Okex does not support SMT mapping, holders to transfer assets as soon as possible

Currently, the SmartMesh public chain Spectrum mapping is in hot progress. The OKex exchange does not support SMT master network mapping, according to OKex exchange announcements.

To this end, SMT holders are requested to top up the ethereum token SMT deposited at OKex to the mapping-enabled trading platform or the SmartMesh official wallet by September 30, 2018. According to the OKex exchange announcement, no compensation will be given for personal assets lost due to the expiration.

Currently, SMT holders can choose to conduct autonomous mapping through the SmartMesh official wallet or transfer ethereum token SMT to Gate.io and huobi.pro exchange for mapping. please look forward to there will be more exchanges support SMT main network mapping In the future!

September 6, 2018

SmartMesh foundation

*All times in this announcement refer to Singapore Time.

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