a keynote speech on the first day of the summit, entitled ‘Connecting the Philippines with SmartMesh and MeshBox’.

2. At the joint booth of SmartMesh and Meshbox, the staff members greeted the participants and exchanged on-site.

3. The SmartMesh executives work with the marketing team to advance the project with existing cooperation intentions.

4. Some guests highly praised SmartMesh, saying that they are full of expectations for SmartMesh, and the marketing team is exploring new project opportunities for cooperation.

Despite the recent poor blockchain environment, SmartMesh’s trip to the Philippines has received a lot of attention from many local NGOs and companies. Some companies even expressed their intention to cooperate directly on the spot, and we will implement them one by one.

At this time, we can still pay attention to SmartMesh, indicating that these companies are really. goods companies, they pay more attention to the impact of blockchain technology on life. Therefore, we have reason to believe that cooperation with these companies will definitely exceed expectations and create greater value for the world!

If you want to know more about the SmartMesh project, keep your eyes on the SmartMesh weekly update

All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.

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