In Action

Extreme sports often take people off the grid, and also pose a high risk of danger and injury.  But that doesn’t stop the athletes who live for them!  Keeping your phone on your side while you drop in, soar, plunge, twist and flip is not only a convenient way to snap a few selfies, but it could be a life-saver if you have it with the SmartMesh App loaded up on it and your buddies do too.  100 meters could be the difference between life and death if you’re buried under a snowdrift and nobody can see you or hear from you.  Despite being out in a mountain valley where there’s no telecom or data service, people could still locate you using the discover/radar feature of the SmartMesh App, and you could text or even call them, or send a critical photo or video, that could save your life.  The SmartMesh App is free to download and use, so pack it up before you hit those dizzying speeds.

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