SmartMesh Weekly(2019.08.26–2019.08.30)

On August 30, the SmartMesh Foundation (SMT) reached a deep cooperation with the Huobi Pool. The Huobi Pool joined SmartMesh to become the beacon node, and the SMT mining pool will be built together in the near future. SmartMesh, who launched on December 13, 2017, is the world leader in distributed communications and Pratt & Whitney connectivity projects. The huobi Pool has become the only exchange beacon node in the Spectrum chain, keeping in mind its original ideals and aspirations and its mission. What has become the Spectrum beacon node is the Singapore Token Economic Association (TEA), created by Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) and the Chairman of Singapore Fintech Association(SFA), the first last beacon node is reserved for a public welfare organization of the United Nations. This year and next year will be the blockchain project landing reflects the real value of the time node, SmartMesh hopes to work with the Huobi pool to promote the development of blockchain technology in the world, inclusive world.

  1. Perception Network:

1.1. Read the protocol message logic of Matrix about distributed authentication.


  1. Spectrum public chain:

2.1 Tracking the problem of miners entering the blacklist from time to time (not occurring in the last week)

Photon and Matrix optimization.


1.1 Adjust the private key management mode of Photon MeshBox version, modify the private key transfer / save mode to the path form of parameter transmission, facilitate MeshBox to back up the private key, and improve the flexibility of the system.


1.2 Deploy the new contract after the bifurcation of Photon test chain, modify the parameter configuration of Photon script, test the automatic scene test of CaseManager, and test the running stability of Photon after bifurcation.


1.3 carry on the response feedback delay joint adjustment of the Photon interface, assist the public chain team to investigate the occasional long response time of the Eth_GetLog interface after the public chain bifurcation, this problem will lead to the failure of the MeshBox Photon common chain connection, and the preliminary design of the delay adjustment scheme.


1.4 Update the PFS and PMS database to fix the data inconsistency caused by the test chain rollback, so as to facilitate the test Case run.


1.5 Adjust the Access_Token logic of the Matrix server client, and design that if the user does not actively call and exit, the Access_Token will always be effective and improve the access efficiency of the user.

  1. Design of Atmosphere cross-chain scene.


1.1. Continue to design the atmospheric cross-chain scenario, build cross-chain application scenarios for the IMDA challenge project, and demonstrate the process and feasibility of the relevant scenarios.


1.2 Update the cross-link interface document, sort out the API document and add the function description, so as to facilitate the access and docking of subsequent applications.


1.3 Analyze the cross-chain feasibility of LivingLab projects, investigate the cross-chain application scenarios of related projects, and discuss the requirements and value of cross-chain access.

  1. The new version of Tango enters the testing phase, optimizes the stability of the photon payment network, adjusts the interface layout of wallet and mining functions, and improves the user experience.

  1. Recruit experienced developers.
  2. Discuss the application scenario other than digital currency payment.
  3. Discuss the application of P2P network in DAPP development.。


  1. On Aug. 27, a team of financial services company visited to communicate products and business with the SmartMesh and MeshBox teams, which are committed to building the next generation of financial services with new technologies such as blockchain. At present, Fabric technology has been used to realize the operation of business on any public chain. The two sides will conduct in-depth cooperation on the Singapore Sunshine project, campus credit data application and digital inter-currency settlement.

On August 30, the SmartMesh Foundation reached a deep cooperation with the Huobi pool, which joined the Staking Economy equity economy of SmartMesh as the beacon node. The Huobi pool will contribute to the stable operation and safety compliance of the Spectrum chain, and the SMT mining pool will be co-built with SmartMesh in the near future.

3. On Aug. 31, SmartMesh founder Wang Qiheng and Chief Business Development Officer Sun Shiyang will travel to the Singapore Institute of Technology for the “Singapore Blockchain Day” conference, at which Wang Qiheng will speak and showcase the “hyperlink blockchain ecology” that SmartMesh and MeshBox can build.

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