SmartMesh Weekly Update(2018.09.15 — — 2018.09.21)

Hello everyone and welcome to the latest edition of the SmartMesh Weekly Update.

This week, from Plasma technology to Spectrum network testing of SmartMesh, all aspects of development have shown a positive trend.

In the process of public chain Spectrum mapping, the number of user problems is gradually decreasing and the operation is getting smoother. In addition to, which already supports automated mapping, exchanges that support automated mapping are also speeding up support for automated mapping.

There was a big event on Monday hosted by David A. Cohen, founder of Artificial Intelligence 3.0, and the SmartMesh Foundation, where he talked about the development of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of things, smart cities and edge computing.

David A. Cohen has advised the National Energy Administration on National Grid Security as part of a 12-person advisory board, acquiring a deep knowledge of security and advanced technology. He was able to break into US National Grid in 30 minutes. He believes a decentralized intelligent network represented by SmartMesh is the future technology that can truly integrate with AI 3.0.


1. Last week, the Spectrum team focused on research and technological development related to Plasma, Plasma Cash and Plasma Debit with the Russian technical team. The successful application of this technology will achieve greater scalability and ease of use for the public chain and the entire SmartMesh ecosystem.

2. Spectrum team will start to promote the value integration problem between multiple Spectrum chains in the future. Thanks to the smooth development and advancement of Spectrum, the SmartMesh team can focus on the vast ecosystem of macros and consider the value integration between more complex multi-Spectrum chains.

3. Tested the networking effect of libp2p on 3,000 machines. After the end of a test period, it will be analyzed and optimized.

This week, the Spectrum mapping work was smoother and the public chain performance is more stable. This also demonstrates the responsibility and strong technical strength of the SmartMesh team.


The 0.5.1 version of the Ozone app was launched last week, and its user-friendly improvements are recognized by users. The Ozone team has not stopped moving forward and continues to optimize the Ozone feature.

The details are as follows:

1. In Windows Version, the system tray icon and menu function is added.

2. In Windows and Mac version, by clicking close button it doesn’t exit the program it only hides to the system tray.

3. The replaced icon in windows/Linux/Mac versions.


This week, the SmartRaiden team mainly engaged in third-party service development, integration, and new version problem repair. At the same time, it tests third-party service integration and strives to perform well in terms of user experience, security and ultra-high-speed experience.

The details are as follows:

1. Third party service development and integration. This week the team has completed the development and integration of a new version of the third-party service. The new version of the third-party service updated the business logic and adds functions such as entrustment penalties. It can effectively help the offline node submit UpdateTransfer and Punish to the chain while the other party closes the channel, ensuring the client’s funds security.

2. SmartRaiden version 0.8 problem is optimized. This week, we will continue to fix the problems found in the test and consider the optimization process under abnormal conditions. For example, when a node holds a large number of locks, a critical situation such as a close message is received to optimize and eliminate the security risks.

3. Matrix communication and third-party service integration testing. This week, the team integrated Matrix communications and third-party services into SmartRaiden and conducted joint debugging. At present, the basic functions of third-party service testing are running normally.

4. Work with the public chain team and the Russian team to study the application and improvement of plasma/plasma MVP/plasma cash/plasma debit.

Due to the enhanced scalability of SmartRaiden, decentralized, safe, convenient and low-cost chain transfer transaction, it can be widely used in different operating systems and the SmartRaiden team successfully implements third-party services. The development and integration of the SmartMesh ecosystem is a big step forward.

SmartMesh APP

With the recent upgrade of SmartMesh APP, there is a significant improvement in wallet functionality and responsiveness. Last week’s APP entered the fine-tuning phase, which was mainly for the enhancement of APP automatic update function and security.

The details are as follows:

1. Added the manual monitoring version in the settings

2. Optimized the interface display to prevent view misalignment on some Mobile models.

3. Optimized the mnemonic export logic, which is more convenient in word backup.

4. Adjusted the password character restriction during the registration process.


The members of the marketing team also have a pragmatic working attitude and increase the opportunities for SmartMesh to communicate with the outside world. While solving various problems of users, we have carefully prepared the technical exchange meeting of AI 3.0 founder David A. Cohen. At the meeting, a lot of SmartMesh followers came to learn the cutting-edge technology. They also deepened their understanding of SmartMesh as the cutting-edge technology of Pratt & Whitney.

SmartMesh’s work in the follow-up market will highlight the opportunity for two-way communication between the project and the user, and embrace the followers who really care about the SmartMesh project with the broadest mind.

The details are as follows:

1. Organized users to participate in the technical exchange meeting of David A. Cohen.

2. Excerpt core knowledge points into video/text material are provided to SmartMesh’s users.

3. Answered the questions about the various types of problems which appeared in the public chain mapping.

4. In October, SmartMesh will participate in the 2018 Asian Block Summit in the Philippines.

5. An increased direct interaction between SmartMesh and users.

if you want to Learn more about SmartMesh’s projects, keep your eye on SmartMesh Weekly update!

The time mentioned in this article is Singapore time.

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