SmartMesh Weekly(2018.12.29–2019.1.4)

The joyful laughter of the New Year’s holiday is still echoing in the
ear, and the new year of 2019 has come with the New Year’s bell.
In this moment of resigning the old and welcoming the new, we will
send you a new year’s new wish together — we will be like a warrior,
greet 2019, fulfill our wish and realize our dream!
On January 3, at 10:26, Chang’e-4 , embracing the far said of the
moon, the sci-fi became a reality, and the goal of SmartMesh will
eventually be realized. Technology makes life better, humanity’s
first historic moment, we witnessed together, SmartMesh team hopes to
witness our success with you. Our work in the first week of 2019 also
kicked off.

Spectrum Public main chain

1. Perception agent:
1.1 Integrated IP address library in perception, in the future based on the IP address library, the topology optimization of the spectrum network for the topology of the entire Internet.
2. Spectrum public chain:
2.1 Update level-db to the latest version.
2.2 Optimize the data synchronization module with pprof diagnostic results to improve synchronization efficiency by 20%.
2.3 Research based on the VRF source code defined in draft-irtf-cfrg-vrf-00, due to the strong theoretical, with some difficulties in reading, refer to the following technical papers ,,

  1. Photon new version release preparation
    1.1 Complete the 0.6 version of the contract upgrade and business process update, support multi-token deposit, multi-token transfer and other functions.
    1.2 Complete the new version of related documentation updates, including: 0.6 version of the contract specification, Mobile API interface, REST API interface, PMS interface, PFS interface.
    1.3 Perform new version stability and performance testing, and implement chain transfer and PMS delegation and PFS query.
  2. Photon optimization and compatibility design
    2.1 Optimize the Photon event parsing, such as: Improve the Event handling mechanism in the transaction, and perform full resolution of events for transactions containing multiple Events.
    2.2 Database compatibility design. This includes adding fields to introduce version information, improving data compatibility support upgrades, and more.
    2.3 Third-party service adaptability optimization. Update third-party service (PFS and PMS) interface parameters to be compatible with the new version of business logic.
Atmosphere (cross-chain technology)
  1. Design of partial interaction protocol for distributed notary public.
    1.1 Complete the distributed notary public key agreement negotiation
    generation protocol, including key loading, access and verification.
    1.2 Complete the distributed notary signature object identification generation agreement, including inquiry, object designation and broadcast notification.
    1.3 Complete the distributed notary MTA sharing dialogue generation protocol, including: pairing, sharing and combination.
  2. Implementation of distributed notary business process related services.
    2.1 Complete the DispatchService service implementation, including: notary initialization, event monitoring, contract registration, etc.
    2.2 Complete the NotaryService service implementation, including: event
    handling, private key negotiation, key generation, and so on.
    2.3 Complete PKN service implementation, including: random number
    generation, encrypted broadcast, VSS directed transmission, combined check etc.

Cooperated with the technicians of the MeshBox project to develop the SMT online payment function. SmartMesh APP and MeshBox photon network payment in depth testing and adjustment.

  1. Publish the Dapp text-chaining application of the first spectrum chain and WeChat applet in the developer community “Spectrum Love”, using the characteristics of the blockchain that cannot be tampered with, applicable scenarios such as cloud notes, confession and so on.

Congratulations to MeshBox for launching the internal testing program in
mainland China. At the request of customers in overseas regions, we have
started to develop a public beta program and implement it globally. The
internal testing program in mainland China is as follows, and interested
partners are welcome to participate.

After a series of preparations, the first batch of MeshBox Magic Box will
finally meet with you. Due to the business cooperation with the Philippines,
100 units need to be shipped to the Philippines. In order to give back to the
community users, the long-term support for the MeshBox is now decided. For the price of 3888 yuan for users to test 9 units. Due to the limited number, the
lottery will be used. Those who meet the requirements can participate, and each person is limited to one. And get a chance to get a free MeshBox Magic Box! Participation method: Forward the following picture to the circle of friends, 30 “likes”, MESH or SMT to hold 100,000 to get participation qualification. Participate in the internal test fill out the form:

Activity time: The registration time of the event will be from 00:00 on January 1st to 00:00 on January 8th. During this period, the task will be completed task as above and registered will be qualify.

We have started to implement core team members and community exchange activities since January 2nd, and we will continue this activity. Starting from next week, the head of the developer community will join the exchange activities at 8pm every Thursday. I will share the latest news on development and technology with you.
3. SmartMesh founder Wang Qiheng was invited to participate in the online interview of the Prophet APP on January 3.

4. On the afternoon of January 4th, a representative of the company
distributing film and television business to the Philippines visited
SmartMesh to watch the spectrum public link, photon network and
MeshBox demo and exchanged cooperation. The company is buying
Philippine film and television copyrights ready to be placed in
numerous merchants and Shopping Malls for users to pay for downloads.
MeshBox is the best carrier and distribution network for these
multimedia videos.

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*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time.

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