SmartMesh weekly(2019.05.27–2019.05.31)

On May 28th, Professor David Lee hosted Blockchain Infrastructure, Inclusion and Security at Singapore University of Social Science. SmartMesh foundation president, Henry Wang, and MeshBox CTO Peter Yan participated in the meetup. Both MeshBox Tesla and Maxwell were exhibited during the Meetup and were recognized by the participants.

Through MeshBox, smart contract will bring strength to individuals and organizations which will allow them to become distributed operators and distributed business owners. Just as Professor Li wrote in The Governance and Control of the Token Economy, it is “building a new digital world”. The openness of Singapore may allow the world’s first real token economy to be experimented in a real environment, which will lead the ways in the new digital world. We believe without a shadow of a doubt that the wealth and connotation of this new digital world must be much greater than that of our physical world!

Here are the specifics of this week:

The specific work is as follows:

1) Perception Network:

1.1) Complete the migration of the websocket protocol and open the programmable API interface.

1.2) Add a javascript execution engine to the command line terminal so that the control interface supports general program logic.

2) Spectrum:

2.1) Develop consensus contracts and PoC contracts related to mining.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Photon optimization and preparation for the release of the new version

1.1 Making new interface design for Photon, add log upload, TransferSMT and other interfaces. Met the new function requirements such as transaction failure reason query and SMT main currency transfer.

1.2 Perform Photon balance verification design, add Photon minimum balance limit, and show risk prompts when the balance is insufficient to ensure user funds security.

1.3 Updating Photon error feedback, add Photon internal error notification, and actively notify the APP when the database between the nodes is inconsistent, to ensure that the two sides of the channel are in the same state for subsequent transactions.

1.4 Optimizing the design for Photon public chain state, including: unified public chain node status description (current public chain is valid or invalid), repairing valid/invalid public chain status display error in SystemStatus interface, etc., effective for public chain state switching and public validation judgment is improved to increase the accuracy of APP application data.

1.5 The communication mode is prepared for the switchover of Matrix, including: reviewing the previous running state of Matrix, logically arranging the existing function interface, adding part of the code comment, further specification of the parameters, etc.

  1. 6 Perform PMS joint optimization, including repairing bugs caused by the discontinuous BlockNumber of the public chain node.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Distributed notary BTC cross-chain optimization and improvement

1.1 Continue to perform BTC cross-chain Lockin and Lockout optimization. Expand the design for store-and-forward function for key data interaction in PBFT Nonce negotiation and notary public signature negotiation process to improve the stability of cross-chain concurrent transactions.

1.2 Continue to carry out the BTC cross-chain transaction page demo design. Make asynchronous adjustment and feedback on the BTC cross-chain Lockin, Lockout HTLC, and transaction cancellation process status display to enhance the interactive experience.

1.3 Continue to explore the principle of privacy transactions. Rationalize the principle and implementation mechanism of zk-SNARK, and explore the feasibility of BTC cross-chain privacy transactions.

The specific work is as follows:

Finished the second round of testing for the APP revision. For a better user experience, only the Android preemptive version will be released this week, including the beta version of photonic network payment.

Finished sorting the demand for public chain mining APP.

The specific work is as follows:

Released the “Boutique DApp Support Plan”, anticipating more people to participate

The specific work is as follows:

1. On May 28th, Henry Wang, Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, and Peter Yan, CTO of the MeshBox Foundation, attended the Meetup organized by Professor David Lee of Singapore University of Social Science on the theme of Blockchain Infrastructure, Inclusion and Security. The Foundation conducted a live broadcast of the Meetup worldwide and prepared a HD version for members of the community who did not watch the live broadcast.

HD version video link:

2. On May 25th, Henry Wang, Chairman of SmartMesh Foundation and Peter Yan, CTO of MeshBox Foundation, were invited to meet with World Boxing Champion and Philippine Senator Manny Pacquiao.

3. On May 31, the Marketing Department of SmartMesh Foundation held a prize-winning Q&A in the core group 3. This event motivated community members to gain an in-depth understanding of the project and was designed to address the community members’ questions about the project.

4, May 31, the new SmartMesh wallet App Android version released, named Tango. Tango is the homonym of Quantum Entanglement. It is the mystery of the deepest part of the universe. Everyone is welcome to use the new wallet, help us find bugs, and get rewarded if adopted.


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