SmartMesh Weekly(2019.04.28-2019.05.05)

“The world, our world! The country, our country! The society, our society! We don’t say, who said it? We don’t do it, who does it?” 100 years ago, the “May 4th Movement” pioneers shouted the most exciting slogan showing the most “explosive” youth of modern patriotic pioneers. As the beginning of China’s new democracy, the May Fourth Movement was a patriotic movement against imperialism and feudalism. As the pioneers of the blockchain, all the “new youths” have the same enthusiasm and perseverance, rejecting all criticisms and negative emotions, and unswervingly create a new era of blockchain + ecology. Blue Ocean is a true fighter. We must not be afraid of criticism, we must surge ahead!


This week’s updates


  1. Perception Network:

1.1 Complete the test and use of the Relay mode to establish a link

in in Libp2p.

1.2 Continue to read the relevant technical data of the Status-im/Nimbus project to lay the groundwork for the next step of communication with the Status team.

  1. Spectrum public chain:

2.1 Try to integrate the VRF algorithm into the selection of the block nodes, and solve the problem of security & randomness (unpredictable next block) and fairness (large probability of blockage of mortgages) when selecting the block nodes.


  1. Photon optimization and super node solution demonstration work

1.1 Continue to perform Photon test optimization processing, increase automatic test scenarios such as automatic network switching without network and automatic submission of PMS data to enhance the coverage of automatic test scenarios.

1.2 Update the Photon interface document, update the channel data structure, sample response, etc. in the API document with the PMS data submission, and keep the document in the same format as the latest version.

1.3 Investing in the super-node program demonstration, including: the purpose of the program (increasing the SMT income of the investor, establishing a basic payment network), and the principle of the plan (investors can withdraw funds from the contract at any time, add additional investment to the contract, and the revenue comes from The fee for the super node, the super node can be audited, etc.), the scenario idea (the idea of ​​starting capital, the idea of ​​income distribution, the idea of ​​withdrawing funds from investors, the idea of ​​additional funds for investors, the idea of ​​super-node dynamic adjustment of funds in the channel, contract termination idea) and a few.


  1. Distributed notary BTC cross-chain design.

1.1 Perform BTC cross-chain Lockin and Lockout process design, perform BTC cross-chain adaptation and structural reuse development for Ethereum cross-chain Lockin and Lockout processes, and implement basic BTC cross-chain Lockin and Lockout operations.

1.2 BTC cross-chain timeout security design, in order to ensure the normal operation of the cross-chain HTLC mechanism, specify the transaction timeout minimum value in cross-chain transactions, designing the Bitcoin blockchain below 4032 blocks, the Ethereum blockchain is lower than 4096 blocks and will refuse to accept (avoid security issues caused by difficulty adjustment) transaction requests, ensuring time-out security for cross-chain transactions.

1.3 Designing a distributed notary cross-chain fee collection scheme, designing the notary to charge one-tenth of the cost of cross-chain transactions by default (subsequent adjustments can be made by notary public according to transaction capacity) to encourage the notary to provide more comprehensive and active cross-Chain support service.


  1. Preparation for work related to the Singapore meeting.
  2. The SmartMesh APP revision UI is in progress.
  3. SmartMesh and MeshBox jointly adjust the Photon payment modification function.


  1. The final preparation of the Dapp Developer Cooperation Program.
  2. SmartMesh Dapp Foundation will begin professional operation, online Dao voting Dapp, completely decentralized operation, and will select the Dapp Foundation Chairman and Director, manage and operate the Dapp Foundation’s SMT, the specific rules are still to be refine.


  1. SmartMesh, MeshBox, Boda Guangtong IoT and Xidian Qingdao Research Institute reached a strategic partnership. Since SmartMesh and Boda Guangtong IOT Technology Industry Group signed MOA to become a strategic partnership, the cooperation between the two parties has been in preparation. Recently, Boda Guangtong and the Qingdao Municipal Government and Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology jointly established the Xidian Qingdao Research Institute, and the Xidian Qingdao Research Institute has received funding and policy support from the market. Boda Guangtong invited SmartMesh, MeshBox and Beijing Leading Group Technology Co., Ltd. to establish a blockchain IoT joint laboratory with Qingdao Municipal Government and Xidian Qingdao Research Institute. The joint laboratory will receive financial support from the Qingdao Municipal Government. The various parties will combine their strengths and advantages to contribute to the combination of blockchain technology and the Internet of Things, and will also play an important role in the formulation of standards for the Internet of Things. Some of the results of the multi-party cooperation will be displayed at the “Global Blockchain, Internet of Things and Financial Technology Summit” held in Manila, Philippines in August.

  1. Haier invited SmartMesh and MeshBox to join the Internet of Things IEEE International Standard Working Group, which has been authorized by the project. Henry Wang Qiheng, founder of SmartMesh, Liao Yuan, CEO of Boda Guangtong IoT, and the head of Xidian Qingdao Research Institute visited Qingdao and Haier to discuss the closer cooperation of the Internet of Things and prepare to establish a joint lab of blockchain Internet of Things. Founded in 1984, The Haier Group is the world’s largest brand of home electrical appliances, with a global market share of more than 10%. It has now transformed from a traditional manufacturer of home appliances to a platform for the whole society to incubate customers. In the era of the Internet, Haier is committed to becoming an Internet enterprise, subverting the closed system of the traditional enterprise’s self-contained system, becoming a node in the network interconnection, interconnecting various resources, creating a new platform for creating a win-win situation, and achieving win-win for all parties concerned with added value. The HyperMesh super-division architecture proposed by SmartMesh founder Henry Wang Qiheng is precisely the next-generation IT architecture that Haier has to deploy for smart home electrical appliances to every home and organization.


The Haier IoT executives exchanged ideas with SmartMesh, MeshBox and Boda Guangtong on closer cooperation. They discussed the distributed processing and distributed storage of information using SmartMesh’s super-splitting architecture, providing more information for every Haier home electrical appliance user. At the same time, Haier Electric will use MeshBox as the node of all things interconnection, and will provide edge computing and distributed storage for the Internet of Everything based on blockchain technology, forming a distributed data market and edge intelligence. This new Internet of Everything is super-matched by HyperMesh. The program will bring industrial upgrading to the traditional home electrical appliance industry. After the meeting, Haier IoT executives immediately invited Mr. Henry Wang Qiheng to give lectures on blockchain technology and super-division architecture for the middle and high level of Haier Group in June. Today, Haier invited SmartMesh and MeshBox to join the Internet of Things IEEE International Standards Working Group, which has been authorized by the project. Many parties will cooperate immediately from the standard setting level.

  1. Good news! The TrustMesh trademark that can be used in the SmartMesh ecosystem DAPP has been applied for registration successfully! The TrustMesh trademark that SmartMesh commissioned the Beijing Legion Technology and the application was officially approved by the Trademark Office of the State Intellectual Property Office and became a registered trademark. TrustMesh provides services for people living in areas where there is no Internet or banking, using local currency as a base value unit and transferring money in the form of electronic payments.

  1. The team members of the SmartMesh Foundation in Beijing and some members of the MeshBox team held an outdoor development event on Sunday. The team members actively participated in the activities of the group building, and exchanged their career development plans and prospects for the company’s future development. Through this outdoor development activity, team members realized multi-dimensional communication and enhanced the consensus and confidence of making SmartMesh and MeshBox ecology a global blockchain leader! I believe that the future cooperation between each other will be smoother and ever closer!


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