SmartMesh™ weekly(2018.12.8 — — 2018.12.14)

SmartMesh Chief Operating Officer — COO Mr. Kent Qian officially joined on December 12. Qian Lei graduated from the University of Melbourne with a master’s degree in applied economics. He has worked for Morgan Stanley and Capital One of the US Capital Investment Group. He has served as Vice President of Yunnan Acceleration Group and Beijing Zhaotong Land Group etc., responsible for investment and business development, and as the founder of Acceleration Automotive Technology and Fenghai Chuangtian Software. Qian Lei has rich experience in investment and financ and industry integration, and will be responsible for the investment and financing of SmartMesh Ecology and internal operations management.

The specific work of the public chain Spectrum project of this week is as follows:

1.perception proxy:

1.1 Migrate the libp2p module used by Perception to the latest version and tested.

2.Spectrum public chain:

2.1 Study the four functions in the VRF algorithm: the random number generation function, the proof generation function, the proof verification function, and the random number verification function.

2.2 Study how to achieve the randomness, verifiability, and certainty specified in the VRF algorithm in the above function group.

3.WebAssembly technology:

3.1 Study how the emscripten project compiles c/c++ into .o object files via clang.

3.2 The emscripten project was studied if the .o object file was linked to a .a/.bc library file using the LLVM toolchain.

Photon Network The specific work is as follows:

1. photon integration optimization implementation

1.1 Integrate the gkvdb database into the photon runtime environment to optimize photon data access.

1.2 Message retransmission mechanism optimization in Matrix mode, using thread suspend mode to save server resources.

1.3 Combine Matrix and gkvdb message communications, and perform corresponding performance test.

2. Universal channel joint shared distributed key and threshold signature upgrade scheme and process design

2.1 Complete the preliminary version of the Demo code separation test, analyze the existing problems and propose an upgrade plan.

2.2 Joint sharing mechanism upgrade design, including: introducing non-interactive VSS protocol, modifying key sharing as multiplicative sharing etc.

2.3 On the basis of the preliminary version of Demo, the lock process link reconstruction design, including key generation form, trapdoor function change and zero-knowledge proof parameter update.

3. Cross-chain design and implementation design

3.1 token asset backbone — side chain transfer process and atomic interchange constraint design, including specific links, related constraints.

3.2 Description of the feasibility and advantages and disadvantages of the cross-chain scheme, including versatility, difficulty, cost requirements, and scope of application.

3.3 Cross-chain implementation focused points and plan descriptions, including the main functions to be completed, development cycles, etc.

The specific work is as follows:

The SmartMesh APP is currently considering revisions, with a focus on iterative adjustments to blockchain tools and communication functions. The photon network payment function in depth test is in progress.

1. This week, the SmartMesh Developer Community officially released the Spectrum dapp Developer Tools Suite. Developers can easily develop Dapp on the spectrum public chain.


smt–cli:smt dapp

2. The SmartMesh Developer Community collaborates with the bitrun hackathon event to organize SmartMesh developers in the Southwest to participate in the hackathon (12.14 to 16) to promote technical exchanges.

3. Last week, 12.9, the SmartMesh developer community and the marriage and love community cooperation blockchain theme of dating activities in Beijing successfully landed.

The specific work of Marketing is as follows:

1. On the morning of December 10, SmartMesh CEO Henry Wang was invited by the former Director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television and Vice-President Fang Hongyi to discuss the national three-tier network construction plan and the state with the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television and the IPV6 Industry Alliance Yu Zong, Director Chen and Director Zhang. Distributed implementation of digital libraries. Vice Minister He graduated from the Radio Department of Tsinghua University has a deep insight into the blockchain. He hopes that SmartMesh will play an important role in the construction of the Last Mile in the last three-tier network, and help the distribution system of broadcasting and television content.

2. On the morning of December 11, SmartMesh CEO Henry Wang and MeshBox CTO Dr Peter Yan were invited to visit the ICRC International Committee of the Red Cross. According to the provisions of the Geneva Convention, the committee was able to act as a neutral group for war victims. Protection and relief. As said by the founder of the Ethereum, Vitalik, it is very important to provide the MESH network in the battlefield. In the process of protection and relief, the ICRC will often encounter situations where there is no network, and it is even more important for refugees to get in touch with their families than to eat. The two parties discussed the application scenario and agreed on the prescribed procedures for subsequent entry into the procurement department.

3. On the afternoon of December 12, 2018, Mr. Henry Wang, CEO of SmartMesh, and Dr. Peter Yan, chief scientist of MeshBox, exchanged ideas with Boda Guangtong IOT Technology Co., Ltd., which participated in the Internet of Things Summit. Mr. Wang Qiheng and Dr. Peter Yan visited the latest research results of GTI accompanied by Mr. Liao, the founder of Boguang Company. The two parties discussed the following cooperation steps: 1. Cooperating with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to develop the IoT blockchain standard; 2. The joint design is based on Spectrum. Blockchain’s Internet of Everything supports both Lora Mesh and Wifi Mesh. 3. Set up a company to run the DAPP Internet of Everything solution.

SmartMesh CEO Mr Henry Wang,Mr. Liao of Boguang Co , MeshBox CTO Dr Peter Yan

4. On the afternoon of December 13, SmartMesh CEO Henry Wang participated in the Open Day event organized by Huobi Exchange. He had a cordial exchange with Mr. Zhu Jiawei of Huobi Group. Both parties expressed optimism about the future development of the blockchain. Zhu suggested that SmartMesh could consider acquire related project in current bear market. Wang Qiheng warmly invited the personnel of the Huobi to visit the company next week to inspect the demo of SmartMesh ecological application.

If you want to know more about the SmartMesh project, keep your eyes on the SmartMesh weekly update.

All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.


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