【SmartMesh Weekly Update(2018.2.5-9)】

Greetings SmartMesh Community! Here is the Weekly Report with highlights and updates relevant up to Feb 9, 2018:

Market Action
1. SmartMesh won the “International Blockchain Innovation Award” issued by the 2017-2018 China FengYun Blockchain.

2. SMT launched on the HitBTC.com international trading platform on February 3rd.

3. The SmartMesh China Community Bounty Program has been launched. Mainly aimed at giving incentives to community administrators, article writers and other similar community members. Please pay attention to the official WeChat account and official website for news.

4. The international version of the SmartMesh Bounty Program has been released on the official website, and we welcome enquiries and participation (the international version differs from the China version, please apply to the one relevant to you).

Activity Preview
1. From March 3rd to 5th, we will participate in the global blockchain closed door summit (CODE THE WORLD CAMP) jointly sponsored by Blockchainzoo and the World Blockchain Foundation (WBF).

2. On March 9th we will participate in the first High Definition Blockchain Decryption Summit.

3. From April 10th to 11th, we will participate in the Global Pratt Blockchain Summit.

APP optimization
The SmartMesh iOS version V1.0.2 App went online on February 9, 2018
Update Description:
A. Adds feedback
B. New group QR Code sharing
C. Repair group nickname display problem
D. Scanning function added
E. Optimized the wallet experience and prompts
F. Optimized internet-free friend adding functionality

SmartMesh Android App Version V1.0.7 Online on February 9, 2018
Update Description:
A. Added wallet mode, using only wallet functionality
B. Added group QR Code sharing, which can be copied and pasted to other applications.

Public chain optimization
Modified and adjusted the SmartMesh conformance algorithm
Completed the SmartMesh consistency algorithm prototype and complete unit test

Mobile Lightning Functionality Optimized
Designed an internal state machine to ensure consistency when a two node crash occurs.

(The weekly report is based on Singapore time)

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