SmartMesh Weekly(2019.09.02–2019.09.06)

Elephants are invisible and prosperous in colorless places. The value that blockchain brings to mankind is invisible. The variety and ups and downs of the currency market are not the embodiment of the value of the blockchain. What the real blockchain brings to the world is the fundamental change in the way of human connection, organization and finance.


This week, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang participated in the Singapore Block chain Day at the invitation of the Chairman of the Singapore Financial Technology Association. He exchanged views with Professor Li Guoquan and the Treasurer of the University of Social Sciences about the creation of Singapore’s first blockchain Living Lab and communicated with relevant government departments.


Next, Henry Wang flew nonstop to Manila for the field commissioning of the Wi-Fi project, Connect the Unconnected, Bank the Unbanked, SmartMesh, and a Philippine Crypto ATM manufacturer also conducted networking tests. The foundation has recently focused on the creation of Singapore’s first Living Lab, while taking into account the planned deployment of the first stop of the SmartMesh network in the Philippines. Blockchain world has no rest days!

  1. Perception Network:

1.1. Read Matrix about the data communication protocol between servers.

1.2. summarize the synchronization logic of Room information under cross-server scenarios.

1.3. This paper summarizes the semantic definition of the protocol for Room, and discusses the feasibility of extending the account information.


  1. Optimization of Photon and Matrix.

1.1. Continue to optimize the running state of Photon, analyze the feasibility of interface response feedback delay adjustment, and verify the reliability of event handling mechanism in abnormal scenario.


1.2. Continue to test the CaseManager automatic scenario, add the complex topology structure indirect payment test scenario, and test the reliability of the Photon test environment.


1.3. Adjust the synchronization priority of the Matrix server to solve the problem that the Room across the server is slow and may need to be tried many times, so as to improve the running efficiency of the server.


1.4 optimize the Matrix running environment to solve the compatibility problem of Matrix servers in different versions of Python environment, and improve the reliability of Matrix.



  1. Design of atmospheric cross-chain extension.


1.1. Continue the pre-research of atmospheric cross-chain scenarios, investigate the application scenarios of cross-chain ecological projects for the IMDA challenge project, and demonstrate the process and feasibility of the relevant scenarios.


1.2. Complete the technical description of the cross-link interface document, and sort out the corresponding algorithm flow of Atmosphere and API interface, so as to facilitate the access and docking of subsequent applications.


1.3. Carry on the cross-chain auxiliary contract demonstration, analyze the function and safety of the asset swap contract on the cross-chain, and complete the feasibility demonstration.


1.4 Preliminary cross-chain contract design, completion of contract events and description of new order and payment order interface, and preliminary construction of contract Token swap business logic.

  1. Release Tango APP V2.2.6 version. Increase the user experience of wallet-related functions; optimize mining status information and management.


  1. Continuously optimize the Photon network payment, and carry on the joint adjustment test with the products of the MeshBox project at the same time.

  1. Recruit experienced developers.


  1. Discuss the application scenario other than digital currency payment.


  1. Discuss the communication mechanism of DApp.



  1. On August 31, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang participated in the “Singapore Block chain Day” at the invitation of the Chairman Chia of the Singapore Financial Technology Association and the Token Economic Association. In his speech, Henry Wang mentioned that in the next ten years, the integrated network of heaven and earth formed by tens of thousands of Leo satellites with the last miles of ground SmartMesh and MeshBox will connect all mankind. Many of the existing professions will be replaced by AI and blockchain, and many new jobs will emerge because of the Internet of everything.


2. At 13: 00 on September 2, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang and the director of the (NTU) Energy Laboratory at Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore discussed the details of the cooperation between the Sunshine project in its university and in the field of tradable energy. Henry Wang and Jas, who is in charge of the energy blockchain, discussed the details of using spectra and photons to process energy transactions

3. At 16: 00:00 on Sept. 2, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang and Professor Li Guoquan and Singapore University of Social Sciences(SUSS) shared the details of the establishment of Living Lab at SUSS. The creation of the Lab will put Singapore at the commanding point of the global blockchain application ecology.

4. On the evening of September 2, Ms. Chen Tamru, an adviser to MeshBox, met with Mr. Henry Wang, founder of SmartMesh. Chen, a former managing director of Hanergy Investments, led early investments in Alibaba and Sina. Chen was very happy to learn about the progress of SmartMesh and MeshBox’s landing in Singapore. She said she would do her best to help SmartMesh and MeshBox develop in Singapore.

5. On Sept. 3, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang met with Singapore’s Tribe Accelerator and OpenNodes founder Yi Ming. OpenNodes is an open distribution platform supported by IMDA and MAS. Yi Ming said that after SmartMesh created Living Lab, it would organize member enterprises to visit and cooperate with each other.

  1. September 5, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang and Philippine Pratt & Whitney Wi-Fi CEO Francis cordial exchanges, the two business models are a good match, SmartMesh and MeshBox can enrich and diversify the Pratt & Whitney connection model. On September 6, the company CTO and Field Engineer accompanied Henry Wang to Cavite near Manila for field docking tests. The two sides will sign MOA to work together on network connectivity in the Philippines.


  1. On Sept. 5, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang communicated with CEO, a maker of Crypto ATM, which plans to spread its ATM around the world, but the lack of networks around the world makes ATM deployment difficult. SmartMesh and MeshBox can use Mesh networks and integrated networking to expand the scope of ATM deployment, while giving ATM a richer and more diverse model around it. On the evening of Sept. 6, the company’s CEO and technicians debugged the network with Henry Wang. The two sides will sign MOA to work together on the global deployment of the ATM network.

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