SmartMesh and MeshBox partner to support NFT + DeFi platform on the Spectrum Blockchain

Singapore, 23 March 2021 – Singapore-based blockchain firms SmartMesh Foundation Pte Ltd (SmartMesh) and MeshBox Foundation Pte Ltd (MeshBox), have entered into a partnership to create a Person-to-Person exchange of value, connectivity, and storage with SmartMesh’s NFT + DeFi platform and MeshBox’s communications hardware. As part of the partnership, Dr David Lee Kuo Chuen has joined as a Director serving on both companies’ boards.

Dr Lee brings with him years of experience in cryptocurrency, holding existing advisory roles and investments in financial inclusion, privacy protection, and digital custody companies. He also holds directorships on listed companies and professorships in several universities in Singapore and China, and acts as a blockchain consultant to international organisations. He founded the Global FinTech Institute and co-founded the Blockchain Association of Singapore, and currently serves on the Council of the British Blockchain Association.

Mr Chia Hock Lai, Co-Chairman of the Blockchain Association Singapore, is also a SmartMesh and MeshBox Board Director. Mr Chia commented, “Dr David Lee brings many years of experience in both business and academia, and is very well respected in the global community. By becoming an investor and board member of both SmartMesh and MeshBox, he can help to strengthen the mission of enabling financial inclusion through the use of blockchain.”

Henry Wang, SmartMesh CEO says, “From the get go, Dr David Lee understood and shared our vision to connect the unconnected, and bank the unbanked, bridging the growing divide between developed and developing markets.  He has been an invaluable source of advice and support by engaging SmartMesh and MeshBox with key business opportunities and ecosystem partners.  We welcome Dr Lee’s support as an investor and Board Director to propel us towards our shared goal of inclusivity for all through the deployment of NFT + DeFi applications via the Value Internet.”

Based on research and learnings by SmartMesh and MeshBox, the companies are poised to initially focus on the ASEAN region to deliver the trusted technology of blockchain applications and a NFT + DeFi platform married with a decentralized network composed of MeshBoxes as the key underlying hardware building block.


About SmartMesh® Foundation

SmartMesh Foundation(Token Symbol:SMT), a Singapore-based firm established in 2018, provides an ecosystem that aims to bank the unbanked, and connect the unconnected. SmartMesh enables ecosystem partners to build disruptive new applications on its Spectrum public blockchain utilizing HyperMesh Infrastructure, targeted at providing inclusive connectivity, banking, and energy solutions. Today, SmartMesh’s Tango Distributed Application provides Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payments through Photon, with intermittent internet connectivity, lower latency, and higher Transactions per Second metrics than possible on conventional distributed ledger technologies. To build a broader ecosystem, SmartMesh has also developed the Atmosphere Cross-Chain Interoperability Architecture platform to bridge Spectrum with other blockchains. For more information, please visit


About MeshBox® Foundation

MeshBox Foundation(Token Symbol:MESH), a Singapore-based firm established in 2018, partners closely with SmartMesh Foundation by providing the communication, storage, compute, and IoT HyperMesh hardware infrastructure, on which SmartMesh and other ecosystem partner applications can operate.

Together, MeshBox and SmartMesh create a paradigm shift to enable Infrastructure deployment with shared ROI. Instead of a centralized service provider making deployment decisions, the residents of a community decide when and where to deploy infrastructure, such as MeshBox internet appliances.  When investors or operators help a community by investing in the deployment of a MeshBox-enabled HyperMesh Infrastructure, tokens are earned for providing such goods and services.  Such token rewards provide incentivization and an ROI, to be shared between MeshBox owners in the community, investors, and operators. For more information, please visit

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