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This week, nearly 600 English language media published an article titled “Blockchain Killer Apps Emerge, SmartMesh enables Space Ground Integration Network”.

At present, blockchain development is in a “cold” winter, and many people are skeptical about the commitment of blockchain to play a role in the real world. However, our killer application of blockchain finally appeared. SmartMesh realized the integration of heaven and earth by motivating each MeshBox node of Spectrum public chain to operate. SmartMesh proved the feasibility of connecting 3.9 billion people and promoted the project of inclusive finance.

This week, 8btc, a well-known media reporter, interviewed the founder of SmartMesh. Two Exchanges visits in succession, and overseas funds contacted SMT foundation about their participation in the global development of SmartMesh.

The specific work is as follows:

1) Perception agent:

1.1) opened the Perception project on and submitted the first version of open source code.

2) Spectrum public chain:

2.1) research Harvard University’s thesis on VRF algorithm, find out the formal definition of algorithm, and prepare for code implementation.

3) WebAssembly technology:

3.1) attempted integrate LLVM 7.0 code into emscripten project to support direct translation of LLVM generated .BC intermediate code into .wasm code.

The specific work is as follows:

Photon performance optimization and test problem repaired

A) complete Photon API contract invocation mode, add SMC node state detection function and determine whether to initiate a transaction according to the detection state.

B) update the message processing mechanism of Matrix mode to solve processing errors caused by message delay between multiple matrix servers.

C) solved a potential safety hazard and solve the problem that target (mediator) receives overdue RevealSecret message and mispridges it.

The specific work is as follows:

1. General channel joint Shared distributed private key and signature generation scheme and process implementation

A) completed the implementation of distributed private key generation protocol and process, including the generation of public key address, the generation of each notary’s private key piece and zero-knowledge proof and verification, etc.

B) completed the multi-notary threshold signature protocol and process realization, including multi-notary threshold mapping, MTA interaction, notary signature chip generation, threshold signature generation and verification, etc.

C) completed the separation design and implementation of the upgraded Demo, including public parameter extraction, notary message interaction and zero-knowledge proof verification, etc.

2. Design of cross-link notary selection scheme

A) completed the comparative analysis of the existing notary mechanism, and sort out the relevant designs of multiple cross-chain agreements using notary mechanism.

B) described the feasible notary selection mechanism, including candidate audition, establishment of a working group for review, design of mortgage equity contracts and binding validators, etc.

C) described notary requirements, including notary candidate qualification design, notary duties, notary deposit and reduction conditions.

The specific work is as follows:

According to the SmartMesh APP revision plan, with present status and future functions, products are divided into different categories according to the current stage and development direction, and the cost and value are evaluated. At the same time, the current version of the photon network payment function is productized for testing to improve user experience and feedback.

This week’s developments in the developer community are as follows:

1. SMT-cli integrated dapp development tool adds intelligent contract compilation and deployment function, and plans for the function of integrating WeChat small program.

Advances in applied ecology:

2., a SmartMesh community website created by die-hard fans, has been upgraded to Spectrum DAPP for technical analysis this week.

3. SmartMesh works with Contractland to integrate SMT into Contractland, so that SMT can trade in this decentralized exchange and conduct cross-chain operations in the future.

4. The SmartMesh developers won the best work award in a hackathon last week, which was jointly organized by the SmartMesh development community and bitrun.

The specific work of the market is as follows:

  1. On17th Dec Dr. Luis and Mr. Ardy, the Philippines team of SmartMesh, delivered a SmartMesh keynote speech at the university of the Philippines and launched the project of integrating SmartMesh into the knowledge management and innovation center of the university of the Philippines.

2. On 18th Dec SmartMesh communicated with Genuisto and signed a memorandum of cooperation. The three parties, namely SmartMesh, Genuisto and Leonardo Group in Warsaw, Poland, have reached consensus on the possibility of using Spectrum + Photon. And we plan to build a multi-stage project, including the mobile banking for the Asian market, and find out how to integrate MeshBox and our blockchain with their mobile banking DAPP application. Genuisto and Leonardo Group will submit the project proposal to the Asian development bank in January 2019.

3. On 19th Dec 8btc reporter interviewed SmartMesh founder Henry Wang and witnessed the demonstration of SMT and MESH ecology. The winter of blockchain is the time to eliminate as well as hone excellent blockchain projects. As the leading media of the industry, 8btc has the responsibility to launch the “winter action”, select excellent projects to support the industry resources, and call on investors to abandon the garbage pyramid selling project, to SMT and other excellent projects huddle together to warm up, strengthen community consensus, and speed up the coming of spring of the sector.

The SMT product manager demonstrated the MeshBox, Spectrum public chain, Photon payment Network, Photon payment and offline payment, as follows:

Description of the demo process:

Demo coordinates: conference room

Demo environment: 1 set of no. D070 white MeshBox, 2 iphones A and B. (there will be a black MeshBox with an unstarted serial number D030 displayed)

1. Direct payment with Internet; 2. Direct payment without network

Demo process:

1. Direct online payment

A. open SmartMesh APP — wallet — Photon

B. View the channel address that has been created. (omit the 3–5 minutes to create the channel)

C. Transfer twice: A to B, B to A.

2. Direct payment without network

A. Unplug the network line of the white MeshBox

B. The test phone cannot open the web page

C. Open SmartMesh APP — wallet — Photon to view the mesh free state

D. Turn on the netless payment switch

E. Enter the transfer page to select the address, and no network will be displayed

F. Make two payments: A to B, B to A

Demo complete.

Ps. The demo is expected to last 5 to 8 minutes.

4. on the morning of 20th Dec was invited to visit SmartMesh and MeshBox ecology and watch spectrum, MeshBox and photon network demo, this is the first time the team see digital currency offchain payment, in the absence of the Internet also can carry out two phones digital currency offline payment that is the SmartMesh innovation of blockchain of the world, there is a huge application scenarios in the future. The implementation of SmartMesh project has a profound impact on the world Internet layout. is the most compliant exchange in China. It is highly consistent with SMT and MESH’s concept of building the next generation of value, Internet of everything and inclusive finance. The two sides will continue to deepen cooperation and jointly contribute to the development of the world blockchain and the service of the real economy.

5. On the afternoon of 20th Dec SmartMesh was visited by the co-founder of BHEX exchange jointly invested by and sequoia fund to introduce the technical advantages and concept of BHEX exchange. The two sides decided to start connecting technology and communities. SmartMesh guild has been created in BHEX. People are welcome to join.

6. On 21th Dec SmartMesh added French community and overseas volunteer technology development community to the overseas market.

Overseas volunteer technology development community:

French community:

7. This week, 600 English-language media around the world published an article titled “Blockchain Killer Apps Emerge, SmartMesh Enable Space Ground Integration Network”.

    Blockchain Killer Apps Emerge, SmartMesh enables Space Ground Integration Network
SmartMesh ecosystem lands on nasdaq screen

8. Overseas funds paid attention to SmartMesh, and contact the foundation to participate in the global value expansion of SmartMesh in a capital way. The positive connection between overseas funds shows that SmartMesh’s leading exploration in black technology is highly consistent with western investment concepts. The foundation will continue to increase its understanding of the international market and enhance the consensus of the international community.

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*The time mentioned in the article is Singapore time.

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