SmartMesh Weekly Update(2018.09.03 – 2018.09.07)

SmartMesh public chain Spectrum mapping was officially launched on Sept 3, 2018! It’s a memorable day for humanity as it officially enters the blockchain 4.0 era!

At present, people can choose to conduct autonomous mapping through the official wallet of SmartMesh or deposit the unmapped ethereum token SMT to and exchange for mapping.

This week’s work by the SmartMesh team also focuses on the Spectrum mapping initiative.

Technical direction


The mapping was officially launched, and the public chain team monitored the mapping progress in real time to ensure that each ethereum token SMT could be mapped to public token SMT in a timely and accurate manner. At the same time, the public chain team works with the exchange to prepare the mapping work to the greatest extent. At present, Gate exchange has published a notice to support the public chain Spectrum mapping of SmartMesh.

The public chain team also had in-depth exchanges with the Russian and Chinese Chongqing teams, laying the foundation for the continuous addition of more services to the Spectrum public chain.

Specific work is as follows:

1. Prepare to map with the exchange.

2. Communicate with Russian team Plasma/PlasmaCash SmartPlasma related knowledge.

3. Prepare the intelligent thunder and lightning to operate in the Spectrum (Spectrum) public chain.

4. Meeting and communicating with third-party blockchain projects.

5. Practice the simple application of Libp2p.

The mapping of the Spectrum public chain gives many people their first exposure to Ozone.

Ozone aims to show developers the capabilities of the various modules in the Spectrum network infrastructure, enabling third-party developers to easily migrate their services to enrich the SmartMesh ecosystem.

This week, the team of the public chain has modified the partial description and function classification of Ozone to make the various functions of Ozone more intuitive and practical. People who have SMT Coins can also use Ozone’s wallet function to save SMT.

Specific work is as follows:

1. Optimize menu function classification and description to be closer to practical application.

2.Ozone0.5.1 release is officially released, with further security.

3. Modify the program development framework, introduce redux status management package, and unify the access and modification of the main process and rendering process to the state.


This week, the SmartRaiden team mainly carried out Demo design for cross-chain atomic asset exchange, SmartRaiden 1.0 version optimization test, Matrix communication optimization, and other work.

SmartRaiden now realizes COINS, Wright COINS, Ethernet, Spectrum (bitcoins, Litecoin Ethereum, Spectrum) four Token transactions across the chain.

For technical documents of cross-chain Demo, please check:

Specific work is as follows:

1. Designed the SmartRaiden and Lighting Network cross-chain Demo at the same time in the Tokenswap design, and realized the atomic asset conversion without the help of the third party. It mainly includes ExChange service design of switching nodes, atomic ExChange process design, SmartRaiden interface design, and corresponding compatible design.

2. Testing before and after send Mediated Transfer, published CASE ISSUES and characteristics and scene description, had appeared in the middle of the node is not kept Secret and other ISSUES have been solved.

3. Matrix communication optimization mainly includes: adding the node’s copy function to server-server, and the node can automatically select the Server with priority access according to the network status to communicate among multiple servers; Modify the message read permissions to End-to-End- encryption; Optimization Server in the instantaneous feedback failure in the case of node retry problems.

SmartMesh APP

With the launch of the SmartMesh public chain Spectrum mapping, a large number of new users have registered the SmartMesh APP, which is mapped autonomously through its wallet function. In this regard, the APP team has made full preparations to optimize and upgrade the APP to make it more efficient and convenient to use.

Specific work is as follows:

1. Modify the APP detection and update mechanism to allow unlogged users to detect and update.

2. Adjust the UI structure, modify the click effect and improve the user experience.

3. Improve the translation of some contents to make them more suitable for internationalization.

4. Optimize the code to reduce memory consumption, make installation easier and use more efficiently.


With the official launch of SmartMesh public chain Spectrum mapping, the market team has completed a number of work, including exchange docking, announcement release, community questions and replies, mapping tutorial guidance, etc., to help the majority of ethereum token SMT holders to efficiently map to public coin SMT.

While public chain mapping has been going well, SmartMesh was invited to attend the “eighth China smart city technology and application products expo” to show guests the application of SmartMesh, such as no network communication and no network transfer.

Specific work is as follows:

1. Completed the announcement of the SmartMesh public chain Spectrum mapping series, and communicated the mapping progress to the world at the first time.

2. Guide some community people to complete the autonomous mapping. As of 18:00 on September 7, 2018, all friends who are mapped through the official wallet have received the SMT.

3. This picture shows the entry option to recharge the SMT to the Gate Exchange. Please make sure that the entry is correct at the time of charging to avoid unnecessary loss. SmartMesh thanks for your support and understanding.

1) If you want to deposit Spectrum SMT Coins on exchange choose (a) option.

2) If you want to deposit SMT Tokens on exchange for mapping choose (b) option.

(picture shows the top up guidance)

Special tips:

Please, the holders who have completed the mapping do not deposit the SMT to the token and other exchanges for the time being, so as not to cause unnecessary losses. Please wait for the corresponding exchange announcement.

SMT holders are requested to top up the ethereum token SMT deposited at OKex by September 30, 2018, to support the mapped exchange platform (such as, or SmartMesh official wallet. According to the OKex exchange announcement, no compensation will be made for personal assets lost beyond the September 30, 2018 withdrawal period.

4. Invited to attend the “8th China smart city technology and application products expo”, and provide leading and reliable communication technology products for China’s smart city promoters through more similar opportunities.

Through the exhibition, many visitors are looking forward to the application of SmartMesh, such as no network communication and no network transfer, hoping to participate in it at an early date.

(in the event site, SmartMesh has attracted great attention).

That’s all for this week, please stay tuned next week for the follow-up edition of the SmartMesh Weekly Update. See you then!

* All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.

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