SmartMesh Weekly Update(2018.12.3 – – 2018.12.7)

With a population of 105 million, the Philippines is the youngest country in the world, which means that its demographic dividend is the highest in the world. However, an important bottleneck restricting the development of the Philippines is that its Internet coverage is the most backward in Southeast Asia. The Philippines, which is composed of more than 7,000 islands, is the natural landing application scenario of SmartMesh. The local block chain project and inclusive finance application are also looking forward to cooperating with SmartMesh to solve the non-network pain points of their deployed applications.

A little consensus, a global breakthrough. As the third largest remittance recipient country, the Philippines, from which many OFW overseas Filipino workers from all over the world distribute SMT in various countries, has become an epochal Token Switching era with the combination of MeshBox payment channel and network mortgage distribution. More countries and regions will recognize the great value of SmartMesh and truly benefit from the construction of SMT ecology. We look forward to the SMT as the Internet infrastructure of blockchain value.

The specific work of Spectrum project for last week is as follows:

1. Perception agent: Improvised the robustness of the code, and added partial error processing and exception processing;

2. Spectrum public chain: Researched the latest Ethereum code, learned about the latest progress of Ethereum and bug fixes for previous codes.

2.1) The design introduces witness mechanism for public chain, and Algorand algorithm is studied for reference.

2.2) Cooperated with chongqing team to design cross-chain transaction function and study how to realize linkage between external chain transaction and Spectrum internal transaction.

2.3) A Study is conducted to realize coexistence of multiple block chains of different homogeneous chains in Spectrum ecology.

3. WebAssembly research: Debugged emscripten project code by modules, and studied LLVM tool chain and link library.

The specific work is as follows:

1. Photon database is characterized by enhancing performance.

A) Completed the interface implementation of db module;

B) Realized the Photon db module in GKVDB version;

C) Completed the performance comparison test under boltDB and GkvDB, and realized the performance improvement over 6 times of data writing.

2. Designed the scheme of joint Shared distributed key and threshold for universal channel lock and unlock.

A) Conducted asset locking and unlock, jointly share distributed key generation and analysis.

B) Modified polynomial generation and key distribution mode as joint sharing mode.

C) Design and implementation of joint Shared key combination.

3. Design of notary constraint mechanism for cross-chain asset atomic swap.

A) Notary qualification constraints, including the amount of deposit, the upper limit of signature unlock, and the design of internal supervision incentive.

B) Restriction of punishment mechanism, including identification of collusive evil ACTS (colluding to abuse side chain assets and colluding to transfer main chain assets), design of reward and punishment schemes after triggering punishment;

C) Withdrawal mechanism constraints, including notary withdrawal, deposit compensation and other remodeling scheme design.

SmartMesh APP wallet function adds mnemonic misspelling judgment prompt to reduce users misunderstanding of account address change.

In the test version of SmartMesh APP, the photonic network payment function modification is under way. The photonic network team will cooperate with the debugging, and the team will continuously polish the APP so that users can have a better user experience.

1. At present, Spectrum public chain has been completed in the mapping of Huobi and Gateio and the developer community is building a public chain DAPP application ecology.

2. The community developers have completed the SMT-CLI DAPP development tool suite, which is under test and will soon be available for developers to use.

3. DAPP docking includes task reward, e-commerce, games, and some innovative applications (such as WeChat applet combined with Spectrum public chain DAPP applet). Those who are interested in SmartMesh can join us to play Spectrum public chain DAPP.

4. At present, the developer community also has technical exchanges with the external block chain community, with fixed WeChat group technical exchanges and live broadcasting every week.

The specific work of the market is as follows:

1. On first Dec SmartMesh CEO Mr. Wang , together with MeshBox chief technology officer Peter Yan and Star Telecom, the only provider of satellite communications in the Philippines, held a signing ceremony in Manila. William Lima, Special envoy for China affairs in the office of the President of the republic of the Philippines, and two assistants attended and witnessed this historic moment of cooperation.

Regarding the cooperation, Mr. Joey Uy, Chairman of Star Telecom and First Telecom of the Philippines, said, “We have the only satellite communication operation license in the Philippines, and SmartMesh and MeshBox are the last kilometer of ground solution we are looking for. This would allow millions of sari-sari stores to be upgraded into gateways to 40 million Filipinos without the Internet. Blockchain Token technology can ensure that international charity funds are used to improve poverty and education accurately and credibly, rather than for alcohol and drugs.

2. On 3 Dec CEO met with the Philippines well-known pratt & whitney financial project Traxion Ann founder and CTO Burmil, agreement the two sides signed a cooperation memo to communicate the progress, how can Traxion project and from the etheric lane migration to the Spectrum on the technical discussion and preparation, Traxion has written document graph, Smart Mesh network schemes are included in the execution plan. The two sides agreed to conduct joint test deployment and ecological joint construction in the Philippines one month later.

3. On 3 Dec afternoon, SmartMesh CEO met with international block chain project Genuisto founder Shane and investors Teddy a second depth of business communication, and its technical team in Poland SmartMesh how to solve the overstepping network edge pain points, with SMT photonic network and storage to improve social ecological bank payments and community education has carried on the detailed communication. The two sides decided to jointly build a social banking ecosystem.

4. On 6th Dec the international sensor semiconductor industrial chain and Internet of things summit BBS was held in Xia Men. Wang , chairman of SmartMesh foundation and founder of International blockchain application federation, will deliver the keynote speech of “blockchain and the Internet of things of artificial intelligence” at the conference, and exchange and take photos with SMT community talent Bob Jiang, summit organizer, Peking University alumni association and MIT experts who came to Xiamen for the conference.

(Above: Wang, founder of SmartMesh, posing with SmartMesh community talents)
(Above: Wang, founder of SmartMesh, communicating and taking photos with summit organizer, alumni association of Peking University and MIT experts)

5. SMT was selected into Babbitt’s winter action plan. On 20th January, babbitt launched the “winter”, to look for outside in the cold winter of high-quality entrepreneurial teams, these projects involving blocks such as chain, wallet and exchange chain business related field, most of them dare to show off their own projects, these entrepreneurs to challenge the courage to move forward, they still have the intrepid diligence spark. They all have a belief in doing NO.1 in their respective industries. Founder Wang Qiheng will be interviewed by babbitt in Beijing.

6. In the currency the winter season, the Marketing Department launched the dumping trash, pyramid selling COINS, means of SMT quality project initiative, accelerate the past winter, the early arrival of spring, welcome to all the members of the community participation and communication, enhance the consensus of the SMT community, for SMT to become the next BlockChain shengshi leaders prepare for community based.

If you want to know more about the SmartMesh project, keep your eyes on the SmartMesh weekly update.

All times mentioned in this article refer to Singapore times.

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