On Thursday, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang Qiheng was invited to give a speech on “High-High dimensional spectroscopy blockchain” at North University of China, and it was broadcast live in the community. The theme of this lecture is “From Riemann, Einstein to the high-dimensional spectroscopy blockchain”. The main content is to reveal to the world the theory that the four physical forces of the physical world are unified for the first time. There is a corresponding unified theory in the virtual world. The “force” and “quality” of the physical world correspond to the “connection” and “token” of the virtual world. If you haven’t had time to watch this live broadcast, you can copy the link and watch the live broadcast in the browser.

1. Perception Network: 1.1 Use the kad-dht node search algorithm in Libp2p to establish the connection between any MeshBox nodes. 1.2 Continue to read the relevant technical data of the Status-im/Nimbus project to lay the groundwork for the next step of communication with the Status team. 2. Spectrum public chain: 2.1 Combine the 0.5.3 version of the block-out algorithm, and design and optimize the 1.0.0 version of the program, 1) reduce the occurrence of miners’ fork scenario; 2) ensure the timeliness of transaction packaging in the network in case of multiple miner nodes failing .


1. Investment super node solution design and Photon optimization work 1.1 Conduct investment super node implementation design, refine the main business logic, operation and multi-party interaction, and clarify the core links. 1.2 Investor-backed SMT contract design, the main functions include: ·         fund raising, ·         capital withdrawal, ·         capital addition, ·         income payment, ·         contract termination, etc., Also complete contract function design and corresponding specification description. 1.3 Initially design the super node management database, and design the corresponding data structure and query interface for the implementation plan. 1.4 Continue to design the new interface of Photon and add the NewSimpleAPI interface to the Mobile API to facilitate the mobile terminal to query the channel balance without starting Photon. 1.5 Continue to perform Photon optimization processing, which mainly includes: giving accurate error information when creating a channel with the same address, adding a record when the contract call fails on the chain, and transferring the TransferAmount to 0 when forced unlocking. 1.6 Improve Photon auxiliary query design, add public chain status, Photon internal running status, chain account and chain balance status query to improve user experience.


1. Distributed notary BTC cross-chain design 1.1 Perform BTC cross-chain Lockin and Lockout functional tests to verify the interaction logic between the main sidechain distributed notary and the user HTLC to improve the stability of cross-chain transactions. 1.2 Conducting BTC cross-chain transaction anomaly scenario construction, designing and logically analyzing cross-chain transaction scenarios and expectations in the case of distributed notary public inaction, bitcoin test chain transaction congestion, etc., and risk assessment of ongoing cross-chain transactions To ensure safety. 1.3 Perform intermediate data repair analysis of BTC cross-chain transactions, and design the distributed notarization node after the line is disconnected and then go online, and repair the missing intermediate transaction data through key data request and side chain data verification to ensure the data status of each node. consistency. 1.4 Further improve the BTC cross-chain test environment, optimize the BTC cross-chain DNC client module design, and simplify the manual test process.

1. Optimize and modify the functional experience during the UI adjustment process. 2. The function requirements of the Philippine Conference APP are complete. 3. Communicate and solve some problems encountered in photonic network payment.


1. Planning the Dapp Foundation Board Recruitment Program.


  1. On May 7th, SMT&MESH Marketing Department officially launched the “Doing a Small Task, Picking Water Peach !” campaign, which aims to stimulate community users to produce UGC content, and to coordinate with the official community activities to expand publicity. After the launch of the event, it was actively participated by the community’s partners. As of this Friday, a total of 20 dynamic reviews and issued SMT awards, including original long texts and essays, event elevation forwarding, project LOGO photos and so on. The channels for publishing dynamics include Weibo, and WeChat. If you want to participate in the event, please go to the official website of the public page to see the details of the activity.The community partners in the picture are actively participating in the activity. 

    2. On May 9th, SmartMesh founder Henry Wang Qiheng was invited to give a speech at the North University of China with the theme “From Riemann, Einstein to the high-dimensional spectroscopy blockchain” and broadcast live in the community. The speech was very successful. SmartMesh founder Henry Wang Qiheng had a pleasant academic exchange with the teachers and students of North University of China. The students showed great curiosity about the knowledge of the blockchain. The live broadcast was divided into two phases: pre-speech interviews and formal speeches, with 6024 and 6825 people watching live speeches.

The following is pictures of the event:

3. SmartMesh signed a mutual confidential agreement with Yibin Agricultural Internet of Things and began to exchange information with each other. The teams of the two sides discussed the content and mode of cooperation through a conference call. Yibin Agricultural Internet of Things comes from Yibin, Sichuan, and cooperates with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After registering Sichuan Liangdi Renhe Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd. in Yibin, Sichuan on September 26, 2018, it cooperated with Zhongjun Investment Holdings, Yangzi Fund, and established Beijing Zhongjin. Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., and strategic cooperation with China Gold Payment Co., Ltd. Now we mainly serve the cold-chain supply chain of agricultural products, supply chain finance and so on. 4. Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng, Chairman of SmartMesh Foundation, exchanged technical cooperation on blockchain and heaven-land integrated information security transmission with the leaders of the North University of China, the leaders of the institute and the heads of scientific research.

5. On May 10, Chairman of the SmartMesh Foundation, MR Henry Wang Qiheng, held a meeting with a CEO of a blockchain animation and entertainment company in Japan to further exchange information on the content distribution cooperation between the two parties in the Philippines. The company is the world’s only digital currency payment partner for Japanese technology giant DMM’s animation content, which is in line with Philippine law. Collaboration with SmartMesh will make this content more accessible in the weak Internet of the Philippines and Southeast Asian countries, meeting the multi-faceted educational and entertainment needs of younger users there. 6. SmartMesh COO Qianlei and the head of the MeshBox Maxwell project inspected the Maxwell test process in Shenzhen and visited the future mass production plant.


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