SmartMesh Weekly(2018.12.24 — — 2018.12.28)

On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, SmartMesh team members would like to extend their sincere wishes to all our friends, community volunteers, supporters and partners of SmartMesh, and wish you and your family a happy New Year.

In the coming 2019, opportunities and challenges, hope and difficulties coexist. We will not stop. We will forge ahead and continue to work hard for the new network era of SmartMesh. The spring of 2019 is coming, and the winter of 2018 will eventually pass. Let’s welcome 2019 and create brilliance together.

Wish you and your family a happy New Year and all the best.

The specific work of this week is as follows:

1. Perception agent:

1.1 continue to add the function of video stream live broadcasting in Perception and integrate the RTMP protocol.

2. Spectrum public chain:

2.1 Spectrum officially released version 0.5.2.

2.2 study VRF algorithms defined in RFC draft and technical articles on VRF/VDF provided by Chongqing team.

2.3 upgrade the main development branch to 0.5.3, focusing on optimizing the caching/type determination mechanism of transactions and the sorting of log information.

1. Feasibility analysis of Photon contract’s updatability

1.1 complete the description of upgrade requirements such as contract owner qualification, contract migration status qualification and contract data update qualification, and design the upgrade process.

1.2 describe the implementation mode of existing contract upgrade, including increasing owner, setting owner permission, data migration window duration, etc.

1.3analyze the security problems existing in contract upgrade.Including :owner permission too much risk, new and old version contract replay risk and active attack risk

2. Photon contract 0.6 version upgrade and business process update are realized

2.1 adjustment is made to part of the original contract functions such as the creation of a channel, including updating Photon’s creation of a channel mode to support the multi-token mode.

2.2 coordinate and deal with the node failure caused by the contract upgrade to solve the problem of poor communication.

2.3 complete the implementation and functional test of the new version of the contract interface, and coordinate the PFS and PMS.

1. Design of distributed notary public contract.

● complete the design of the main chain contract function interface of the divided notary, including the Owned contract interface, LockedEthereum contract interface, etc., which can realize the HTLC mechanism of the main chain assets.

● complete the design of distributed notary side chain contract function interface, including Token contract interface, Owned contract interface and EthereumToken contract interface, which can realize the HTLC mechanism of side chain assets.

● implement and test the contract interface, and clarify the ownership of the contract.

2. Design and implementation of distributed notary business process

○ analyze the main chain events of the distributed notary, including OwnerUpdate event, PrepareLockin event, LockoutSecret event, PrePareLockedOut event, etc., and design part of the interactive process.

○ analyze the side chain events of the distributed notary, including Transfer event, Approval event, LockinSecret event, PrePareLockedOut event, etc., and design part of the message mechanism.

○ implement part of the distributed notary’s business logic, including the implementation of multi-chain listening module and message scheduling module.

SmartMesh APP submits a new version to adjust wallet function.

Follow up and optimize the logic and user experience of the photon network on the mobile app.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Community developers MR Xingzhewujiang developed BBS

2. Community developer Mr. Niu developed SmartMesh blockchain group function dapp:

3. Spectrum chain of small procedures, progress has a breakthrough, can be written to the Spectrum chain through small procedures, and can read.

  1. On 24th Dec chairman of SmartMesh foundation Henry Wang was invited to attend the private red wine party of block chain head resources, and communicated with alumni and industry personages of block chain club of Peking University.

2. On 27th Dec Henry Wang, CEO of SmartMesh foundation, was invited to deliver a keynote speech entitled “from Riemann and Einstein to the next node of human beings” at Shanghai fuxing senior high school.This is the first time for high school students to be exposed to the blockchain world, which is very important for students’ future growth and cultivation of sense of mission.

3. On 24th Dec SmartMesh introduced an overseas fund and reached a comprehensive strategic partnership. SmartMesh selected an overseas fund with rich international resources for in-depth cooperation, which was divided into two aspects: capital and market.This makes SmartMesh have more abundant funds to survive the cold winter of global economy and blockchain industry.The fund in the recommended more access to foreign exchange and provide more market liquidity has rich resources, the offshore funds will use its international investors to buy part of SMT dropped to the community, join us to develop the overseas market, expand overseas investors, increase the depth and breadth of the market, new users for SMT community development and translated into international SMT first-time buyers and long-term holders.

4. On December 27th, Henry Wang, chairman of SmartMesh foundation, paid a visit to LD capital in Shanghai, where he communicated with Mr. Yi lihua, founder of LD capital, and two colleagues to discuss the cooperation of ecological fund and other issues.The capital will be returned to SmartMesh in the near future.

5. The founder and CEO of SmartMesh were invited to participate in the online interview and question-and-answer activity held by AWARE APP on 3rd Jan. AWARE APP is committed to building a global economy search community for general certification.No matter the investors, miners, or the DAPP project party and other ecological parties can get what they need on AWARE.

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*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time.

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