AI 3.0 Technology Exchange Conference held in Beijing by David A. Cohen

On September 19, 2018, David A. Cohen, Pioneer, and promoter of AI 3.0, arrived in Beijing to visit SmartMesh Beijing headquarters for an extensive and in-depth discussion on artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. In the afternoon, the two sides jointly went to Zhongguancun Venture Street to hold a technical exchange meeting. The guests gathered to talk about the technological development of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, smart city and edge computing.

David A. Cohen (second from right) visits SmarMesh headquarters in Beijing and talks with founder Henry Wang (first from left) about blockchain technology

Mr. Henry Wang hosted the technical exchange meeting held in the afternoon. Where Mr. David A. Cohen elaborated on the background of artificial intelligence 3.0 and its application and future development.

Mr. Henry Wang, the founder of SmartMesh, presided over this meeting.

As a pioneer of artificial intelligence, Mr. David worked as a member of the 12-member team of the US Energy Agency in 2003–2008 to address energy security issues across the United States. Because of the wide and profound security issues he has come across, Mr. David believes that the advanced AI3.0 technology combined with blockchain, especially the distributed intelligent network SmartMesh ecosystem, And the highly sought-after hash map technology is currently the project portfolio that best fits its security philosophy and is applied to reality.

The content up to one and a half hour of sharing will be distributed online as a video.

David A. Cohen makes a presentation on AI 3.0 and its development.

The second speaker, Dr. Peter Yan, shared ideas on the application of interactive energy and the Internet of Things based on the SmartMesh ecosystem.

Dr. Peter Yan explains the SmartMesh ecosystem.

The existing power system is a centralized one-way flow. Through the ecosystem established by SmartMesh and MeshBox, the centralized, one-way power system can be transformed into a decentralized two-way flow, allowing more resources to participate in energy sharing and trading.

In the Internet of Things and other network areas, MeshBox can provide mesh networks to meet the needs of network communication. At the same time, SmartMesh technology can also provide efficient delivery of electronic payments and a more secure peer-to-peer micropayment environment.

SmartMesh’s decentralized network was created to reduced the power consumption characteristics, and make the world a better place.

After Dr. Peter Yan’s speech, Mr. Willson, the global Blockchain ambassador (3rd on left) and the financial experts of, rushed to the venue to participate in the roundtable discussion on the blockchain and related developments.


During the meeting, Mr. Willson said that regardless of the development of blockchain technology, it is based on communication. The current blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are not really decentralized because their development and trading are in the highly centralized field of Internet communications. and this is not a good decentralized blockchain development environment. SmartMesh is precisely the ecosystem of the blockchain that can be truly developed. and It is a ‘Nobel Prize value’ technology which worth investing.

Mr. Henry Wang, the founder of SmartMesh, said that because SmartMesh ecosystem can breed countless applications and generate huge transactions, it has deep cooperation with David A. Cohen’s security technology team to make the overall network environment more secure. New applications are about to launch on large scale.

From the perspective of capital, hopes that more blockchain applications will be applied in 2019, and it is also optimistic about the development of SmartMesh’s ecology.

In order to answer more questions from the participants, the discussion was extended by forty minutes. This discussion will be rich in content and will be detailed in graphic and text sharing to readers and friends who care and support SmartMesh.

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