Announcement of Online Testnet

Greetings to all SmartMesh community friends.

In the last weekly update, we made an advance notice on the launch of SMChain testnet. According to the original plan, the SMChain testnet is expected to be online at 21:00 today (March 15, 2018).

There are multiple phases to go through before the official launch of SMChain mainnet, namely alpha(0.0.x), beta(0.1.x), release(0.1.x), and stable (1.1.x). Since the alpha phase testing may involve the deletion and rollback of the block data, it will be firstly tested by the public chain developers.

If you are professional on blockchain related technologies and interested in participating in our public chain testing, please visit below address for participation. We welcome the blockchain enthusiasts to experience and witness the online testnet.

The open source GitHub address of SMChain public chain is:

You can check the details of the online testing via the URL: We look forward to your participation!)

For those who want to participate in the testing please send your wallet address to (There is a guideline for wallet generation in the document on the GitHub address of SMChain). We will send a certain amount of SMT token to your wallet address for testing. (Note: the distributed SMT will be used for SMChain testnet only).

The timezone mentioned in above notice is Singapore time.

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