SmartMesh BiWeekly Report (2020.08.29-2020.09.11)

In the last few weeks the SmartMesh Team has been busy working away on multiple initiatives.  A steady stream of events on the MeshBox Blockchain Living Lab Telegram group brought VIP guest Richard Wang, a SmartMesh Advisor and Draper Dragon Fund Partner, to attend a live Q&A session there. Richard mentioned at the event that if you can understand StarLink, you can understand what MeshBox is about. The difference between them lies in their scale and environment, while the ideas and values behind them are similar. Mesh networks are both decentralised and distributed, and the future world will be largely utilising them. This is the exact reason Richard chose to endorse the SmartMesh and MeshBox projects early on. Mr. Wang also commented that the logic and concept of the two projects is on the right track, and that the key to ultimate success lies in the business model of MeshBox. At present, MeshBox has created a new DeFi operation model for HyperMesh fog mining which will serve as a new standard for distributed blockchain infrastructure.

The specific work details are as follows:

  1. Photon optimization related work.

1.1 Paid attention to the new version of the Ethereum Layer 2 project, analyzed the application scenarios and functions for the cross-token network payments (CTNP), and made optimization preparations for the subsequent expansion of Photon applications.

  1. Atmospheric interoperability and Living Lab preparations.

1.1 Continued to analyze the Atmosphere DeFi expansion, conduct a feasibility analysis of the Atmosphere DeFi cross-chain SWAP application, and provide support for the subsequent expansion of Atmosphere DeFi applications.

1.2 Conducted a preliminary analysis of Atmosphere ERC721 contract functionality and process analysis of the use of the ERC721 Token to realize the cross-chain compatibility of Ethereum and Spectral HTLC in preparation for further expansion of the support of interoperable ecosystem application areas.

1.3 Continued to dock with the JED Trade collaboration project, conducted the SCPrepareLockIn process parameters, configuration confirmation and functional testing, and provided support for subsequent project interoperability cooperation development.

  1. On Monday, September 7th, SmartMesh Advisor and Draper Dragon Fund partner, Richard Wang was a special guest for one of the many Live Q&A sessions on the Blockchain Living Lab telegram group. Draper Dragon Fund was founded by investor Tim Draper, who was the angel investor for Tesla when it hit rock bottom, and invested in companies like Space X, Twitter and Coinbase as well. In 2011, Richard became a partner of Draper Dragon Fund.

Draper Dragon Fund Mr Richard Wang talked about the importance of the team in the live Q&A of the Living Lab event.

  1. In recent weeks, the SmartMesh marketing team has been occupied with the pre-sale of MeshBox. The deployment of MeshBoxes will effectively promote the widespread promotion and adoption of the SMT protocol suite. The marketing team also held meetings with many Singapore and Philippines partner companies to discuss deployment at universities in Singapore, universities in the Philippines and the banks in Philippines. SmartMesh also plans to participate in the Singapore Fintech Festival with its Philippine partner Cantilan Bank, and is planning for deployments in Surigao and Boracay.


  1. Many teams in the SUSS-SmartMesh Blockchain Contest who completed the first phase of the Living Lab Challenge also participated in live Q&A sessions on the MeshBox telegram group. The most recent teams are HashFun, Carelory and Avocados Sin Violence. HashFun is a project that aims for inclusive education through gamification and tokenization. Carelory, employs a DAPP based on Spectrum, and matches users who seek a healthier lifestyle with experts in health, nutrition and medicine. Avocados Sin Violence, is a unique and bold project where, through the data transparency of the blockchain, Mexican avocado growers can track their avocados through the Spectrum public chain, so as to avoid robbery and extortion.

These projects are essentially SmartMesh ecosystem projects that are in their infancy. After MeshBox pre-sales opens and deployments are fulfilled, these projects can also be implemented and serve in emerging markets to jointly expand the ecosystem.



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