SmartMesh Weekly Update July 27th, 2018

SmartMesh Weekly Update (2018.07.23 – 2018.07.27)

Hello everyone! Another Friday has arrived, and so has another edition of the SmartMesh Weekly Update.

SmartMesh is the first large-scale blockchain-based Mesh network ecosystem in the world. It is far more than a traditional network carrier, and will grow into a robust and agile framework of multiple hardware and software technologies that embrace digital economies, communications, security, functionality and much, much more.

Here are the latest highlights and updates from this bold, innovative and groundbreaking project:

Technical Developments


The public chain team has adjusted the criteria for volunteer miners, which ensured that those nodes selected are qualified with the very best capabilities within the entire blockchain Mesh network.  The team also optimized the consistency algorithm for blocks generated by miners, making the logic more fair in regard to the replacement and elimination of nodes. In addition to the above main tasks, the team also carried out research on a virtual machine in EVM.

The details are as follows:

  1. The criteria for the evaluation of volunteer miners was adjusted.
  2. Optimized the consistency algorithm for miner’s blocks.
  3. Virtual machine research has been facilitated by EVM.

This week’s Ozone workload revolved around the client itself. The public chain team has further adjusted the contract management interface design of Ozone according to the user feedback collected previously. The team also researched and discussed the needs of Ozone to support ERC20 contracts, so as to lay the foundation for the integration of many ERC20 tokens in the future. Naturally, stable operation is the cornerstone of success in any software or hardware, and therefore the team has optimized part of the Ozone main process code in order to further enhance program stability.

The details are as follows:

  1. Adjusted the design of the contract management interface.
  2. Studied and discussed Ozone’s requirements for supporting ERC20 contracts.
  3. Main process code has been optimized.

The latest version of the Ozone UI interface


The SmartRaiden team carried out analysis and internal format design of the new version of SmartRaiden this week. In addition, the team has also made preparations for the design of the Matrix message framework, which is now well organized.

The details are as follows:

  1. The SmartRaiden team analyzed the partial channel events caused by various business logic links, combed through the local behavior and storage changes caused by Statechange, and refined the design
  2. In order to improve the communication efficiency of SmartRaiden, the SmartRaiden team will use the Matrix message framework to replace the existing XMPP communication framework. The cluster management scheme can reach levels of 1 million per second throughput under ordinary hardware support, and its point-to-point communication is carried out in a stable and reliable (both signed and encrypted) room, which can monitor the node states in real time and provide current optimal routing and charging schemes to improve transfer success rates.
  3. Continued to work on the SmartRaiden 0.3 version of Release, the SmartRaiden 0.3 version and the third-party service 0.1 edition Release related resources and documents. Completed the SmartRaiden 0.3 specifications and third-party design principle description, and all the related documents have been reviewed.

SmartMesh APP

When people use the SmartMesh APP, their experience and reflections directly affect the reputation of SmartMesh, and the APP team is well aware of its responsibilities to maintain a strong name based on real quality. This week’s update remained focused on APP experience, first modifying the user’s personal data signature content length restriction in order to avoid too much content affecting use and display, and also fixed a friend button related error. According to the designer’s suggestion, the background color of the APP system column has also been adjusted to white to enhance the display.

The development of the “red envelope” function which will allow people to send SMT Tokens to friends in traditional Chinese gift envelopes is nearing completion. Next, we will wait for SmartRaiden to dock with the APP. This will be the world’s first decentralized “red envelope” function. Supported by SmartRaiden, it can be used in both internet mode and internet-free mode.

The details are as follows:

  1. Personal data signature content length limit adjusted.
  2. Fixed a small problem that adds a friend button.
  3. The background color of the system bar has been adjusted to white.
  4. The “red envelope” function R&D is coming to an end and waiting dock up with SmartRaiden.

Market Action

The marketing team has been busy all week communicating with exchanges, pouring over statistics from the second phase of SmartMesh training, developing marketing content and analyzing the ever dynamic SmartMesh market.

The details are as follows:

  1. This week the marketing team had communications with the major exchanges that have listed SMT regarding Spectrum chain mapping time. At present, the official mapping is ready to roll, but the exchanges need to be on board with the plan and schedule. The event has been tentatively scheduled for the end of August 2018 and an announcement will precede its official commencement.
  2. The candidates entering the second phase of SmartMesh training were selected on July 25th. SmartMesh medals and T-shirts will be released at the end of July.
  3. SmartMesh has completed the SMT repurchase and made the accompanying public announcement including the Foundation address for all to see.
  4. The marketing team exchanged with community users through livestream video, and more related activity will follow.

That’s all for this week’s update.  Stay tuned next week for the next edition including all the latest highlights and updates from the SmartMesh project.

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