SmartMesh Weekly Update(2018.09.10–2018.09.14)


The development of SmartMesh is very rapid. Even the official team is proud of the achievements made by SmartMesh.

From the world’s first internet-free payments, to Spectrum mapping, to today’s smart lightning cross — chain transactions, SmartMesh has made countless history. At present, SmartMesh is creating more opportunities to demonstrate its great value.

One day, SmartMesh will truly be integrated into everyday applications and completely change people’s life!

Technical direction


After Spectrum mapping, it will be formally integrated with ecological projects, so as to create the overall ecology of blockchain. To this end, the spectrum team conducted targeted research and development, and successfully increased the number of connections of single nodes of the Spectrum public chain. The success of this research and development lays a solid foundation for the establishment of the overall ecology of the block chain covering a large area in the future.

The safe operation of the public chain is the guarantee of everything, so this week the spectrum team conducted a comprehensive test on the safety of operation again. In order to better restore the attack scenario, the spectrum team deliberately carried out actual attacks in the Spectrum test network, hoping to verify the public chain defense system through real attacks. In the end, the public chain has achieved good defensive results.

In addition to the above two main tasks, the spectrum team also conducted research on file transfer by LibP2P, in the hope of finding a more practical P2P network connection scheme for the public chain.

Specific work is as follows:

1. Increase the number of connections of a single node, and completely eliminate the problem that the node cannot find the data source on the network.

2. Conduct attack test on the test network and prepare to update the results to the main network.

3. Experiment on file transfer based on LibP2P.

4. Understand the principle of node discovery/connection establishment in P2P network in detail.

Although Ozone0.5.1 was officially released last week, Ozone has not stopped moving forward and the optimization continues. This week’s focus is still on providing users with a convenient and comfortable operating experience, and we believe people who use Ozone to manage SMT have already felt its progress.

Specific work is as follows:

Fix the about menu for the Windows version.

2. Change the keystore password length limit, consistent with the app.

3. Debug the call function of the contract method (parameter is an array of any type).

4. Analyze the function realization of the program in the system tray in Windows environment.


This week, the SmartRaiden team mainly carried out the new version contract optimization, SmartRaiden 0.8 version optimization test, SmartRaiden 0.8 version API description and other work.

Team members are confident about SmartRaiden. At present, SmartRaiden has realized the world’s first cross-border transaction of no network payment and four Token of bitcoin, Wright coin, ethereum and spectrum. With the gradual perfection of SmartRaiden , its value will gradually appear.

The specific work is as follows:

1. In order to reduce the complexity of the contract Withdraw process and support the EIP191 specification, the SmartRaiden team optimized the SmartRaiden contract, which simplified the Withdraw business logic and supported the EIP191 specification.

This week, continue to fix any problems found during testing. Issues such as Unlock not rejecting the Settle/Withdraw request have been fully resolved. The SmartRaiden team also updated the code design based on the contract.

3.. The new version provides a REST API description for the API interface and submits Docs hosting. Meanwhile, the new version contract function description is optimized according to the contract, so that users can understand the new version function.

SmartMesh APP

At present, some users have already implemented Ethereum token SMT mapping through the official wallet function of SmartMesh APP. In order to give everyone a better experience, the APP team developed and upgraded the new version of the app.

In the new version, you can enjoy a better wallet function. Not only wallet operation and response speed has optimized, but services such as wallet management and public chain SMT inquiry will become more practical.

The specific work is as follows:

1. update SmartMesh APP to 2.1.2 version, which mainly enhances the public chain transfer reminder function.

2.add mnemonic function in wallet, which is convenient for users to use when backing up

3.APP forced update mechanism optimization, and important updates are no longer missed.

4. Modified the Token transfer parameters function and use the experience upgrade.


the smartmesh mapping work of public chain Spectrum continues, and some people are concerned about the mapping time of the Exchange. In this regard, the marketing team communicated the community people to wait patiently for the mapping notice of the Exchange.

In order to better focus on SmartMesh’s loyal users, the marketing team will strengthen the direct contact between core technical personnel and the majority of loyal investors. This will be of great help to the users to understand the progress of the project. We really believe that by demonstrating our work status and results, we will support our users with the strongest confidence to accompany us to grow together.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Communicate with to see the expectations of fans on the SMT main network mapping.

2. The community maintenance work continues, providing help to the community people is in the first place.

3.SmartMesh has been invited to attend many activities and summits. At present, the marketing team has finished the preliminary selection and submitted the invitation to participate in the conference to the superior department.

if you want Learn more about SmartMesh’s projects, keep your eye on SmartMesh Weekly update!

The time mentioned in this article is Singapore time.

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