SmartMesh Weekly(2019.6.3-2019.6.6)

The 2019 Chinese College Entrance Examination has just come to an end, setting a major milestone in the lives of millions of students!

“Someday, with my sail piercing the clouds, I will mount the wind, break the waves, and traverse the vast, rolling sea.” After going through the College Entrance Examination with all the passion and sweat, the students have built a strong and solid foundation for their future!

A major milestone for SmartMesh is also coming. Currently, the SMT mining program is undergoing the final review phase. SmartMesh will release the SMT mining rules this week.

The SmartMesh Foundation will destroy a proportion of SMT shares for SMT mining. There are two main ways of mining: one is to mine by pledging SMT to become a node, and the other is to mine by using MeshBox.

The complete SMT mining information will be announced in the community in the near future. SmartMesh Marketing Department also invited SmartMesh COO Kent Qian to conduct an “Online Meetup” livestream event this week to explain the latest progress of SMT mining and recent projects. Please pay attention to the community announcement.


Here are the specifics of this week:

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Perception Network:

1.1 Refactoring the logic of the rpc module to make the structure clearer.

1.2 Continue to complete the integration debugging of the javascript execution engine.

  1. Spectrum:

2.1 Design the selection logic of the miners to achieve random selection + unpredictable + non-competitive between calculation abilities.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Photon optimization and new version release preparation work.

1.1 Completed the Photon startup detection design, prevented the app from starting multiple Photon instances at the same time, and ensured system stability and data consistency.

1.2 Perform the active offline detection design of MDNS communication, repair the invalid transmission attempt caused by being unbale to detect the other party is offline, and improve the communication accuracy under the state of no network.

1.3 Completed the Photon startup mode’s refactoring design, further improved the error handling mechanism, and provided an accurate error return code for the mobile APP, so that the APP can be targeted according to different errors.

1.4 Improved Photon’s user interface design, added BlockNumberNow and BlockNumberChannelCanSettle fields to the GetChannelList interface, which is easier to access.

1.5 Preparing to switch the communication mode to Matrix, including: improving the Matrix communication layer, partially reconstructing the Matrix communication, and debugging the Matrix to detect the abnormality of the node.

1.6 Perform the function test of Matrix communication node, including: channel creation, channel deposit, channel withdrawal, direct and indirect channel payment off the chain.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Distributed notary BTC cross-chain optimization and improvement.

1.1 Optimize the BTC cross-chain Lockin and Lockout interfaces and add a status query interface to check the current cross-chain status information, so that users can grasp the progress of cross-chain transactions in time.

1.2 Perform Demo optimization on the BTC cross-chain transaction page. Fix the delay of data synchronization, incomplete status display of the cross-chain transactions, and inaccurate transaction feedback error code to improve the interactive experience.

1.3 Continue to conduct BTC cross-chain demo testing and evaluation. Comprehensively test the process of distributed-notary Lockin and Lockout, and test the stability of canceling transaction on HTLC, and optimize cross-chain transaction performance.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Version 2.2.1 for Android is released. Optimize the function of payment with Photon Network and adjust UI on some interface.
  2. Adjust the procedure of mining on main chain. Solve the incorrect operation when multiple nodes are checking one problem or are on operating.

The specific work is as follows:

Discussing about ecosystem cooperation with the dev team of a consortium chain.

The specific work is as follows:

  1. Marketing Department of SmartMesh invites SmartMesh COO Kent Qian to hold a live streaming activity called “Online Meetup”. The content is mainly about the mining plan and the analysis of the progress of SmartMesh。
  2. SmartMesh Team sends their congratulations to the SmartMesh Ecosystem product MeshBox Tesla because it has passed successfully the pre-scan test for FCC certification. It means that MeshBox Tesla reached FCC 15PART B class B level quality standard. This test is carried out under the supervision of the one in charge of technology of SmartMesh in a famous lab. The result of the pre-scan test will assure the official certification going successfully. It is also a milestone of the the hardware development of MeshBox Tesla.
  3. On June 6th, SmartMesh founder Hnery Wang and MeshBox CTO Peter Yan were invited to participate in the ship communication equipment and security challenge held by the “Navy Group” and the Singapore government. The challenge was to see how startups combine blockchain technology with network communications to help with shipping and maritime communications. Because most of the naval warship materials are metal, Wi-Fi is rarely used on warships. Recently, some countries have begun to allow naval warships to use Wi-Fi. MeshBox can provide network services on naval warships in the future.

Naval Group (formerly known as DCNS) is a French industrial group specialized in naval defence and marine renewable energy. The group employs next to 13,000 people in 18 countries.Naval Group’s activities can be broken down into two main sectors: naval defence, the group’s historical core business (ships, submarines, operational readiness management of the forces), and energy and marine infrastructures (renewable marine energies, civilian nuclear energy, construction of naval bases and electric power plants).

4. June 9th, invited by professor David Lee, founder of SmartMesh Henry Wang and CEO of MeshBox Peter Yan attended DLT COMPASS 2019 Summit, held by Langhash. MAS (The Monetary Authority of Singapore) also attended the summit. Professor David Lee gave a speech on “Predicting the Endgame of the Blockchain Revolution” and introduced SmartMesh and MeshBox to guests as a case of distributed communication on blockchain.

  1. SmartMesh has signed a strategical cooperation contract with Kelaode cloud computing Ltd. CO.. The cooperation between the two parties involves multiple fields, including big data, cloud computing, and blockchain, as well as distributed storage. The two parties will also cooperate in the construction and experiment of distributed computing and distributed storage test networks, and Kelaode is expected to become one of the first standing committee nodes of SmartMesh.


  1. The development of IOS version of SmartMesh ecosystem wallet app Tango is finished, now it’s being reviewed and will be released this week.
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