SmartMesh Weekly(2019.02.25–2019.03.01)

In August, ecological projects such as SmartMesh and MeshBox will join hands with the International Blockchain application Federation and the World Blockchain Foundation in the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit” in Boracay, Philippines! We decided to conduct a large-scale demonstration of the integration of the world and the smart Internet and the inclusive finance of the Internet of Things. We believe that this will be the first large-scale application of hardware and software based on blockchain, the integration of indoor and outdoor, and the application of the Internet of Everything. It is hope that it will bring a new spring to the blockchain world.

Updates for this week

The specific work is as follows:

1. Perception network:

1.1 investigate the resource indexing technology in the distributed network and build a distributed storage network based on MeshBox.

1.2 preliminary design of data ownership proof algorithm.

1.3 preliminary design how to introduce verification nodes into the network.

1.4 preliminary design of defense against multiple copies of the witch attack.

2. Spectrum

2.1 redesign the current node selection algorithm to make the selection process more robust and fair.

2.2 design how to integrate and interact with the storage network composed of Meshbox in the spectrum public chain.

2.3 the latest progress of VDF algorithm.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Photon new edition and demonstration support work for the Philippines

1.1 designed the payment plan with the new Photon main chain, construct the main chain currency mortgage and the payment logic flow with the chain, and analyze the security and feasibility of the plan.

1.2 completed the design and implementation of the main chain currency mortgage conversion contract, completed the design of the internal interface of the conversion contract, and realize the currency channel deposit, channel withdrawal, transfer off the chain, channel closure, channel settlement and other routine functions and pass the test and verification.

1.3 development and integration of mDNS module, modification of Photon node discovery mode in the condition of being free of network, and Switch mode in which mDNS is adopted to replace existing node information with active submission, so as to reduce transaction congestion and enhance user experience of being free of network payment.

1.4 improve the CaseManager function, add PFS routing fee support, and build part of charging automatic test scenarios and cases.

1.5 Demonstration test for Philippines. Cooperated with demonstration to modify APP interface, adjust parameters and repair problems.

1.6 conducted contract call crash recovery test to fix the problem, and solve the state inconsistencies between the two sides of the channel caused by the cooperative closing and the old event of creating the channel.

  1. 7 conducted local processing stability test of contract call transaction information, and fix bugs in newly added transaction flow and contract call transaction flow.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Research on function improvement of distributed notary and distributed consensus algorithm.

1.1 distributed notary concurrent transaction fault-tolerant processing design, concurrent adaptation adjustment for contract events and service processing to improve transaction stability.

1.2 conduct the privacy analysis of distributed notaries’ cross-link transactions, and discuss the feasibility of transaction address hiding and amount hiding.

1.3 completed e the optimization of the distributed notary Demo code, complete the code notes and supplement of function description, and improve the code quality.

1.4 research the distributed consensus algorithm, and conduct logical demonstration on the consistency recovery of Nonce value under the circumstance of notary node dropping line for a long time and master node doing evil in PBFT design.

  1. 5 conducted t preliminary research on distributed notary public bitcoin cross-chain transaction, and discuss the feasibility of migration of threshold signature scheme.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Adjust the handling fee problem encountered in the indirect payment of the photon network. We are modifying and optimizing the point-to-point discovery logic of the non-network payment function and the execution of the scheme to improve the success rate.

2. Updated to 2.1.7 for android to fix the problem of exporting the private key from the wallet address of some mobile phones.

The specific work is as follows:

1. The wallet plug-in of SmtMask. CRX was successfully updated, which can realize the Dapp of webpage interaction on the spectrum chain.

2, spectrum small program to achieve the integration of SMT red envelope.

3. Cooperate with Dapp projects, there are fomoSmt small game, blockchain knowledge q&a game Dapp, rent housing mining Dapp, artwork storage Dapp, cake mining store Dapp, book sharing Dapp. These dapps will meet with friends in SMT community soon.

The specific work of the market is as follows:

  1. On Wednesday, Mr. Yuan dao, Chairman of zhongguancun blockchain industry alliance, led his team to visit the SmartMesh Beijing R&D center. The meeting lasted for 4 hours. Firstly, Mr. Henry Wong, CEO of SmartMesh, and Mr. Yuan dao had an in-depth discussion about the development and current situation of blockchain, and used MeshBox to demonstrate SmartMesh network, spectrum, photon and off-internet payment. Mr. Yuan and Mr. Henry expressed their mutual regret. In the following meeting, the two teams had in-depth discussions on the development of the project, the cooperation of the project and the application in more fields. The two sides expressed their surprise at the consistency of Vision in many aspects. “ our communication hit a spark, which was expected but also exceeded expectations,” Henry said. Mr. Yuan also said that among all the blockchain projects, SmartMesh and MeshBox ecology are the closest to his ideal. SmartMesh is in the process of 5G and Mesh fusion research and development of world standards. Mr Yuan proposes to start with IEEE standards to jointly develop standards and projects. The two sides will continue to implement the specific details of cooperation next week. Mr. Henry Wang invited him to attend the Global Blockchain Summit held in the Philippines in August this year.

2. Today is another milestone moment for SmartMesh. The commercial Tesla of MeshBox, the cornerstone project of SMT ecology, has officially entered the trial production phase. Mr. Kent Chien, COO of SmartMesh and Dr. Peter Yan, CTO of MeshBox participated in the signing ceremony as the representatives, the specific schedule of which will be announced by the MeshBox project.

3. The SmartMesh foundation and ecology project is expected to be held in the first or second week of August at the “2019 Global Blockchain IoT Financial inclusive Summit” and the world blockchain achievements exhibition on Boracay, Philippines. During the summit, we plan to use satellite and MeshBox indoor and outdoor version to cover the coastline of boracay island with the tiandi-earth integrated SmartMesh network, demonstrate the Internet of things, smart city and inclusive finance application together with DAPP partners, and make the largest ecological demonstration of the blockchain application in the world. We will invite the leaders of the world’s blockchain, central Banks and financial inclusion policy makers to participate in the conference and discuss the value and policy support of the implementation of blockchain and its global popularization. This conference will be a milestone, marking the first year of the implementation of blockchain in 2019 !

*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time Learn about SmartMesh’s weekly updates, keep an eye on SmartMesh Weekly!

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