SmartMesh BiWeekly Report (2020.09.12-2020.09.25)

Recently, the 3rd China Brand Economy Summit and the 2020 The Cberi Prize award ceremony were held in Sanya, Hainan and the judges handed SmartMesh Foundation (SMT) the honor of being named “The Most Powerful Brand in the World Blockchain Industry in 2020”.

This was made possible because the decentralized and distributed SmartMesh network is laying the foundation for an indispensable value network for the Internet of Everything – The foundation of the world’s new infrastructure.

Today, the SmartMesh Foundation released its 2020-2021 SmartMesh ecosystem technology roadmap. The execution of these four newly released project milestones will make Spectrum more compatible and advanced, and make its nodes, governance and ultimately its ecosystem, more distributed. The new roadmap will upgrade Spectrum to make it compatible with more new EIP features, release the MakerDAO stablecoin on the main chain and launch a decentralized exchange (DEX) to facilitate the exchange and circulation of ecosystem projects and the expansion of DeFi projects. In addition, the deployment of Atmosphere, which runs Spectrum’s cross-chain functionality will allow SmartMesh to connect to unconnected people wherever it goes, and at the same time bring a globalized token economic infrastructure.

The specific work is as follows:

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Photon optimization related work.

1.1 Examined the new version of the Ethereum Layer2 project, analyzed the application scenarios and functions of the cross-token network payment (CTNP), and made optimization preparations for the subsequent expansion of Photon applications.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Atmosphere interoperability and Living Lab preparations.

1.1 Preliminary analysis of DeFi-related loan contracts to understand the main functions: Mint (casting), Redeem (exchange), Borrow (borrowing), RepayBorrow (repayment), Liquidate (liquidation) design and implementation, to provide support for the subsequent expansion of Atmosphere DeFi applications.


1.2 Continued to analyze the functions of the Atmosphere ERC721 contract, analyze and preliminary reform the implementation of Go version adaptation and parameter transfer of ERC721 Token, and prepared for further support of the interoperability ecological application field.


1.3 Continued to dock with the JED Trade collaboration project, carried out the point-to-point confirmation and explanation by example of the LockIn&LockOut interface parameter function and coding format in the WEB call design, and provided support for the subsequent project interoperability cooperation development.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Recently, the 3rd China Brand Economy Summit and the 2020 The Cberi Prize award ceremony were held in Sanya, Hainan. The Singapore SmartMesh Foundation (SMT) won the honor of “The Most Powerful Brand in the World Blockchain Industry in 2020” at this event.
  2. The SmartMesh Foundation released the 2020-2021 SmartMesh ecosystem technology roadmap this week. The specific content of the newly released roadmap is as follows:


  1. A) A compatible, more open and distributed ecosystem.

From 2020 to 2021, SmartMesh will upgrade the spectrum main network to be compatible with more new EIP features and advantages, optimize transaction confirmation speeds, and transition the beacon node access mechanism to a community member voting governance election model and make governance more distributed.

  1. B) Introduce stable coins to fully activated liquidity.

Announce the MakerDAO organization on Spectrum to provide a stable coin system for the SmartMesh ecosystem. By mortgaging SMT, users can obtain stablecoins of equal amounts for their free use.

  1. C) Build a distributed trading system to make transactions more decentralized.

Release a DEX on Spectrum, adopt zkrollup two-layer network technology solution, provide decentralized trading platform and DeFi infrastructure for Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia and other emerging markets and SmartMesh partners’ tokens.

  1. D) Launching cross-chain functionality, inclusively opening up the ecosystem to other public chains, and stimulating the blockchain-based digital economy to optimize value.

Complete the Atmosphere cross-chain project deployment on the mainnet, allowing more Ethereum projects to enter the SmartMesh ecosystem.

From September 9th to 15th, the world’s largest blockchain social media platform Biyong and South Korea’s largest in kind Bananatok jointly organized an online conference held by Golden Finance, CoinReaders, and CoinWorld-“China and Korea “Blockchain Week”.

On September 12, SmartMesh Founder and Chairman of the International Blockchain Application Federation (IBAF), Henry Wang, gave a keynote speech presentation on “SmartMesh & MeshBox: Building a Blockchain Infrastructure for DeFi Inclusive Finance” to all participants. The full text of the speech is here:

  1. On September 24, at the invitation of officials from the Office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia, SmartMesh CEO Henry and Advisor Peter Yan had a meeting with officials from the National Applied Research and Development Center of Malaysia. The Malaysian National Center for Applied Research and Development (MIMOS) is a strategic organization governed under the Ministry of Science, Technology And Innovation (MOSTI). MIMOS is committed to implementing patentable technology platforms, products and solutions and transform Malaysian industry. MIMOS is Malaysia’s leading technology provider in information and communication technology, industrial electronics and nano-semiconductor technology.

Officials from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation are currently analyzing public network service technologies, such as establishing public connections between schools and LMS (Learning Management Systems) and remote villages (about 5 square kilometers). She will send the specific requirements and usage scenarios to the SmartMesh team so that we can develop a more specific landing plan to facilitate subsequent deployment and implementation.

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