Deployed Agile Mesh Networks

SmartMesh is perfect for communities that are densely populated and don’t have an extensive infrastructure, if any at all.  The SmartMesh ecosystem through it’s app and associated technologies and SMT Token provide full-featured communications and data transfers and an out of the box digital economy waiting to be transplanted to your locale of choice.  Everyone has a chance to participate in being able to buy and sell things more conveniently, and also earn rewards by sharing devices as multi-hop data transfer relay nodes in the network.


The SmartMesh App allows people with smart devices to communicate, transact and make data transfers with one another regardless of the presence of any infrastructure.  That means you can take it off the grid and still communicate with anyone using the app nearby.  Not only is it a convenient tool to take on an adventure, but it could be a game changer.  Communications are essential out on the trail, and now you don’t need to worry about patches without telecom service.

Large Scale Events

Music festivals are awesome.  They’re an exhilarating experience where the masses come together in a spiritual celebration of humanity.  But telecom signals often get knocked out, and in an age where we rely on our digital devices for all things practical, what was once a dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.  But with the SmartMesh App, the many thousands of these people can connect together directly to chat and communicate, send photos, videos and files, and even make financial transactions.  This is all without needing wifi or telecom data service at the venue be it indoors or outdoors.  Not only can people form group chats and meet one another through the app, but it can help find lost loved ones, coordinate locations and even buy items from vendors.  The next time you’re heading for some good vibes, take the SmartMesh app with you and spread the word.

Sustainable Digital Ecosystems

The SmartMesh App and Ecosystem can reach millions of people who currently do not have adequate, or any, access to the internet.  Not only that, but it can reach them in a non-destructive and sustainable way.  Rather than razing rainforests, traditional sites and other typical ways of “developing” areas to place telecom, power plants and other industrial technology in the zone, SmartMesh only requires the local populace to have the SmartMesh App installed on their mobile phones.  Now they can communicate with each other, transfer data packets such as  photos, videos and other files, and even make payments between one another and visitors to their community fostering a local digital economy.

Run The Network

Densely populated cities are perfect for running Mesh networks.  Mesh networks are faster, more secure, borderless and even profitable.  No longer do you need to pay ISP fees and foreign visitors no longer need to deal with roaming charges or the hassle of getting a local SIM card.  If you offer your device as multi-hop data packet transfer relay node you can even earn money in cryptocurrency by lending your phone’s bandwidth to the Mesh network.  Download the SmartMesh App now and share it with your local community and start your own local Mesh network today.

In Action

Extreme sports often take people off the grid, and also pose a high risk of danger and injury.  But that doesn’t stop the athletes who live for them!  Keeping your phone on your side while you drop in, soar, plunge, twist and flip is not only a convenient way to snap a few selfies, but it could be a life-saver if you have it with the SmartMesh App loaded up on it and your buddies do too.  100 meters could be the difference between life and death if you’re buried under a snowdrift and nobody can see you or hear from you.  Despite being out in a mountain valley where there’s no telecom or data service, people could still locate you using the discover/radar feature of the SmartMesh App, and you could text or even call them, or send a critical photo or video, that could save your life.  The SmartMesh App is free to download and use, so pack it up before you hit those dizzying speeds.